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  1. Senodus

    Updates on APB development progress

    Awesome! Thanks for updating us on how the work is going. Really appreciate it.
  2. Yep. Get an error too.
  3. Awesome! Can't wait to be able to level my character again. =D
  4. Sadly couldn't make it last time but this weekend I'm free and definitely there if you decide to do it.
  5. Senodus

    [PC] Patch 1.19.6 (1011)

    Please make the test districts normal financial mission districts instead of this pointless free for all garbage that doesn't even give accurate real scenarios performance stats.
  6. Might not be able to make it this time cuz of my birthday. Will notify you at the last minute.
  7. Senodus

    Weapon roles

    Totally agree. The way roles are now they make you feel like you're forced to play only one character otherwise you're loosing out. It's the reason I only have one max R character even tho I have almost 2270 hours.
  8. I'm up to do some matches too.
  9. Senodus

    APB is fun!

    Wait do you honestly believe that shotguns 2 shooting at 9m is a problem? That makes them useless trash. XD why would you ever use a shotgun now when at 10m+ you're gonna be destroyed by oca cuz you have to 3 shot it.
  10. Senodus


    But they are supposed to suck at close range since they are LONG RANGE RIFLES. You have a secondary for a reason
  11. Senodus

    Amen to oscar.

    How is it useless? It has a tiny bit longer ttk it ir3, wow. It's still a top tier gun. And you can just not put IR on it.
  12. Senodus


    Why would someone use it? To get more range on a gut while sacrificing some of its cqc capabilities.
  13. Senodus

    Patch notes please

    Yeah, but not everyone does that. They still should list all the changes in detail.
  14. Senodus


    How did it ruin them? You play them exactly same at range you did before and are exactly as good at range as they were before. The only thing that changed about them is their cqc spray potency, which is good. Guns like Oscar are still top tier with ir3.