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  1. players threatened with gold should not meet players threatened with bronze. So all the players will run away. And no new engine will be needed. this is google translator.
  2. Is this game really going to die? They tried to give a chance. The more they refused to cut. Even for me, the bronze bottom. At least with such players. When can she not even decently swing new players? Do you really think that an improved engine will save her? Or do you only do for old players? I will not spend a coin on this anymore. I find silver to bronze to allow. Players can safely play, pump over stones and play with everyone at the level. I myself play, because the computer is weak and threw a lot of money. I will not play against bronze servers. threats of gold and silver. I play since 2017 somewhere like rabies there. Who started playing again. I think, that you sell the game again.
  3. MrMagnum54


    When you are your level of threat of gold, you want to lower and humiliate. You buy a cheat to become a god. But only a player who comes in after playing a couple of matches against a cheater or with a gold player leaves and pays the game. Not brought developers more than one hard-earned coin. Now in the game from beginners in most banned cheatnra. New players don’t have anything at the start. I’m a silver player, a new plant for me, or I’m specially served.
  4. MrMagnum54


    Due to cheaters and tough imbalance, you can’t see new players. Not one friend of mine began to play. Because a player with a bronze level is almost unable to damage a player with a gold level. bronze should play with bronze; silver with silver; gold with gold. Then the players will go to this game. This will solve many problems. Cheaters and Gold players will not interfere with weak players. The cheater will have to play with a strong opponent that will not give him much superiority.
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