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  1. Can you really blame them when they are being matched against a way more skilled players and other who put around 10k hours in this game
  2. We Can't deny that the game improved in some aspects since LO Took over ,Decisions had to be made some are good but the bad outweighs the good in my opinion Like : -Recent Decision to remove threat districts which clearly screws all Eu players and the majority of Na players -Some balance changes like Nerfing the IR3/Shotguns and buffing the OCA/Carbine (Yes some of these changes were reverted but it took months) Other changes were too controversial while other obvious problems like percs/remote det/Kevlar/Explosives weren't even considered -Recent events like the GM Gungame were made so people could just grind JTs not so people can have fun (The event was too buggy and unplayable because of spawn kills Some small changes would've made this mode playable) -Riot gamemode a Battleroyale spinoff in a game that was barley able to get a 1000players playing at the same time, none asked for it none liked it and it was removed later -Etc... To be honest I can't blame LO For all of it They are just Coders with very little experience on APB and on how to manage an online game, the ones to blame are the people who influence these decisions and the way LO Communicate with the players because clearly it's not working, Some changes have to be made because people are getting too fed-up with these mistakes Anyway this is just my take on it, what do you think?
  3. Even golds don't benefit from this Decision Because of the quality of matches we playing are so poor It's just not fun playing against someone who just started the game or a really lower skill level
  4. i never knew there was voice chat in game
  5. - performance : 5 [it is buggy-laggy an engine upgrade is needed] - gameplay : 10 [Probably one of the Best most fun shooters i've ever played] - community : 10 [I Like to look at the half full of the cup i met wonderful people that i still talk to in this game] - guns : 4 [Used to be a 9.5 now a 4 due to the recent changes] - items : 2 [Mods shouldn't be an essential thing for the gun more like personal modifications] - how much u love the GMs : 0 [I don't see much use for them to my knowledge]
  6. Nijavid

    Remove OPGL from FC

    more like remove it from the game not just fightclub
  7. #Revertweaponbalancebackto2018
  8. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Qts6gLD7DquRjuCjfUneWV4jHbaCtn42Lri_KCxGsi4/edit#gid=1973112309
  9. I Can't wait to finally play a 4vs4 oca missions only... seriously this weapon balance is worse than the one before it
  10. Nijavid

    Gameplay Suggestions

    -vip hasn't been touched enough the core problem still exists -consumables still run out -gun changes focus on hard damage nerf that is related to the car health changes totally good but still not a player versus player situation -and i do disagree on the ntec it is a mess just like the shotguns
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