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  1. Actually i've been also waiting for more than a week to unlink my steam account This used to take less than an hour back in G1 days Still waiting...
  2. u should've done like i did kept playin riot for 3days straight when it cameout xd farmed everything
  3. I Really enjoy the core gameplay even tho it's beta but i feel like there is some stuff that should really change/should've never been here in the first place so here you go thats what i think should change in the game : 1_ We need a rework for the respawn system,it's just waay too forgiving to add only 1000$ on every respawn and giving everyone a free respawn the game endsup with like 12/14 teams at least at last zone every single time and it just become more like fightclub than an actual battleroyalish kinda mode 2_Add more things to do in the game like saving hostages or anything,else i really like the fact that we get to do objective aswell other than just surviving really adds up to the game mode 3_Don't let people buy their guns using money, u get what u find DEAL WITH IT And restrict yourself to like 2-3suits maximum per player and please start calling them gas tanks we need logic in this game mode And don't force players to use their suits the moment they respawn 4_FIX THE RESPAWN AREAS REEEE!!! idon't really wanna get back to the game to just die cause it's impossible to reach the safe zone 5_Fix some of the spots and the boosts u guys added to the game like the building next to Leboyce contact that gets u up in the roof it's really shit and not needed at all 6_I know it's kinda too early and we kinda lack players at the moment but i'd really love to be able to play solo players against other solos, it kinda gets annoying playing alone with randoms against a full premade team 7_Fix the Ui like i don't want a huge text in my face sayin BOMB GONNA EXPLODE IN 1MIN ok pls do something about it 8_Make the players drop their primary weapons if they die anyway some people when they die they switch to their secondary and their secondary weapon drop instead of their primary gun please fix 9_Add better rewards that will make players wanna comeback, u don't know how much im fed up with your Daily activities they are so bad or the fact that i have to win 10Riot games to get a 100 jokertickets 10_Add Grenades to the game, we are in a third person environment using nades could really help us get someone out of a cover and it's been in apb for years none gonna complain about it (please just add frags or concs not percs or lowyeilds) 11_Consider giving us a new map financial doesn't give u that abandoned City feel at all, Specially the cars i never knew any cars that explodes from chemical bomb or idk maybe i'm wrong but please consider it
  4. i mean if u have everything in armas what more would u want + u can get yourself a fiebomb crown coywolf guns like stheno golden SD-hvr golden osmaw
  5. how giving 600jt's a day screwed anyone i just don't get it
  6. i mean autumnskin is an exclusive skin i don't think everyone should have it and giving away 2exclusive skins would make it worse + it will fuckup everyone who worked for it
  7. i feel like u will just recreating the same scenario all over again tbh
  8. not everyone teamedup with a group of people and spawn system made it just harder
  9. i mean isn't around 600jokertickets a day enough for the rest of the people i know some ppl are upset that they didn't get a chance to get the skin but others really worked hard for it
  10. why can't we have a certan district like epedemic event
  11. i think you might wanna contact GeforceNow support for this problem and take my advice The money you'd pay on the long run for geforce would be the same as a new pc for you so just saveup a lil bit
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