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  1. Deadliest

    VPN to lower latency.

    it depends on ur routing 220ms should be average for u, im from victoria.
  2. how about this anyone who wins gets a 3 day premium code.
  3. Deadliest

    VPN to lower latency.

    the thing about VPN tunnel service is that your IP changes.
  4. Deadliest

    VPN to lower latency.

    My latency is around 290ms connecting from Australia But with VPN I gain 190ms, is it okie to use for lowering latency.
  5. only Australians can play with 300ms, big disadvantage. I think you pick the wrong server or poor routing.
  6. A server admin wouldn't hesitate to ban a cheater.
  7. Deadliest


    oh please i wish they bring back 2012 ntec
  8. Deadliest

    When is APB: Vendetta coming out?

    just play dirty bomb
  9. Deadliest

    When LO trolls you good...

    so it's 40% off if u have premium?
  10. #82806 you are long way to go son