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  1. it's like I can see the future its so obvious disappointing nor has anything to actually continue playing that mode. should had just expanded on fight club and joker store that will keep em playing to farm JTs ( which is realistic IMO) or do something to keep people wanted to play mission with new rewards etc etc..
  2. thought it was the other way around low-levelplayers harass golds?
  3. never had trouble with a macro user, they just uncontrollable max fire rate spam and barely hitting you...
  4. seriously game needs a perfect spectate system to combat cheaters.
  5. how absurd.. I know this will happened it's expected seeing how one cheater could bypass BattleEye weeks after its release and probably still cheating today. Over the years APB reloaded has a cheating cycle judging by the nature of a PVP free2play game even if there were only legit players one could still be delusional or toxic and cheat. If one person could cheat without any consequences it will breed in more cheaters, even if there were bans it will bring further rageful cheaters as they all think of themselves as the main forces of the game, they become shallow and they will continue to cheat regardless of the reasons, triggering the vicious cycle of cheaters. Definitely bad for the game including among other factors that bring this cause and effect, in result players disappearing or ended up cheating. now you have the following options: You as a player can /report You as a player can record highlight videos and send it to customer support and praying they would be ban, hearing them back 5 months later ~ Tell a GM in the district and probably will put a notice to the higher-ups. Hope for BattleEye updates or flags the cheater. Hope for a banwave announcement by Mattscott. Hope for the cheater to stop cheating. Don't bother to care and continue to play Play a different game. be angry buy cheats. real gms protect their own servers and will ban without hesitation when the person is cheating 100%
  6. sorry but asylith does not play anymore
  7. your ISP is routing you to UK then to the APB NA Dallas server. average AUS PINGS: perth = 250ms - 230ms Melbourne bad routing = 290ms / normal routing: 200ms Sydney = 190ms Brisbane = 230ms Adelaide = 190ms either with these pings, it's still a poorly bad experience, even the population is pretty dead during 7pm +. If you want to play during peek NA time, you have to play during the mornings or maybe afternoon, which no one has time for that. Playing on EU with 290ms is not ideally acceptable regardless of the population. solution:
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