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  1. Can we have some life changing fix?For example why is there a cool down when you rent a weapon? The Down times are RNG sometimes you get 1-4min cool down upon usage and worst 8 hour cool down to be able to use the weapon! Wtf.
  2. ??? $5 monthly sub fee to play a game that has 400 population, 10 year old decade engine with rarely any new major content in game? this is not World of warcraft or final fantasy. What a scam It's not going to stop cheaters nor it will boost it's population, if cheaters can pay private cheats sub monthly, then that $5 is nothing to them.
  3. have never used an aimbot though I do believe what you saying as I’ve encounter similar cases of it happening, terrible luck on those cheaters .
  4. The rule of thumb is, if you a face a cheater, its better to keep it to yourself and not let them know, you know the player is cheating, so you have a bit of advantage to play cautiously, but shamed them when they lose. Also good practice to try to out aim an aim-botter, there is a chance they can screw up with the toggle key which I have seen previous cheaters I've encounter. Though Its rare to see players that have integrity these days. Like on Colby NA west server, if you were cheating or pretending to be legit facing a certain known clan or a certain player they shamed you to the point everyone would dislike you in-game and everyone would know you are cheating. These players cannot be fooled by closet cheaters and can distinguished someone who's legitimate good or a fraud cheater by game-play without falsely accusations. Whereas these days for example I once saw players being fooled in believing this Australian player 300ms+ streaming on EU talking about how his going to play in the next tournament for APB? with his 300 ping which is already sus, boost he has beaten everyone on NA like is this a joke? the tournament for apb is already cringe but F*K he was serious, smooth aim everyone on asylum even with poor bit rate setting it was clear as day, so what a joke either the current apb players don't care or easily being persuaded and fooled by lies from cunning cheaters. Truth be told even on Han server there were a bit of cheaters, hell one time some German cheater played on Han whispered me he was going to hunt me down but I was well aware he was a cheater and from Germany without him knowing or faced me before. See when the cheater whispered me the things he wants to do to me, but when it comes right down in doing it, he failed miserably, because I assessed the situation the german 350ms bad aim-bot was already in a disadvantage against my 120ms and I take out an OCA to favour me and when I executed that planned I nailed it every-time and that cheater had the audacity to called me a cheater and to video post it, which I did, never heard from him ever again and he was later banned So it proves even if APB has low population people still cheat, It doesn't surprise me if cheaters are currently cheating today, past month I saw a few playing in fight club and guess what I already know who they are from first sight previous known closet cheaters that were banned constantly, guess they keep buying new accounts. hell I've just open a twitch stream and there is already a guy cheating with smooth aim Name and Shame removed ~@mayii LOL lost while using cheats too. See either the game is so dead that no one cares or EU has a trend of cheaters or EU cheaters are similar to Chinese cheaters who are encouraging to cheat on video games. Whoever says report a cheater with video evidence to customer support works? because it's bull dust and good luck with that because they don't even bother to investigate and I can prove that, out of my curiosity several months ago I reported a known closet cheater on NA with video highlighting multiple clips of blatant cheating which should 100% lead to a manual banned for cheating *no investigation needed. But guess what months later I log on play fight club saw the same player but without cheats? (cheat sub ran out obviously) So either my ticket wasn't investigated yet? or they were relying on their Battle Eye to detect these private cheats which already undetected in order to warrant a banned? So it means customer support is poorly incompetent when dealing with cheaters and by me saying this, I predict there may be a increase of cheaters or legitimate players willing to cheat due to being confident on these private cheat subs. My advice for active players who find facing cheaters a nuisance there's no point even playing let the cringy 2-bit trash cheaters play this game, either they get banned or their cheat sub will run out eventually.
  5. Being good includes being able to identify cheaters.
  6. no one is going to hack you, unless there’s some database leaked. Just don’t share account info or download anything suspicious and you be fine. I haven’t change my password over the years or email. Never been hacked, that includes every game account own.
  7. Deadliest


    There are players who remove particle effects and fire, due to stutter lag or fps issues, though it be a cool addition utility grenade to have and a cool down would help reduce these grenades being spammed around 60 secs after thrown. In csgo the incendiary/Molotov, the fire disappears after roughly 7 seconds, and smoke grenades last for 18secs, maybe with a bit of balance it may work on apb, but realistically the current APB engine I don't think they would be able to implement this, nor I have faith on the new engine.. they can only implement EMP grenades. LOL
  8. Half of the population of NA cheating? I find that hard to believe giving the fact that NA is all time low, probably 1-4 cheating? Though I believe that half of the player base on NA is just better than you legitimately. lag botters? Are they speed hacking or what? It’s like people who play this game daily are uneducated about latency, network server lag and apb reloaded server sync problems or maybe it’s on your end. What’s next there’s health hacks too? You wonder why staffs are not banning them because they are not cheating!
  9. Deadliest

    New Crosshairs

    Sorry these crosshairs are too big I prefer a dot
  10. Are you serious you planning on farming 50,000 Jts for 5 characters?
  11. There are players that dedicated their time into the game, some play 24/7.
  12. TF2 servers are run by admins they have the power to banned players off their server, regardless if they are not cheating. the players now on apb probably has at least 10,000 hours.
  13. Deadliest

    New weapons [Updated]

    reskin oscar, lets go an-94
  14. Deadliest

    New weapons [Updated]

    that will be ridiculous should had been a reskin of AAEPD, the akimbo SMG is going to be OP, its like you have an ultimate special ability skill when activated.
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