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  1. this map alone brings more hype than the engine update.. brilliant job
  2. don't we have a clothing suggestion forum thread. non zip oversize hoodie F up/down version would be cool.
  3. not bad not bad. still like EAC better. reasons below.
  4. NA will be like Han server I've been in a dead server so ik what it feels like. No one wants to play, no content and pretty much done everything that the game offers. they need to do something crazy to get those population up, because the new engine is not going to cut it.
  5. russian hack your account? seriously just go change your password and email..........................
  6. 2014 Sydney server you are late.
  7. For me the game was always dead, if i was to play right now at night time for Australia, the population will be 9/5...... and its east. Though with the patch its cool, but its not going to make people come back and play again. Most long time veterans are losing motivation to play and get bored very easily. So the population needs to rely on new players or players who are hook into the game still. After seeing the engine update I don't think there's any hype anymore the whole thing looks like the game was re textured seems very disappointing. EMP grenade + new contact doesn't surprise me and that's the new content we get for waiting 7 years. EAC best anti cheat.
  8. If it makes you feel better you can buy back the symbol
  9. man the UI is better than the current one now..
  10. VPN are use to fix routing problems, If you believe your isp is having routing problems while connect to server try using vpn and test the connection they offer free trial.
  11. You are making it unfair for yourself, you are putting yourself in a disadvantage and you are ignorant, don't even bother to actually learn the game or improve. But if you enjoy playing with that setup that's on you and the game does get frustrating at times every player who played this game has experience so you ain't the only one. Your skill level is higher than an average bronze, you choose weapons that are bad a corsair and a bloodymarry? try using other weapons that you are good at, not because you like it and use clotting agent 3. These are some easy weapons that you can try NTEC, MANIC, ATAC, NHVR, OBEYA, OCA or PMG, and maybe car detonator with percs. You say you had poor aim, why not try improving your aim first? not just compensating with KEVLAR 3. try experimenting with mouse sensitivity & dpi. if you have a poor computer try upgrading. If you don't know I have no hope for you, playing apb over the years and you still don't know what you doing wrong mind boggles me. good luck ~
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