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  1. I'm looking forward to these changes, this seems awesome.
  2. About to screenshot the scoreboard for a sweet sweet boost in APB and your PC is crushed by everything around you falling over. Now devastated because APB is life and the only thing that matters and now there is no proof. :c
  3. Really hope something comes of this. Excellent work!
  4. This is all part of what brings appeal to this game. I do not get how people do not understand that.
  5. I'm fine with perc's because they are super limited in terms of usage. As for the NFAS... just delete that fucking thing.
  6. You know that mobility and accuracy is where i'd love to see LO take the gun play but unfortunately I don't think that LO wants to go that direction. I think this document is an attempt at a middle ground in hopes other people we don't personally or directly know can offer some input and maybe even be noticed by LO.
  7. Correct, something similar to the pellet circle we used to have.
  8. Along side some precise gun play with recoil mechanics instead of the current bloom system they use now.
  9. I think people are just tired of their weapons getting nerfed to shit instead of buffing and balancing everything.
  10. I browse the forums every so often, and when I comment... its super late.
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