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  1. I have ideas but they ain't realistic for LO. minor changes to the game is what they could only do. No event or weapon balance will make people to re download and play again. New players seem to be non-existence they are highly going to uninstall due to population not allowing them to progress any further or simple not having fun due to them being farm by existing veterans. A new player starting this year will not be able to hit max rank on NA the grind is so hideous they won't even bother.
  2. NA population was going to die in the future anyways it was going to happen, whereas EU will probably last for a while, they don't care as long as there's players playing. How many servers the population had died already? Colby NA west, HAN (asia + Oceania) , Hoplon (brazilian server) all merge to create Jericho. If you want to play on a populated server, you need to create a new character for that server again. Which most of these players did in the past before the merge. The truth is EU will be the only server that is going to be populated regardless if they do a world merge. they just feed existing players onto that server which only benefits the EU players to increase it's population more. Just like how HAN and hoplon was feed into NA , so they could play on high latency with better population though it was unplayable against Americans and most of them uninstalled. dead game with no future growth on other region, even if they add in region distinct servers. you won't be seeing those 700+ asia player or at least 100 Oceania players base or those old NA players coming back.
  3. Pretty sure there’s a decent amount of players who play the game outside the local servers due to APB only being on NA and EU. Having higher ping does impact in your game performance, you cannot beat the server, the server determines who dies and who doesn’t regardless how good your aim is you may also encounter other issues including poor hit reg. As a high latency player when you peak out or come out of a corner, they will see you first on their screen while on your screen you are still behind the corner for a mili sec. If you know your disadvantages and how ping works you can always try pre firing around corners even if you don’t visually see the enemy’s character, this can counter that delay. You can still be good while playing on a latency around 120-190 but it’s not the best. You can try using a vpns to get a consistent slightly lower latency if you are able to get a better routing path to the server.
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    should be a reskin obir
  5. new Han server 2021 people don't play much because the game has been the same for like 10 years with just recent minor changes thanks to LO, with the pop degrading players are discourage to bother to log in. think about it who's actually working on the game currently? the CEO? no one knows if there's even a dev team for APB reloaded? ye there some stuff in the Roadmap 2021 but feels like a long way to go. The engine update is already a disappointment for the year 2021, it doesn't look great feels like a re-textured of the current APB nor i believe they can do anything else with that new engine. Increase performance but is that it? easily able to implement new future content like what? new contact? new innovated events? It still mind boggles me who created this new engine update for APB and it looks so hideous when it debut on console. There were lots of criticism out there, but yet again they had to port this into PC???? Can't you just go unreal engine 4? I feel like these developers if there is any? are not in touch of APB there so many good ideas concepts out there suggested by players like for example clothing there's sooo many outfits, variety you can add in this game from cute, tactical, street wear etc ( those korean MMO games make a ton of $$$ releasing clothing that people would buy) and yet LO creates clothing that are just plain ugly, fairy wings? some weird Renaissance Man outfit or Leather and Lace outfit? this game is all about creating an identity progressing your character in the urban warfare environment, people want their character to stand out and not some weird sh*t poorly design clothing that looks like it's clue into the character model. Please no more pre set clothing leave that to the JT store. oh right even with the new engine update has limitation you probably cannot produce those kind of clothing due to how apb reloaded character models are built. well there's no hope then. RIP GAME maybe in the next decade there will be a new game somewhat like APB but even better GTA 6 is coming out soon.
  6. You said your aim is trash and ask for aim tips and now you asking for advance gameplay tips? So you done t have a problem aiming given the fact you dont know your dpi and sensitivity? 360 on a small mouse pad? Cuz we don't know. Your 1000 hours of game time is probably wasted on bad habits. Record a match and show us how you play
  7. fbws and colby 45 are popular due to their mobility its just a point and shoot gun. if you can get good with it you can pretty much beat most secondary weapons that require ADS. though probably there are players out there who played for 10 years and still do not know how semi automatic weapons work in this game and assume people use macro to achieve fast fire rate on these guns. In order to have a decent fire rate on semi-automatic weapon you need to know the click rythem or else you will jam your gun + have decent precision aim. New players who try to use semi automatic weapons tend to panic while trying to focus aiming on the enemy, result in slowing the fire rate (jam). This video I found explain about the rythem on the carbine but it's the same concept as the fbw. The fbw is like the pocket version of a carbine you can try practicing with a carbine first.
  8. Please if I was playing I would rather versus a rage cheater than a closet cheater.
  9. You see, the players can't do anything about cheaters, just report move on but it's also not the players job to catch cheaters. what can you do? be toxic and start rage calling the guy a cheater and insulting them who know's maybe the player is legit and you just harass that player who was better than you. But I will share my insight in this matter and a rant so you can read. The only thing the community hopes for if the CEO can change the anti cheat back to EAC or give an update on a solution in tackling cheaters. So far the servers I'm on is dead or non-existed no one can do anything about it other then not play the game. You can take a break from the game and wait for a major update which i suggest you do if you ain't having fun or find the game boring now. Poor judgement I have no sympathy on players who download cheats, because they think it's justified to use it against cheaters? or assume the majority of the players are cheating, though they end up abusing it against legitimate players, they are a hypocrite that's how the cheating cycle begins, If their main gets banned well they have nothing to lose the next time they re-roll, they probably end up closet or rage cheat. (first they hate cheater's but they end up becoming one) that makes me sick and those players probably still currently playing either legitimate now or just closeting. The only players i feel that suffer the most are new players they are the one's vulnerable they are likely to quit due to how the game treats them unfair matchmaking or against cheaters, they won't know the difference because they are most likely to be farmed and not get a single kill and likely to think everyone cheats. Poor experience for new players who want to invest the game I don't know what LO can do to improve the new player experience. Don't really care much about long time Veteran players with 10,000+ hours who end up playing against cheaters, like it's not going to hurt you if you lose a game but it's better than going up against newbies. Even if you take a break from the game you be back soon :). Though I feel like this is an EU issue the growth of undetectable closet cheating will be a problem for highly skill legitimate players usually veterans because they disguise themselves as being legit they are a real nuisance they are much cunning than any other rage cheater, they pose as legit even though they never played fair, they seek friendship / clan acceptance only to APB clout chase again and the next. It's just absurd how the currently APB players act these days, they only care about Skills and how others play, these circle jerk groups / clans only care if you are good by any means, won't care about having closet or would likely won't know if that player is closet cheating. Some current players are weird like how the F*K there is an Australian player playing on EU with 300+ latency and able to mini ttk pretty much constantly and having the confidence to able to outgun any low ping player and no one is going to question about their legitimacy? given the fact that player has a history of closet cheating, whining hackusating and the biggest clout chaser i've seen in a game. If you were a legitimate player you know that 300+ ms is unplayable, would be very concerning to play on, there is a limit on how you can perform though no one cares or the players who know can't do anything to confront in fear they will be harass by these groups. Pretty sad how this has turned, though the obsession of APB clout is to be the blame and has been a thing throughout the start of APB. Can't do that in the past on Colby a few players try to closet cheat into certain clan in order to pretend to be legitimately good, though the players and leader is not easily to be fooled and humiliate them on video, which would have exiled them out of the server lol, would been label as cheaters forever by the community. Then again the players would buy clan invites just to closet cheat and pretend to be legit just to have a clan tag though no one in the clan associate with them. Time has change I guess people just circle jerk each other now play who ever is good available regarding they are cheater or toxic. Don't think LO has the budget to pay GMs monitor the game 24/7, the volunteer GM's have no power nor there are any experience LO staff GM's that are able to determine who's cheating and who's not through watching someone stream unless obviously blatant (which they should be banned 100% on the spot) . LO staff are inexperience in the game probably never played APB and you cannot trust them trying to figure out who's cheating by eye, even experience players wouldn't be able to tell who's closet cheating through stream. At least you know trigger bots are ban able , you are guilty and abused it on legitimate players the ban was justified for your mistake. you now regret it.
  10. Now you can say “i got hacked by Russian”
  11. At least you know they ban macro cheaters . Guess what that’s how most people start cheating. Your poor lack of judgement thinking a macro has some advantage against an actual Cheater. You ended up abusing rapid fire macro against legit players. As far as cheating problem, who knows this might end up back like pb anti cheat era if nothing is being done.
  12. Can't believe there's people out there still kissing tigg's a.ss, she's the worst community manager/ GM I've heard or seen in any online game, so unprofessional it's already proven. When fairfight first release she brags about her new anti cheat and did a name and shame on the forums, at first you know she's a power hungry wanted to ban freak. I'm happy that cheaters/closets are getting banned but I believe this was part of her plan to lure the community in and gain her trust in fixing the game. We all know she lies about the development of the engine update for years, a lot of controversial bans (tiggs using fairfight to manual ban players when they are not cheating), doesn't even care about the players or investigate these false positive when player's send in tickets to customer support about their falsely banned for cheating. Took her 2 years to find a false positive in fairfight! pretty dam late since how much collateral damage fairfight has done to legitimate players being falsely banned by fairfight while being mix in with actual cheater bans, to the point g1 staff cannot investigate each ban. Only a few luck one's were able to be unban on December 2018 by tiggs. The only reason why you believe fairfight 100% banned cheaters because the names you see regardless cheater or not have beaten you. You are ignorant you can accused every player that has beaten you a cheater and you will get a name on that ban list. Matt scott in 2 years have done more than what Tiggs achieved in 5 years on APB. she was the reason of APB downfall and the growth of rage cheaters.
  13. What ever you do, do not let the gold car surf on top of your car, will purposely jump in front of it and you will get a demerit, leader can kick you in order to secure a win or call friend for backup replacing you. Pretty dam sad that players in this game had to go so far, they think they are above everyone because they have 10,000 hours on apb reloaded makes me sick.
  14. I was expecting a discussion about matchmaking and unbalance attack mission spots...
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