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  1. I still wait for an administrator to yeet us all and close the topic right after he writes a comment
  2. or just remove the problem all together
  3. I stand tall on my statement there, as the nature of those conversations is related to weapon balancing, it is a natural instinct to listen to the more experienced and seasoned veterans, Elders, anyone below this "status" will just suggest stupid, terroristic and hysterical suggestions that will just sabotage the Ying yang in weapon balancing which is a fine line you don't want to stumble upon, that's just how things are, not in your position nor power to tell me where to leave a footmark as much as you'd loved to. Yours truly Beloved.
  4. Translation: Please pay attention to the Norsemen Odin weapon, which has all the modifications from these weapons, but they are cut so much that it is funny to play with it in this situation, given that the magazine capacity is small and the damage is small. And it turns out that this Pack of weapons is not relevant to take, and with Norsemen Odin no one is playing .. ((( My suggestion is - Give more damage to all these Norsemen weapons., And replace the recoil modification with something else .. maybe the rate of fire or an increase in the number of cartridges in the clip or something else ... And the Norsemen Odin weapon itself needs to be made desired. I personally agree with him/her, the Norseman series should have the same treatment as the R-2 'Harbinger'.
  5. приветствует мой товарищ))))))))))) Because LO wants to be "politicly correct" by listening to the weak, but they soon will learn when they will be forced to shut the servers down once and for all.
  6. God damn silvers, they always ruin the experience for the elite players...
  7. This is actually great that they listen to the community and buff weak weapons like the SNR 850 and the R-2, less clunky OBIR/FFA is welcomed. Now push hard and give birth to the "messiah" Engine upgrade, save us all hopefully it will add a few years to the life of this game
  8. At the end, we both know something, and this is one thing, that the OPGL wont be disabled in asylum, as if they already wanted to do it, they've already done it long ago, that's really obvious.
  9. We could have the same missions as Baylan shipping has and it will have enough variety, your point is dull as a smooth rock. and as someone said before, you don't nerf/disable a weapon because it preforms good in certain areas/maps, that just not how things work. it is the same as if you said, the OCA is too good in close quarters and especially in Asylum, disable it !!! okay lad... it is not a serious conversation coming from you.
  10. I agree, i think the spots the capture items end up in might be the problem, my suggestion is to revamp the missions in asylum, maybe make it a deathmatch to 150 kills and the other mission will be capture a point, but one way or another the "capture the item" missions have to go, from experience, the item end up in that studio with the speakers and you have 3-4 people spam all the doorways with an OPGL you could go through to get to the item. Having the OPGL itself disabled and not fixing the problem itself is not that smart.
  11. No new major updates content wise until the engine upgrade will go live, which actually none knowns when it is.
  12. i dont think that it is a silver character mind you, i have my own reasoning for this.
  13. I certainly felt stomped when they made the crown less exclusive because now JT is available to buy, especially when i bought it back in 2014 when the only way to get JT was to play fightclub and not a mix of daily activities, joker boxes 100JTS and such. In other words, they are willing to sacrifice the old timers to gain new players, because the truly old players already own every single thing on armas, so business wise its smart.
  14. The showstopper is the most original weapons we had since they took over, the content i talk about is the likes of the Cap 40-C NFCP 2, and the VBR 'Tempress', CSG-20 'Golden' and alot of weapons and skins, this is already in the game and owned by a few players that played at a given time, and it should stay that way and be exclusive to the people who already own them, they should respect the Veterans of this game and make them feel exclusive because they played for long enough to have it all, when you take that away from old players they just have enough and they quit the game, i know someone who raked up 237k joker tickets before you could buy them in armas, when i first heard about that it will be available to buy from armas i immediately though of that player and fk me that guy just did it all for nothing. Nothing is better than stomping on the old timers apparently.
  15. The problem is, they should've let us know they are intentionally remove the Trump mask and it wont make a return in further sales, they could've told us they want to de-politicize the game and everyone could've been ok with it, the problem is that the Needle was found in the hay bale 3 weeks before a political elections in the USA, which is bothering a few people because it is a bold statement from Little Orbit on which side of the political map they are, this game should never been politicized and if they told us this back then everything was alright now and everyone could've understand them, this is one of many grave mistakes that Little Orbit made since they took over, end of talk. *mic drop* The Crown was originally exclusive to people who could rake up 30k joker tickets, which would've given them some kind of high standard among other players, ruining its exclusivity is terrible, as per content, i talk about new car, contacts, new weapons that are not reskins and not re-made Legendaries, it is obvious that un-experienced players should've been at the back door when it comes to weapon balancing, i didn't tell that the improvements in the Support team is bad, i told that i don't know if that is true because i never needed them anyways- "maybe the customer support works great i didn't need them", "you think content previously not available to players doesn't count as new content", this "content" you talk about was previously in the game and it doesn't count as new content, as it count as an exclusive content only a small margin of players have, by your logics why not just release all the first week gold reward Fight club weapons like the Carbine SR-15 'Viper' and such ? and they wonder why old players leave this game behind, keep at it and the graph of the population will consistently go down until the game will simply close,
  16. It is safe to say that the old G1 team was republican, and the "new" G1 team is democratic, maybe give us an in game event themed with the elections that would've been Kool. And why did they silently removed the mask from further sales ? why didn't they let us know about it back then, was they afraid from the backlash ? they could've told us back then they want to de-politicize the game and everyone could've been ok with it.
  17. But now the straw was found in the hay bale and funny enough its 3 weeks before the USA elections. I have never seen you in game before and i've played 7223 hours untill now. Maybe you are some sort of a local hero, i am not enough around here to know that anyways. I've meant that your point is dull enough because all the outrage here is about the bold political statement, they could've made it more obvious and tell us "We hate Trump". Yes ruining the Crown exclusivity is maybe good for you, those contests you talk about is just a plaster because they haven't give use a real content since they took over and they tease us with "we will bring new content when the EU will go live", and god knows when it will be, they take feedback from the less experienced players in the community, maybe the customer support works great i didn't need them, 3 "new" legendaries which most of them was already in the game/files eg, Ntec compact and the NL-9, free premium is nice, i wonder how they still manage to have profit from the game at this stage. So why do this bring up the community attention 3 weeks before the USA elections ? i don't think it is a smart move from them. I think it is safe to say judging from the history of your posts, it is quiet an algorithm of yours.
  18. Of course we have a problem, this game is trash at the moment, just look at the population, oh and don't tell me its an old game, there are older games with more people playing them people who played APB have given up because someone always throws a deadline at us that they know they wont be able to achieve, and now they obviously choose a political side, Which is too bold and will upset a certain part of the population, guys do you want to kill NA ?, just bonkers. @MartinPL who are you ? you have no point in defending them, they are wrong at everything they do and that's why we are here to critic them and i like it. Oh and try to not lick someone's glory hole more then you do now, you already do a great job at it so don't over do it.
  19. Hello, i think and speculate that the people at little Orbit has something against a certain political candidate somewhere 2-3 weeks before a certain elections in a certain country, is it just me ? share your thoughts.
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