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  1. recoil in this game is not even that difficult to control dude., it doesn't even compare near csgo level. slightly pull mouse down while tracking.. RNG + REG is something to be worried.
  2. That’s why they only do hardware ID ban.
  3. Not really, The old threat system was over a decade ago, no one cares about it anymore, even the engine update didn't made old players continue to play actively and only temporary boost the population during the release. When old players come back and play again, they realise nothing has change, game plays the same, even with the engine update's performance was somewhat a small change which they probably waited for years and game looks the same, there's literally no point in continuing to play again without actual content. This was coming from a friend who played a while back that got me into the game and played with me a day and uninstall because the game was too much of a cringe, he went back to CS-GO. If LO really want to pull in players, the game needs an huge overhaul so it feels modern some ideas includes: Updated UI + Hud + map + inventory (HUD design IS awful + the layout, too much stuff on screen you don't even need, takes up space, map and radar needs to be upgraded feels unfinished) Improve in game performance with basic low configs, game should be running 300fps+ without any dips on high end systems. New Fight club maps New map (midtown) + new contacts and rewards + new rating progression which gives access to players who have reach R195 on an account (This is an end game map for veterans most likely be playing there. New players can enjoy Financial or Waterfront, if players don't have a R195 on their account, they can purchase a 7- day pass from the JT store. New pledging system allowing the player's manually pledge to anyone from FN or WF contacts. Update new player's rewards system each specific rank milestone they should be given a 7-30 days pre mod weapon of choice and 30-day pre mod choice of car. Update Clan system (having a clan ranking system gives meaning to be in a clan and grouping which shows clan ranking total wins before reset) Update beginners car (give them a race car, not the beetle car) New clothing which are decent. New re-skin weapons which are decent. Weapon balance, buff the weapons that are rarely usable. But in the end if they found out only 1 person is working for the game, who's going to actually invest playing again? the current roadmap only have some quality life changes. The highest momentum of players coming back was the engine update which brought players to play again, which they didn't even do anything during those weeks???
  4. 99.9% were cheating? so you telling me you know 99.9% of the players banned by FF from multiple servers investigated each player's banned? you don't work for Gamerfirst, you are just an average APB player playing their game, you have no way of knowing. The reverse un-banned happen in 2018 why do you hold such a grudge against it? they already punish all accounts, including false bans by stripping away JT$ & APB$. It was a good decision by Mattscott to clean up the mess left by tiggs. Mattscott is far more competent than Tiggs, think about it? what has Tiggs done over the years for APB reloaded? Nothing but lies and feeding the community with sales after a banned wave, just to milk & fool players like yourself in believing Tiggs did a great job. I have proof of false banned by FF 2016 MAY, even a video upon login in was met with a banned, apparently the banned reason falls in the category of 'hack' which was BS. Contacted customer support for a banned appeal Tiggs replied reviewed my account and told me my account will remain suspended. A year later FEB 2018 an email from Tiggs, she had been reviewing some flags that were set previously in Fairfight and identified a false positive, my account did trigger that particular rule set and my account was lifted? So I was banned on 2016 took a year later to found out it was a false positive? if this was another gaming company I would have been compensated by a lot. Now think of how many were falsely trigger by this rule-set. Tigg's lied.
  5. My quick list for single clothing can be unisex, if need reference I can provide images. Also need a change for female body option breast size to have it, so you can reduce the minimal size to flat chest? this allows design/symbols to actually warp better and look better on female clothing tops. Top: Oversize hoodie up and down (no zip) Oversize t-shirt Oversize jumper Oversize un-button shirt long sleeve or short sleeve variant. (*this can be worn over other clothing such as long sleeve shirts) Bottom: Cargo pants with suspender straps Ripped Demin jeans Ripped Denim Shorts (F) Mask: Half Face Respirator Mask Surgeon mask Accessories: long Winter Scarf Overalls: Demin overall with pants ripped or un-ripped Demin overall with ripped shorts (F) (*note Demin overall can be worn over other clothing such as tops and underwear) This needs to be in the game the ultimate urban Ghille suit!
  6. This is a$$ kissing at its finest. You do know in the end kempington did apologies to secrets for his uncalled over exaggerating outburst and admit he was in the wrong. so this drama is pretty much over and resolved.
  7. Do you know the meaning of false ban? So some dude claims they were falsely banned and later open up they were actually cheating? That’s not a false ban… you base your judgement on a few friends who were legit and never been banned meaning no legit gets banned by FF? This is your conclusion??? You were never a victim of a false banned you wouldn’t know, unless it happens to you. either way the players who were unbanned cheating or not don’t even play anymore so idk what’s your concern if they unbanned everyone previously most of the players had 2nd accounts.
  8. Matt literally says there were false FF bans and even tiggs manually banned players without any evidence, the reason why Matt had to unbanned everyone because there were a mix of cheaters being FF banned and legits falsely banned. Since legits are being falsely bans they couldn't tell which were the actually cheaters, customer support don't even investigate ban appeals, if they did it would take a lot of time case by case per player, so unbanning everyone was the only choice of being fair. So they set Fairfight threshold and if somehow a player trigger's it or flags by playing the game legit without any cheat software and ends up ban its justified? Do some research on APB reloaded and it's history how corrupt GMs were and tiggs, btw it took over the years for tiggs to identified a false positive set previously by FF, which is too late to go through all the ban appeals made. I was the few lucky ones to be unbanned by tiggs before Matt Scott unbanned everyone, pretty sure she knew she f*cked up before LO took over and started to look into fairfight to cover her tracks. Probably she who manually false banned me who knows? Being False bans are no good and it hurts the players.
  9. Quanto dinheiro você perdeu?
  10. See how upset you are, you want to cancel me out 'don't play enough to have a valid opinion'? your in an open forum discussion, I'm allow to quote you, I have played enough and don't need to be active to know what goes on in NA district. You only focus on what I wrote about you and ignore the rest and now you are typing nonsense assuming I'm mad, what's your relation to the topic? That paragraph did trigger you and tbh there's nothing wrong in being bad on APB anyone can improve. What I quoted you does relate to the topic, in which I used you for a prime example of someone who's ignorant behaviour by accusing and spreading cheating paranoia through the district chat or forums that 'all golds are cheaters' or accused a specific player of cheating either false or not, may persuade a naive player to actually start to seek for cheats, so they feel they have a fair advantage. These 'hackers' create private cheats to gain some passive income and advertise towards the weak minded players that thinks in order to win 'you have to cheat to be cool and get invited into a cheater group to clout chase' for a monthly fee in which people are willing to pay in purposely to seek attention to make themselves known by making players like yourself mad and react with accusations over the district chat. It's a spiral, we can avoid all this give zero attention to accused cheaters let EAC do it's job or report to customer support with video evidence, after all it's just a video game.
  11. Obviously you do care, why reply? What I describe is 100% true in comparison to all the rubbish you type on the forums. I called you “bad’ and you are hurt, Your insults are meaningless, after all you’re either a troll or an old man child.
  12. Okie we get it you s*ck at the game! You lose 100% against gold threat players, you make bull dust excuses 'golds are all cheaters' so you don't feel ashamed of being a max rank daily bronze threat player. Your whole bronze experience on APB is complain on the forums and complain in-game, it's an miracle that I log-in played with a friend and actually matched against you. The whole match you try to insult, accused me of macros, aim-bots etc and threaten to report me falsely, while I was playing the game legit rarely engaged in chat and you telling me that golds are randomly blowing up chat insulting anyone who's isn't gold? that's bull dust It's players like you who starts the toxicity insults in chat district because if you can't win in-game, you may as well accuse type insults and accused the player of cheating. Most players would ignore a bronze accusations but if they reply and insult you back, you were the one who started it. You say LO doesn't banned cheaters will I made one disappeared so you are wrong, max rank blatantly targeted me with walls + aimbot in asylum. Never to be seen again. Either way cheating or not you still will lose in game, you better off playing a game with AI bots with easy difficulty my advice. The sad thing there are a few players who are so paranoid of cheaters or losing in video game, they end up cheating themselves so they would have a fair advantage against the accused player cheating or not. they become cheaters It's a death spiral and will continue, the person who makes these private cheat obviously doesn't care about the game and easily sell towards the losers who are willing to pay $$$ monthly, just to play the game daily that is not even populated, till this day there are actually people looking for cheats.
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