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  1. This skin doesn't even worth my time, and i've completed all the roles back in 2015..
  2. Why would you publicly report a game breaking bug in the first place other then reporting it straight to the support team ?
  3. ReaperTheButcher

    Fresh meat lol

    Ahh fresh meat !
  4. ReaperTheButcher

    Flaws' Ultimate APB Guide

    add something that will let them know 'configs' exist
  5. ReaperTheButcher

    Hey Little Orbit:)

    stock 'cassanova' carbine so people think its some special carbine because even with stock i can outgun a cj3 carbine
  6. ReaperTheButcher

    Lixil’s public stream

    History repeats itself.
  7. ReaperTheButcher

    [Forum] Request your title here!

    the Bloodthirsty
  8. ReaperTheButcher

    Joker SR15 Carabine needs a nerf.

    Nerf the HVR 762 (carbine is totally fine and players who actually play the game will agree).
  9. ReaperTheButcher

    (Video) - AquaNyx Montage

    your aim was a bit flickering.
  10. 20% seems a little more than it should be, make it 7% or completely remove it in my opinion.
  11. ReaperTheButcher

    (Video) - AquaNyx Montage

    its ok gever, why does your aim goes all around in the second video ? (second video was with broken arm?)