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  1. I'm well aware of your point and I understand what you mean. If a mission is unbalanced, its not the players' fault or the bounty system's fault. It's quite clearly the matchmaking that needs rework too. All of this is a work in progress. They didnt mention any matchmaking balancing in the 2020 roadmap, but I think everyone can agree on that matchmaking needs a rework.
  2. If you or your friends think you've been banned falsely, the best thing to do is to send a ticket to customer support. (you could also try message LO Staff on discord regarding your previous ticket) None of us "forum folks" can help with that. Hope it works out!
  3. When you play a mission despite it being against vets or rookies, the N5/P5 system should NEVER interfere with your mission. Because when you press "K" to ready up, you are getting ready for a PvP experience with an objective to play for. Once the mission has started, the only goal is to eliminate your opponents and finish the objective. Without being disturbed by other players. This does not we have to remove the bounty system completely. It can be changed to the point where it does not have any impact on your missions.
  4. This is one of those small things that encourage players to grind for something. Would be nice to see this comeback, as a "weekend" only thing perhaps.
  5. I'm confused. Also, scroll wheel shooting is not a "macro".
  6. I'm all for new "valentine" weapons. OBIR and OCA would be sweet.
  7. Sooo... players can modify their game to where it is against TOS?
  8. I thought it was an interesting and fun game mode. Although RIOT requires quite alot of polish to make it a solid game mode for APB. It had quite a few issues and didnt attract many players.
  9. Is there rules for having a streamer or that all participants have to record their POV? I would suggest having all players record their POV. Is there a website or docx where we can see all teams who are signed up? (brackets, times, etc...)
  10. Can you play as 3 in one team?
  11. I enjoyed that threat system more than what we currently have. Gave you a reason to keep playing for a higher rank or to keep the highest rank possible. Those good old days where there was messages that would highlight that a Gold 10 player entered the district.
  12. I think you run into both. I do believe there are players that use some form of software to gain advantage. The game is free-to-play so cheaters will "come and go". The "cheater" issue is being handled a lot better now than what it did previously, imo. Although, there are really good players and many are veteran players who have been here for years.
  13. Like everyone else said, send a ticket to the support team. Hope they can work it out for you.
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