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  1. אישית הייתי מעדיף עוד נשקים בחנות הגוקר כמישהו שיש לו אקסטרה 62 אלף כרטיסים
  2. 10k hours of social AFK, seems like you are against game modifications, regadless of apb games like CS:GO and other competitive games that have 4:3 res. This topic is useless coming from you.
  3. *Made people sad by killing them relentlessly in flight-club since 2014*
  4. Alot of respect to the game moderator who's taken this individual to action, keep the good work !!
  5. i believe we shouldn't touch the threat system before we have more players on board.
  6. This skin doesn't even worth my time, and i've completed all the roles back in 2015..
  7. Why would you publicly report a game breaking bug in the first place other then reporting it straight to the support team ?
  8. add something that will let them know 'configs' exist
  9. stock 'cassanova' carbine so people think its some special carbine because even with stock i can outgun a cj3 carbine
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