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  1. QUAKE LIVE, for human aim bot aim. start with OCA, then carbine.
  2. Tiggs never cared till it was too late. what a mess she made.
  3. is there really that many Australians? I assume there's like maybe 5 active playing atm or it could be the Koreans and the Asia players starting west. Australians get 220-250 on NA east and 160-190ms on NA west, if from perth you may be able to get 220ms on EU servers. Though if there was an Australian server again, which happen around the end of 2014 it will eventually die again, unless there's like at least 150+ population of Australian players active, I would like an Australian server but my guess it's gonna be less than 20. Though the last time AUS server was around average 20/20 in district including Asia players, old players came back play for a while to test low latency and good Australian players ended up stomping all the players due to unbalance matchmaking and low population. That's why its not going to work well. there's only 4% chance those Australian players who started playing APB when it was in Australia still play today or actually continue to progress throughout the years.
  4. wow, there some people who live in different time zone just a heads up.
  5. I also apologies for not watching your stream yesterday.
  6. tbh I regret buying the crown. not worth it.
  7. new players put in empty district and don't know what to do.
  8. The mission box with list of players is unnecessary and needs to be removed. You could always press tab to see the scoreboard and the list of players. Overall the UI needs more working there is just too much unnecessary stuff on the screen, if there was an option to make it non visible it be great. Though aren't they going to remove the 1024x768 res?
  9. most of the bad mice have a sniper button which sets to lowers your dpi sensitivity for precision aim if hold, not consider a cheat, you still have to move the mouse to aim. Why would you switch dpi with each type of weapon? all mice have dpi switch but good players rarely switch their dpi and have it disable, those who do are usually have a bad habit and don't know what sensitivity to use either high or low depending on the weapon they use. example they are probably comfortable with sniping with low sensitivity, but when they switch to ntec they need a high sensitivity to track, with mice dpi switch they can do it on the go instead of just going to options and changing sensitivity in mid game.
  10. would make a video on the ntec but having such bad reg issues on NA.
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