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  1. that's apb reloaded unfair matchmaking, you can't do anything about it unless you de rank to bronze to stomp on noobs. Due to the corona pandemic there's going to be guys that play the game 24/7 so good luck going against them and you can't tell who's cheating. My advice is play and don't care, who ever you go against.
  2. tbh should just uncap the roles to 17 and add new rewards. like give us a perm 3 slot weapon reskin. something cool not those shitting weapon model like the cr15.
  3. nah m8 they should bring back coronavirus battle royal
  4. surgical mask to protect from coronavirus.
  5. release OP legendary and than nerf next 2 months.
  6. make the packs account bound seriously.
  7. false banned easy unban + got compensated m8
  8. seriously who would waste their time to do this? good easy ban good job LO
  9. new content = preset design clothing and poorly ugly made unpopular clothing releases. ignore all major issues that needs fix.
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