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  1. Deadliest

    Support is trash

    wait 3 months dude
  2. Man that peacekeeper is such an insane gun wipe the whole squad out
  3. such fraud anyways, why bother logging in.
  4. oi mate make it no T's can join
  5. Deadliest


    Foking tranny freaks!
  6. m8 the guy slayed thai / chinese cheaters all day on han man 2012.
  7. you can use Endless as a reference the amount of time spent on Han and kills. go Australian!
  8. Deadliest

    Do Not Take Every Fight

    mate u tell em
  9. achievement is glitched good one
  10. Deadliest

    VPN to lower latency.

    it depends on ur routing 220ms should be average for u, im from victoria.
  11. how about this anyone who wins gets a 3 day premium code.
  12. Deadliest

    VPN to lower latency.

    the thing about VPN tunnel service is that your IP changes.