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  1. When it comes to cheaters slipping up accidently by toggling off when they suppose to be on that's not enough proof shown on that video, the Pov tracking-aim killing summit is legitimate. oh its abnormal for a good player to do that his cheating? no one does fake snaps? you telling me they are cheaters for doing such a thing? your being trolled. In the past certain players fake snap to troll players that thought they were cheating, referring to the video it was 100% attempted fake snap to bait gullible players to say it was a "snap", isn't that the whole point of the video? trying to get falsely banned under fairfight by tiggs after going up against summit1g? It's obvious tiggs was watching Summit1g's stream, she treated him like a pedestal, hence why she gave him legendary guns for free, imagine beating a streamer and after that match you are banned, that's what really happened. the only cs player on that video was summit1g so idk what you talking about being banned. that's some nostalgia for ya how good players troll against player's who hackusated them.
  2. like I said it was a fake snap its obviously to troll for a reaction. this video here proves it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kFIL0bakujI&ab_channel=Sunne what does someone from cs being ban has to do with this discussion?
  3. seeing this video 2:21 it was a fake snap meaning VenArch intentionally shot at a wall after killing summit for a reaction on stream. There's no player there it was purposely random, to bait comments/reactions from community to discuss whether it's an aim-bot. POV carbine kill on summit was average you can see he missed and fake snapping was a thing in the past to purposely bait reaction out of mad players its a psychological mind towards noobs to think they were aim-boting. I dare you to do the same thing instantly snap at a random angle after a kill eventually get someone to accuse you 'aiming at a wall lol you are aimboting'. the fake snaping proven to work. 3:00 It's obviously VenArch and Mrcats are on comms, Mrcats died to the silver, he can see summit position after he died and called out that's why VenArch ran towards his flank. His POV is muted because it was a targeted attack on summit it's going to be cringe to hear call out's only on summit. Now you can say they were stream-sniping by watching summit stream on 2nd monitor, but why use a wall hack when they could watch his stream? you need to think out of the box dude. Sadly Summitg was the only big twitch streamer who would touch apb, its crazy how he was able to play for a while with all the grief that the game offers. Tiggs treated him like a pedestal.
  4. M8 80% of the player base are playing as female characters it’s not like they are constantly getting stalked or harassed. Use the far clothing / symbol edit outlet if you don’t want to be seen.
  5. Man just plug in the controller into the pc man.
  6. Deadliest

    Taxi missions

    M8 just play crazy taxi
  7. The real question you should be asking yourself how did you got hacked? should had enable google authenticator
  8. What is this Bulldust? You don't work for LO why do you type like someone from customer support? Please explain the process for everyone and tell us what's wrong with it. https://www.easy.ac/en-us/support/game/contact/appeal/ We already know EAC ban suspicious applications (hacks), and to stop cheaters evading EAC does Hardware ID Bans. You can't say everyone who's using Exitlag or VPN are trying to evade the anti cheat system, when they played on the same hardware ID and has no ban history even with the use of VPN. Even the Valorant anti cheat (Riot Vanguard) doesn't even ban vpn programs, so what makes you think EAC would ban something like NordVPN or Exitlag.
  9. TOS doesn't say anything about using VPNS, program doesn't modified the game, so how does EAC automatic ban you using a known VPN program? What do you mean by EAC alerts? they are known to use by hackers? There are many players who rely on Exitlag or commercial known vpns to get better latency and routing on NA, besides they merged all players from other region onto NA. I know most of the Oceania player base are using exitlag for years they haven't been banned, even though it may reduce latency but it's better than playing on 260+ MS, yea APB don't support it, LO can't reduce the pings no troubleshoot / traceroute will reduce latency. In one case 1 Aussie bee man twitch streamer was banned by EAC who claim it was falsely and was using ExitLag probably to play on EU. My guess is the IP that was assign to him was flagged and LO unprofessional staff manually banned him. I still believe APB reloaded is still running a free version of EAC its not even in EAC supported game listed nor on banned appeal game list, so how do they appeal for unjustified bans? Reason why actual cheaters don't get banned.
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