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  1. Deadliest

    Nice WORK Support

    man who the hell is clogging up the queue
  2. Deadliest

    Rip Aus

    300ms on jericho 300ms on EU ?
  3. please LO don't waste time and resources on battle royal, just expand fight club with new maps.
  4. time for upgrade, lower those settings
  5. pubg bans cheaters less than a week via in game report and they notify you in game after the investigation is over (player) is now banned
  6. Deadliest

    HAN Character Merge tonight

    OC, NA, EU, ASIA
  7. thanks to my intel 760p ssd it takes apb 2 sec to go to login menu
  8. Deadliest

    HAN Character Merge tonight

    Can't even submit a ticket broken