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  1. yes man., I want these thoughts to reach the developers...
  2. Remove the activation from the nfas-12 XL weapon .. its damage is not the same as before (((
  3. Случайность это или «N-TEC» теперь сильнее и спокойнее превосходит «ATAC 424 NFCP3» на любой дистанции XD
  4. I ask you to pay attention .. and give your suggestions. (OCSP- "commandante") - Effective only at medium close range. At close range, they lose their effectiveness due to low damage per shot. At a closer distance, it loses its effectiveness due to low damage from a shot and loss of accuracy. At a long distance, it loses its effectiveness due to poor accuracy with low damage per hit. I ask you to pay attention also to the built-in modification - highlighting the target .. they are very piercing, except for the joker inscription .. you need to increase them and make the size like a Duck .. You also need to increase the damage for hitting and slightly improve the accuracy. (Weapon "Norsemen") - they just need to increase the damage ..as was done with the OCA weapon. You can ask the following question - why does this weapon have such a strong abnormal recoil as if it were a rifle shooting at the speed of a machine gun? In order to then put there a modification that cuts this recoil? this is ridiculous in theory)) and sad in practice (( (Norsemen 'Odin') - Having this starting minus to recoil at low damage .. he will not be able to withstand more than one secondary weapon., At all distances! and it's not worth laughing XD.. and the modification suppresses recoil, suppresses it when you have only a few rounds left XD.. Therefore, no one is playing with this weapon .. and who will ask what kind of weapon it is? gets the answer ..(Norsemen 'Odin') либо потерпел неудачу с момента его выпуска. Или сломался позже XD (Norsemen 'Tyr') -Here, of course, a complete failure. Considering all of the above about recoil and damage. And the fact that the recoil itself was originally made with the aim of simply extinguishing it with a modification. I think that's enough for a start)))
  5. There is such a question - I bought all the modification for 4X4 ... and even the Key to the world set .. Why is there no sound of the police siren of the City alarm?
  6. on one character I found everything, on the second I started to do 3 pieces left for these in 1 district and there are definitely no them there .. lol I was looking there for 3 days ... And I have 4 characters (((
  7. user hacking usually happens .. if you installed a hacking application for superiority over others ... and in most cases it is free cheese, which is in the mouse))
  8. the admin needs to close this topic and whoever remains is the last one and the winner., otherwise it is peramide ..
  9. 111M1kA111

    Bring back Nekrova

    Я хорошо знаю русский язык., И когда я пытаюсь обучить детей игре, они меня тоже проклинают .. Ну, это увеличивает мой черный список., Игроков, которых я игнорирую ..
  10. 111M1kA111

    Bring back Nekrova

    I think soon there will be a connection with the server "jericho" .. And you are asking for a separation)))
  11. What graphics settings are you talking about? And what is the screen resolution?
  12. О_О Это очень впечатляет... я в первые запустил игру это.. и я впечатлен вашей работай !!! Как красиво выглядит с внешней стороны кораблик в портовом районе))) Это классно))) Не ожидал что вы на столько хороши! Это новое дыхание., я впечатлен парни., да, я впечатлен этой работой! Я и дальше буду вас поддерживать, хоть и сильно перешёл черту вознаграждений ( -___о)
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