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  1. I've experienced that yeah. The easiest way to deal with is to /ban [name] in chat.
  2. Hello everyone! I figured I would make a quick post about my twitch channel. I do not have a schedule for my stream, although I try to stream at least 4-6 days a week. I usually start my streams around 18:00 on regular week days, meanwhile on weekends I start whenever it suits me the best. My timezone is GMT+1. I always (try to) post when I go live on my twitter. I also have a community discord server, which can be found here. This upcoming Saturday, 28th March I will be giving out special codes as a giveaway for everyone watching. Stream will start at: 12:00 (Timezone: GMT+1), and last 4-5 hours. The rewards that you could win from these codes are: Joker Tickets, Double Axes Backpack, Double Shotguns Backpack and Katana Harness Backpack. Feel free to give me a follow, so you wont miss out on any of my streams!
  3. I agree on everything although I think the duration can stay on 10 seconds. The rest is fine. I would also like to add a suggestion for "being spotted". Make it how "Halloween events" were with the remaining survivors. Basically what I mean by that is to make it flash every 3rd seconds or so. Lets say it flashes once every three seconds. Which means you would be "spotted" for three times within 9 seconds total. This would allow for more outplay against your opponent using spotter. This is just a suggestion though. I agree on cooldown nerf, although the duration is not needed to touch, imo. The duration is fine I think for 15 seconds. The cooldown is also okay. It's only missing a little of love and "buff" to it, when it comes being able "jam" other stuff in the game. Such as spotter, tagger, flare gun etc... Oh god, where do we start? Spawn car, press 5, spawn car, press 5... <-- This is every remote detonate player in the game currently, simply because it is missing a cooldown. I dont mind being able to blow up your own car, but being being able to blow up your own car every single damn second is quite annoying to be honest. I think the 90 second cooldown that was suggested would be fine for it.
  4. I prefer the FBW in most scenarios. It's alot more forgiving and handles quite easily. Sometimes its fun to pull out the .45 though.
  5. We tried... but we cant always get what we want Cooky.
  6. Simply because its possible. This used to be possibly with heavy items too until they added a small animation when picking them up.
  7. Out of curiosity, which of the nerfs did you think was bad? Jumpshooting or bloom changes?
  8. Yes and no. I like the jump shooting nerf. The bloom changes were not really good, imo.
  9. Agreed. More basic "everyday" style clothing would be nice. On a side note, I think this forum thread belongs in the suggestions section.
  10. - Shotguns are currently being balanced. - Ursus might have gotten a slight (ninja) buff for its bloom recovery. I think this was the shotgun balance patch from 2018. (needs to be checked) - NTEC nerf does not make the gun bad. It's still in meta and allows other Assault Rifles into play. - OCA was nerfed due to the rapid fire ttk. PMG could use a slight change. - HVR damage should be lower. - Radar Tower bug needs fix ASAP. The bounty system was changed. Both of the points you made regarding bounty is correct and is intended afaik. Cant speak for others, but I do play the game pretty much everyday myself.
  11. I agree with you that the game was more enjoyable during 2012. But you cant just revert and take peoples money away. To be fair, it probably is not possible to revert back to 2012.
  12. Great videos! Watched all three, would say that the first one I enjoyed the most. Keep up the great work!
  13. The game has players, yes. But not the same amount it did back in 2015.
  14. Like I said, I've never tried it myself. Got no idea how to set that up.
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