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  1. WF was hosted in LA before, but this week it's in NY, which I think it's reasonable for them to cycle around and do testing on. if you don't want to play on 230ms u don't have to play. Who knows it could be routing issue at your isp end might wanna call them up and say apb no work.
  2. Oh btw you can't change to waterfront if there's no one playing which is always the case. Dont think it's in LA anymore they did a location swap.
  3. Nah m8 waterfront and shipyard fc is in NY I check yesterday.
  4. Why do you think you guys are the only one who has high latency issues, there are other players who lived far from the servers and having a LA server will some what be a bit playable for those in Asia and Oceania. Those players have been playing on and off on 200-300 over the years + many with routing issues + worst stuck on a han server for serveral years due to g1 killing its whole Asia playerbase in the early days. So having them to play on 120-160 connecting to an NA server that's the best ping they could get right now and It will benefit for more population during different time zone if there were more Asia and Oceania players. In the end they going to recycle the locations again so be patient and wait you don't need to play apb, it's not like the whole Brazil player base will vanish and never come back.
  5. Well you see if the district is from LA, you have the Asia + Oceania players with better latency.
  6. there will be another engine update after they release 3.5 and we will wait for another 7 years for 4.0
  7. no u should never refer your friends to play this game right now. But there should be a new player reward system starting at R30 they get a gift starter pack rewards can come with character mods or weapon mods selector ( can't be trade), armas weapon selector 15 day trial, a new car, preset clothing or title. Each 20 ranks they get a pack in their mail till rank 160. Almost the same as a tutorial system, but at least new players have the motivation to play and rank up, having nicer stuff quicker.
  8. 1 free box and got ntec 7
  9. Play on console are you srs m8. Just plug in a controller man in ur pc.
  10. worst event in history of apb at least put beacon map for fight club.
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