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  1. ExoticZ

    New 4x4 styles and kits for ARMAS

    New kits/audio is always great to see.
  2. It was to try sync the OBIR bursts with the song. Thanks you.
  3. Hey all. This is a project I've been working on the past 2 weeks and finished it today. If there is anything, please read the description on the video for more info or ask here. https://youtu.be/izoOR4RSkCM Thank you!
  4. ExoticZ

    Car Play Balancing

    No. The better way to fix the "car gameplay" issue is to review and balance all the cars health/speed/accel, etc. The biggest issues are the: Pioneer/Espacio and 4x4.
  5. ExoticZ


    Thank you for the information, Matt!
  6. This is awesome, Jenz. Looking forward to see the final product. I remember participating in the Obeya Group Photo, hope I can participate here too!
  7. ExoticZ

    Updates on APB development progress

    Thank you for the update!
  8. ExoticZ

    Matchmaking and Threat

    Just go back to old matchmaking system from 2010/2011. Where you had levels of each threat. Gold: 1-10 Silver: 1-10 etc... It was not perfect but it is a lot better than the current system.
  9. ExoticZ

    Rank on OTW

    I'd love to get max rank on both characters of mine. OTW: "ExoticZlol" and "ExoticZqt"
  10. Gonna hop on OTW once I get home, thanks for info!
  11. ExoticZ

    LF frensh Clan

    Both! ;)
  12. ExoticZ

    Cap40 is a downgrade to OCA

    ^this sums up my opinion. The OCA Buff was completely random and I still dont understand why it was buffed. Revert it.
  13. ExoticZ

    Hey Little Orbit:)

    FFA 5.56 R&D III. (reskinned OBIR with slightly less zoom). - Love having the ability to tag someone "49.5" with one burst. This makes it a suitable gun for loads of situations. - The tiny zoom difference really makes it easier to use. Atleast for me. - Also, the gun model is sick. Who doesn't love a "FAMAS" skin.