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  1. you don't seem to understand me completely. I want to say that this is quite possible, only in some specific way. imagine that you made a macro for NTEC, which will be slower than just a spray, but will practically ignore this bloom. add to this any variable (for example, aimlock/aimbot), so you can almost ignore the effective distance for weapons. you can use PMG as an example weapon. his behavior will be different. I just want to say that it will be almost comparable to those scripts that can be written quickly with AutoIT. although it is still possible to influence m_recoilinfo. you somehow underestimate the impact of these components on the game.
  2. this can be control using m_recoilinfo, even if they are not presented as separate parameters. this will look like a recoil parameter with some delay.
  3. and what's with that? these are two slightly different mechanical games.
  4. perhaps the fact that I have taken as a basis is not the best sample. unfortunately, I will not even show other samples, because they can attract young heroes to feats
  5. you really don't see much difference between 2 samples? Removed naming & shaming. - Azukii
  6. nospreadnorecoil proof Removed link. - Azukii how did you even get into SPCT?
  7. Take it easy guy. I know what I'm talking about. it is funny when a person with many years of experience playing with whisper, talks about the balance of NTEC and OSCAR. hurr durr slaughtered by high tier
  8. if you understood anything about the balance of weapons, you wouldn’t protect n-tec right now. this is obviously the most versatile weapon in the game, having a rather enviable ttk. I would call this weapon the easiest to learn, due to the absence of any shooting mechanics at all. if you learned to tap for long range shooting - congratulations, incredibly difficult weapons obeyed you. I want to say that it absolutely definitely needs rework.
  9. same trouble. no difference high or low graphics settings. when searching for failures in Event Viewer: Display driver nvlddmkm stopped responding and has successfully recovered *GTX 1660 TI OC
  10. this is really good news! I have long been waiting for the official APB merch.
  11. innova did not give g1 billing information. when this information was required, apparently innova provided her specialist GM FakeOff to talk with LO. GM FakeOff declined to provide billing information, but said that they provided all the data for G1 / LO. thereby, he lied to regular players and LO that all data was provided. P.S. And after that, he scoffed at his stream over LO, and joked that they are Very Little Orbit, that they can’t cope with such trouble. He is so popular in the Blade&Soul_ru community that someone take picture from his stream
  12. I would really like you to pay due attention to the transfer. Maybe you should better balance the ratio of g1c credits to the total playtime. Due to the current compensation plan fairly players who supported the game and the developer, will suffer losses.
  13. Well. To get a job you need to enter into contracts, Proga is just a volunteer. He deserves such an attitude towards himself because he has abused his authority. P.S. At the request of innova, volunteer accounts should be banned.
  14. Then why don't you just create a character and go to everyone? I think it makes no difference whether you create the character yourself, or it will be done for you during the transfer.
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