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  1. As of right now the matchmaking is turned off temporarily on all districts. Hopefully we can get back "threat level" districts asap. Although I dont think this will fix the issue, but it will lower the chance of facing golds for people with Silvers/Bronze/Green threat level.
  2. I like using Cooling Jacket 3, Magazine Pull 3 and Mobility Sling on mine.
  3. They wont remove unobtainable achievements. These were available for people playing around a certain time. Although, I do believe some achievements on Steam are bugged.
  4. Name: ExoticZ Server: Citadel (EU) Pictures: Ugly Christmas Sweater ENTRY
  5. There is usually a monthly update about the game. (4-5 weeks, normally) On top of that, there is a forum thread dedicated towards the Engine Upgrade with updates every week. If you're looking for more information, then I'd suggest having a look at the Q&As.
  6. Nades nades nades... and more nades. Should always try to use your nades. (if needed) On top of that, change loadout for different situations.
  7. Hey! Mission districts are going to get a restart. - Exo
  8. I have nothing against trying more solutions/changes for the OBIR. Decreasing damage to make it 4-shot FBW is a good idea. I do believe this has been brought up before, never know why it didnt get discussed further. Definitely something that LO could try do for the OBIR instead of switch delay. At the end of the day, all we want is balance.
  9. You're thinking too much about what the numbers say. It does not matter what the TTK is. You're never gonna get "perfect" TTK at all given times, thats why numbers are irrelevant. You need to look at how the game actually plays out. The problem is how fast a player can sit behind a corner/car, tag you 49/50 with an OBIR. That way the player already has a huge advantage, and he can instantly swap to his Obeya FBW to finish you off. The other player can very rarely react to an OBIR popping out of a corner and tagging you 49/50. While on Test B, you actually have to wait for a little bit and it does not make it instant. You need to stop thinking about it being a 1v1 wild west duel in the middle of the street. There is always cover, cars, shields, etc... that will make a huge impact on how the game plays out and how fast someone will kill each other.
  10. Hey! I figured I'd share my feedback regarding the changes of Low-Yield Grenades and OBIR/FFA. Lets start with Low-Yields Test B is in my own opinion the best change for Low-Yields. It changes how you would play Low-Yields on current LIVE districts and on Test B districts. With the new change it makes Low-Yields be used for "Area control". Because thats what Low-Yields should be used for, it should be spammy and it should be for taking over a certain area. Lowering damage and increasing the fuse timer is a really good change for Low-Yields. They are still useful, just not as great as they are on LIVE districts. The issue with LIVE district Low-Yields is that it has too much damage output and the fuse timer is lower which makes it easier to spam nades. Since this is already being nerfed, keeping three grenades for Low-Yields is fine. Hope you'll stick with the Test B changes, LO! OBIR/FFA Change I've tested both A and B with the OBIR, and I dont notice a massive difference. Although, I do prefer Test B for nerfing the "quickswitching" of OBIR. It has a decent "delay" for swapping to your pistol while its not too long either. In other words, quickswitching is still possible. But its no where near as good as LIVE districts. This is the excact same issue that the N-HVR "243" encountered. It used to be able to swap instantly, but eventually it got the "bolt" delay. The OBIR should behave the same way, considering the damage output of "49/50" each burst is insane. As a player who used to main OBIR, I can safely say that OBIR is one of the most insane and ridiculous weapons for all ranges. It can be used for long range, medium range, close range, etc... Nerfing the "insta-swap" of OBIR is hundred percent needed. In my opinion, Test B is the best change out of them both. I might edit this post later with a showcase of LIVE district and Test B OBIR. - Exo
  11. Yes, the Ferry. Could also call it the yacht. Thinking of the outside of it (perhaps both sides)
  12. Some requests for pictures: Yoshi's in Financial The Boat in Waterfront German Fortress in financial Main Gas Stations in financial
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