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    The idea is okay, however I don't see how it would be balanced and fun for both parties. Witness missions are very short, and even with a bo3/bo5. You're only really looking at 15-30 minutes of gameplay. It also sounds like the criminals have the advantage at the start of every "witness mission" considering they start with the cash in hand or item rather. Most witness missions comes down to just one fight and once that is over, the team with the cash/item usually just wins of that one fight. I personally think just going along with the normal missions in action districts is the better option for scrims as it requires a lot more teamwork and precision from a team. Obviously, you would ban certain missions that may be unbalanced or not as enjoyable as other missions. Just a tip, you could setup a discord with different kind of roles and voice channels for teams to use. This makes it easier for people to find others to team up with too. Good luck with the project.
  2. Honestly, I rarely ever see any "shady" players in game. Just because someone might kill you over and over again, does not mean they are cheating. People have spent thousands and thousands of hours practicing to get better at this game. You'd be surprised how good some of the top players are. All I can say is that I've not felt the need to report more players since BE was reinstated. If I see something wrong and/or I disagree with patches, balance changes, etc. I will call it out no matter what. My SPCT position has nothing to do with my own opinion. Reminder: Use /report [playername] in-game. That way you're making it easier and better for everyone.
  3. Community Events Team Our Discord will be the focus of the Community Events Team to provide fun and interactive events throughout the game. In cooperation with Little Orbit and the Twitch APB streamers (Darleenko, ExoticZ, dogfesk) we are going to provide events in-game in which you'll be able to earn different kinds of rewards! For now we are restricted to the Citadel (EU) server. Event Announcement Our first event will be a tournament hosted by us. For more information check out our Discord, we've posted the rules for the tournament as well as the application form! https://discord.gg/2T3JQhH If you have any questions, feel free to leave them in this thread or send a message to one of our admins in the Discord.
  4. The first one, I would just say no. Entente is not that great. Trouble Maker - Very efficient weapon, requires a bit more precision and aim than a regular OCA Whisper. It has decent jumpshot accuracy. Can also kinda "tap" the weapon upto 25-35 meter range and get some good damage in. You use this weapon more or less like a mix of "Manic" and "ATAC". OCA Whisper PR1 - Probably one of the easiest weapons to use right now. It has barely any recoil, the spread is good on it. It's also worth to mention that this gun has a crouch modifier which makes it quite accurate while crouched. On top of all this, the gun has a 50m effective range. You could get some "long range" kills or just "tag" someone up on range. Personally I enjoy the Trouble Maker alot more.
  5. Here we go! Remember to share any feedback you have about the beta, positive or negative feedback! See you all on the Open Beta!
  6. Logitech G Pro (wireless) Previously I had a ROCCAT Kone XTD.
  7. They did give these out through streams. I believe these were broadcasted on LO's channel. (dont quote me on that) Not to mention, the streams were planned out on different times to try get as many people the chance to win. However they should've used the "Broadcast" message in-game to alert people about this giveaway and when it's going to be. (timezone, etc) Would be cool to see it return, I suppose. It's sort of ugly though.
  8. I would love to see this make a comeback aswell. I agree that your movement was more of a deciding factor in fights back when sprintshooting was a thing, than what it is now. Ever since they nerfed the sprintshooting I feel like a turtle after shooting my weapon. It's clunky, its shit and not to mention it made the game slower. Go back to how it used to be!
  9. Agreed. Small changes like this are very much appreciated by the community. For the Spotter mod, they could just disable it for now. Just like they did with the Mobile Radar Tower. (or remove it ) Agreed. I also think that the person "being spotted" should be given an alert like "You're being spotted" or something similar. Would love to see Radar Jammar actually being more used.
  10. Corsair (Slug) into NFA9 Quickdraw even better
  11. I mean, they did add blue muzzle flash to the nutcracker weapon skin. Would love to have one without the snow particles falling out of the gun though.
  12. That, and reduce PMG's effective range.
  13. Thanks for the free premium, much appreciated! Stay safe!
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