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  1. so you telling me out of all the guns you could have chose from you want this ugly shotgun to be in game?
  2. every game has brightness setting. don't be stupid. default brightness setting is 2.2 or 2.3 btw
  3. sorry don't have time, I'm sure the people who still stream apb on twitch will help you.
  4. welcome to apb, I can say everyone who was new went through the same sh*t as u did, you get disrespected, trashed talk by randoms its part of the apb experience but some of us progress a lot quicker and learned from others faster, but not everyone is given the opportunity to learn from someone that is willing to help. I learn't from my rl friend who got me into this game back in 2011, that pretty much got me started and met new people in game from friends. if u think the bronze district pre-made was tough, wait till you vs the pre made golds that don't play on bronze because the difference is high rank players who still play on bronze are not great and tend to face noobs so they don't get stomp by better players, so your pretty much facing noobs but better gear which still be able to counter with stock weapons. if its still impossible I assume your friends are playing on sub 40 fps then there's nothing u can do, or new to shooters it will take a while. I already taught many players.
  5. m8 stop cheating, it's a permanent banned without question, the 3 strike rule is just to bait cheaters to cheat and u got caught!
  6. just bann that dude who made 50+ accounts seriously
  7. oh btw vpn does work, it can change your routing.
  8. 800 dpi 8 in game 0.4 marksman 26cm/360 years ago had to transition from low sens to high sensitivity just to prepare myself with newer games out there.
  9. That's a banned without a question m8
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