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  1. Why are you always so quick to give such negative and useless answers? I don't see how anything about this post would make me not want to read it. Just cuz he spiced it up a bit? You're so negative man
  2. This is actually incredible. Thanks for doing this as the joker boxes were absolutely horrible. I'm super excited about the beta as well!
  3. I don't know it just looks really unappealing to me. Was considering to put Obeya rifle in this list too but decided it's not quite bad enough, not a fan of it tho
  4. Don't know if I'm missing something here but I don't see how the fact that they are copies of irl guns influences if I like how they look
  5. Kinda forgot about this one. Definitely nice looking and sounding I wish ACES SMG would be actually viable cuz it loos so damn good Yep Ursus, CSG and PMG are the top trinity of most satiscying to use weapons in the game. The combination of their sounds, looks and how they play is perfect
  6. Hello everyone. I have been wondering which guns looks and sound people enjoy the most around here and would love to read some of your answers. You can add your least favorite looking and sounding ones too. I'm gonna start with mine. Top sounding: CSG, Ursus, PMG, PMG-SD, OCA, Heavy HVR, Joker Carbine, CASE, Shredder, ISSR-a Artemis Top looking: Ursus, PMG-SD, FAR (Joker Store variant), OCA-SD, ACES SMG, Raptor 45 Hawk, N-TEC 5 Dvah, Obeya Spartan, ISSR-a Artemis, CSG, SG-21 Strife Worst sounding: FAR, STAC, CBMP-45 Bolt, COBR-A, PDW-57 Worst looking: FAR Spearhead, STAR 556, Scoped N-TEC 5, LCR, CBMP-45 Bolt, AMG-556 Stheno, RHD LS1 Corsair, S1-TIC Rabid, NTEC-7c New Glory, JG-840 Tactical, Joker TAS20 - Stock, N-SSW 74, OCA Whisper, OBIR, ACES Rifle,
  7. Literally saw a member of a clan that mentions time to kill popping off in asylum the same day BE came back
  8. Launch the open beta early with visible issues. The first impressions matter a lot, yes, but that goes more for the final launch I would say. As long as you make it painfully clear that it's a beta and that things are still being worked on and adjusted it will be fine.
  9. I think Matt meant this with the old login screen having a 720p movie in the background. What you did here looks nice tho and all the movies being updated is probably a good idea
  10. Well I hope the improvements to BE are substantial cuz last time we had it it was absolute garbage and right now with EAC there are barely any cheaters at all. Hope that doesn't chabge/becomes better, not worse.
  11. I wouldn't call only getting out of their car when theyre behind you with their PMG/Ntec tryhard, it's just how the top gameplay meta is right now. What I would call tryharding/cancer is for example pulling out 1 or 2 aligs/rocket launchers on car delivery missions (especially calabria ones), running with the item, putting the item onto really difficult to get to spots, percs, percs+pig, stacking shotguns/snipers(especially on defense) one per team is fine tho and playing with heavy hvr
  12. Pretty much exactly this. Really hope that at least after the engine upgrade they do this. They really need to start balancing weapons based on feedback from top performing players only cuz as soon as you try to balance the game for top players AND casuals at the same time it will become a completely unbalanced mess
  13. 1. Assasin 2. Future tech 3. Raingow pack full color skins
  14. This issue is overall very weird. I have never experienced it, always can instantly equip leased guns. It always asks me if I want the gun be automatically equipped for me and I click yes which instantly equips the gun. I don't get why that would even happen
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