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  1. 1000 hours and no gold.. well that’s below average progression. matchmaking is complicated, game is already decade old which means there’s players out there with 7,000-10,000 hours and you are f^*k. Every player who started this game had to suffer, how are they suppose to get good? The only way to have proper matchmaking is somehow a miracle happens and the game generates millions of players playing, there wouldn’t be a matchmaking problem.
  2. cara, você pode apenas obter permanente com JT, o do evento não é permanente, você tem que alugá-lo
  3. should bring back the bronze district.
  4. just make an option for R195 modifications perm maybe 500 jt for untradeable.
  5. did you buy a cd-key pack from a 3rd party site? apparently the guy did a refund and scammed anyone who bought it.
  6. sorry my bad it's 0.4 pretty much just to balance out the movement speed ADS with Hipfire sensitivity. if you like slow marksman it's really up to you.
  7. so you prefer a bit of higher sensitivity I suggest you set your DPI to 800 & start with 7 in game sensitivity + at least 4 ADS, that should give you a distance of 29.7 CM for a 360°.
  8. are u having difficulty tracking a target because your movements are too fast or slow?
  9. I can help you, But do you have the patience, time and discipline to achieve near perfect aim? turn off mouse smoothing & enhance mouse (windows) In order to have perfectly mouse sensitivity you must play on a comfortable gaming mice with the right mouse sensitivity & dpi settings for you, preferable large mouse pad size and keep sensitivity consistently on all shooters. It is important to know how much space when making mouse movements, your hand to track, you need to know how far it takes to do a 90, 180, 360 degrees. while you move your mice you are doing a repetitive movement a motor skill that you develop soon to be muscle memory and that’s the key Im happy to assist you and make an analysis if you tell me what mice, mouse-sensitivity & dpi, mouse pad using and how much fps in game.
  10. thank you I can run the game 300fps+ with my 280hz monitor.
  11. Maybe next time you should read and do what the Gm tells you to do? Report cheaters through customer support portal with video evidence.
  12. Oh please with 144fps the game still runs like dog crap.
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