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  1. This is a strange idea. with such success, you can just emulate a server. There are people who came to play, and not to look at inventory. I hope I understand you correctly. it can just be read as sarcasm too.
  2. I think it makes no sense to discuss this. just for the reason that LO probably already has its own ideas about how it will look and our discussion does not make sense. I think if you understood and saw the whole situation, it would be easier to communicate with you.
  3. There is currently a problem with taggers. About this, and other mods, I reported on otw more than a year ago. I do not think that someone would leave them when connecting Nekrova and Citadel. I still do not understand why it bothers you so much if, most likely, databases will be put in order.
  4. so.... you're just a troll and forum-fighter. I have not found evidence and arguments in favor of your theory
  5. lol default excuse. which is to be expected
  6. these are just local players' fantasies. I think you can not prove it.
  7. this makes no sense. 1) this weapon has the same stats. 2) the whole uniqueness lies in the pre-installed mods, and the skin, which cannot even be changed. I even think it can easy be replaced by a similar weapon available on the cheatadel.
  8. there are exactly the same stats as on the citadel. but no one wants to check it. even unique items were taken away.
  9. https://apbreloaded.gamersfirst.com/2017/02/wowfebruaryalready.html what? >>Will you delete some of the content that players had, or will all items be present after the transfer? We are still reviewing the content that Innova players had and comparing it to what we support in our version of the game. We may need to remove any content that was not intended to be released to players such as in-development/incomplete clothing, weapons, etc. Besides those items, we plan to bring over all other content including the items created for the Innova build of the game. In the case of weapons, we may alter their stats slightly to maintain proper game balance with our weapons.
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