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  1. Did someone sane here noticed that most of the recent threads here are only complaints ? We should all be grateful for the progress Little Orbit™ did in 2 years that the old G1 couldn't do in 8 years Take a look at the latest update, the ''mission impossible'', it has changed core game mechanics which were never touched before for some reason and personally made me wanna play missions again We actually had progress on the notoriously mythical ''Engine Upgrade'' and we had 2 open betas already which helped them stress test even if you wasn't able to login Oh and lets not forget the free premium during the COVID-19 era which we are still in (not for long hopefully). So calm down your bosoms and respect the progress. (now balance the goddamn PMG)
  2. Yes, playing on Citadel and previously on Obeya i finished the game back in 2015, hit 200k total kills back in early 2017 this of course with short/long breaks as any long time player. 100k is nothing, people had been getting 200k per week, same as 100 completed activities in baylan.
  3. Whoever didn't knew this ''secret'' method, doesn't deserve to literally exist.
  4. Not for long anyways and this is the Truth, it already died twice, once in 2010 and again in 2018 when the original G1 was bankrupted and sold it, third time always a ''Charm''.
  5. Waterfront and financial are not even finished, it will take at least a year to finish them, and untill the engine itself will go live, no one will be around to play it if it ever releases. It actually ALREADY happened, the game was sold to a new company because the original G1 was bankrupted, if Little orbit didn't acquire the game it was dead for 2 years now.
  6. This is very old and always was in the game, they really should wake up and add this unobtainable item already !!
  7. This weapon is annoying by that you can get RNjesus 5 shot registration, and someone can empty the whole mag on you
  8. Oh you dont know what grind is. (talk about grind when you've completed all the roles and have 200k+ kills k?)
  9. I think it will be kinda odd to have criminals run with that type of weapon.
  10. My idea for the name is: Colby M-1922 'Classic' Yes but it will be an entirely different weapon, same model but with different stock and magazine. @Sakebee Move this to the suggestions part please.
  11. This should be the next legendary, Thompson submachine gun- its function will be similar to the ATAC 424 with a few changes and with a legendary mod with 1-2 open slots, with 2 skin veriants. Its name is up to LO to decide if you have an idea post it in this thread. Oh and vote Yes/No in the poll attached to this thread, lets bring this idea up to LO. I personally will prefer it with 2 open slots because we don't have many 2 slot legendaries.
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