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  1. Can you really blame them when they are being matched against a way more skilled players and other who put around 10k hours in this game
  2. We Can't deny that the game improved in some aspects since LO Took over ,Decisions had to be made some are good but the bad outweighs the good in my opinion Like : -Recent Decision to remove threat districts which clearly screws all Eu players and the majority of Na players -Some balance changes like Nerfing the IR3/Shotguns and buffing the OCA/Carbine (Yes some of these changes were reverted but it took months) Other changes were too controversial while other obvious problems like percs/remote det/Kevlar/Explosives weren't even considered -Recent events like the GM Gungame were made so people could just grind JTs not so people can have fun (The event was too buggy and unplayable because of spawn kills Some small changes would've made this mode playable) -Riot gamemode a Battleroyale spinoff in a game that was barley able to get a 1000players playing at the same time, none asked for it none liked it and it was removed later -Etc... To be honest I can't blame LO For all of it They are just Coders with very little experience on APB and on how to manage an online game, the ones to blame are the people who influence these decisions and the way LO Communicate with the players because clearly it's not working, Some changes have to be made because people are getting too fed-up with these mistakes Anyway this is just my take on it, what do you think?
  3. Even golds don't benefit from this Decision Because of the quality of matches we playing are so poor It's just not fun playing against someone who just started the game or a really lower skill level
  4. i never knew there was voice chat in game
  5. - performance : 5 [it is buggy-laggy an engine upgrade is needed] - gameplay : 10 [Probably one of the Best most fun shooters i've ever played] - community : 10 [I Like to look at the half full of the cup i met wonderful people that i still talk to in this game] - guns : 4 [Used to be a 9.5 now a 4 due to the recent changes] - items : 2 [Mods shouldn't be an essential thing for the gun more like personal modifications] - how much u love the GMs : 0 [I don't see much use for them to my knowledge]
  6. Nijavid

    Remove OPGL from FC

    more like remove it from the game not just fightclub
  7. #Revertweaponbalancebackto2018
  8. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Qts6gLD7DquRjuCjfUneWV4jHbaCtn42Lri_KCxGsi4/edit#gid=1973112309
  9. I Can't wait to finally play a 4vs4 oca missions only... seriously this weapon balance is worse than the one before it
  10. Nijavid

    Gameplay Suggestions

    -vip hasn't been touched enough the core problem still exists -consumables still run out -gun changes focus on hard damage nerf that is related to the car health changes totally good but still not a player versus player situation -and i do disagree on the ntec it is a mess just like the shotguns
  11. Hey Everyone First of all i just wanna thank Little orbit for putting in a lot of time and effort into that huge risk that is called "APB Reloaded" In this Topic i just wanted to put on some light on some not so popular issues and also approaching fixes from different prospective and give some interesting suggestions I'am aware that there are bigger problems in apb and more important ones but these do Bug me a lot so please hear me out Number (1) : =[Car Gameplay]= One of the most abused mechanics in APB and one of the most frustrating to play against, basically a guy who is inside the car could either force a player to fight in a situation that favors the guy with the car (depending on the gun they have) while also providing a cover and a hideout(a player could get into the car and take no damage) for the other player while also maintaining the element of surprise of when the player is gonna get out of the car Easy fix : (1) adding health damage whenever the player gets out of the car while it's moving and impact animation (like when players fall down from a high place) when a player exits the car while it's moving just like Pubg and H1Z1 system (2) making the entering a car animation a little bit longer while also keeping the player completely hittable unless he gets into the car completely while also not allowing the player to enter a car unless there is enough space for the door to open (fixing a bug where a player could enter the car while skipping the animation because there is not enough door space) Number (2) : =[VIP Missions]= The main issues with that stage is that whichever side that has the vip it is in a disadvantage because of the amount of space both waterfront and financial offers and also because of prenading the vip because his location is known to everyone which makes the vip unable to fight and his teammates unable to defend him and some times it could end up into running away with cars (another issue that is obvious to everyone and please don't get me started on it) Easy Fix : (1) Remove it... (2) if u don't wanna remove it u could swap the "WALLHACK" System with another one like making the vip blink in the mini map every 10 secs if he was close to 30m (Like the survivors in the headless horsemen Halloween mod) and if the player was further than 30m he'd just show up on the UI Number (3) : =[Consumables]= They could bring up a really interesting change into apb game play For example : satchel charges is often used to blow up cars that might be charging towards you Epinephrine could be used to escape certain situations and many more but it's not commonly used these days because it runs out As long as it runs out people wont really care much about it Easy Fix : (1) Make them Permanent Character perks instead of consumables Number (4) : =[Explosives]= While the majority agrees that everything further than a grenade is too much in any video game i might have a different approach Easy Fix : (1) no i don't remove them all including percs,remote det,firebomb Because they are easily abuse able in a game breaking way Number (5) : =[some gun changes]= (1) Bringing back the old ntec while keeping the jump shooting nerf while it was one of the most used weapons in the game it wasn't the best in every situation but it was definitely usable in my opinion it brought balance into the game instead of this extreme cqc (Pmgs,oca) booring gameplay that people got forced into lately(edited) (2) reducing the magazine capacity of FBW into 12 bullets(edited) while some of u might find this ridiculous but the fbw has always been a spamming pistol instead of relaying on reflexes and pin point accuracy,Also it's impossible that 15 bullets could fit into a Magazine that small (3) Adjusting the Pmg The gun just doesn't suit the game in general with it's extreme range for a smg and the lack of brain cells needed to use this gun,Fixing the gun needs alot of tests and i really don't know what to do about it i just hope it doesn't get deleted just reworked Number (6) : =[Adjusting Field supplier cooldown]= we've all wanted to change guns after stage so we could adjust to the new spot or to resupply ammo and just couldn't find the time or the ammo box to do so Easy Fix : (1) Reset it's cooldown whenever a stage ends (2) give it more deploy time so people could swap mods between different guns easily
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