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  1. I think the amount of dislikes you had on your post tells us something.
  2. i didnt even notice those were removed at some point
  3. The most complete player right here (me considering achievement/role completed back in 2015 with the most blitzkrieg 1 medals 11520 at the moment) on this thread how magnificent.
  4. Pretty sure you wont even make to this threat anyways
  5. You mean players that will do anything in their power to win however dirty tactics they may apply.
  6. I thnk we need official answer from the Little orbit staff as this is affecting a large margin of players for a few weeks now.
  7. ReaperTheButcher


    As a player with 240k total kills i aprove of this clan as the best criminal clan there ever was and will be.
  8. אישית הייתי מעדיף עוד נשקים בחנות הגוקר כמישהו שיש לו אקסטרה 62 אלף כרטיסים
  9. 10k hours of AFK, seems like you are against game modifications, regadless of apb games like CS:GO and other competitive games that have 4:3 res.
  10. Alot of respect to the game moderator who's taken this individual to action, keep the good work !!
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