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  1. Save yourself all the hard work and time there's no point giving them ideas or suggestions, there's already tons of ideas on the suggestion forums but rarely been implemented for a decade.
  2. That just defeats the purpose of being semi-automatic weapon..
  3. Deadliest

    Basic Ideas [Updated]

    pets in armas market!
  4. If you want to keep it as an apb lore, the AN-94 can be a nekrova gun makes sense. But still prefer to have hip fire capabilities.
  5. copy and paste and they just switch the server off and on. no need for announcement.
  6. just play GTA online or division or ghost recon break-point
  7. Not enough players, so no one wins, will lead to endless no opposition for pre-made groups, it only hurts the players that plays with friends and you want to force them to solo in order for them to play a match? or they would quit and play a game that has actual co-op / squad.
  8. Oh please no one here wants to farm bronze, only you a max rank silver begging for segregation back, so you could farm newbies and wanting to avoid going against veteran golds as you makes excuses as they are all cheaters. Truth is anyone would be able to beat you without cheats just face facts, you are bad at the game and there’s no way LO can compensate you, by making the game easy when you already in a disadvantage and a handicap player with more than 1000+ hours game time. is it my fault? There is more bronze players in the district or who I go up against. I am just a player in the game just like you who has no control who you go up against. All you do is make assumptions, I don’t even have my own local server to play on, you don’t see us with 200ping complaining. They even merge HAN to NA and the population on NA is dead during night time. So the segregation has to be made for NA as it’s more appealing for players to play in one district where it has 30|30+ than 10/10.
  9. We all believe you type rubbish and a noob random troll. You are begging to have segregation back so you could have a much easy matchmaking against newer players. What are you a max rank silver? With or without segregation I don’t think it makes any differences as new players get sh*t stomp all the time by higher ranks and everyone knows this when they first started. Those who do continue to play usually the ones that can beat de-threaters and end up being Gold in a short amount of playtime. At least on NA there is a bit of population to play on.
  10. Did you not know apb is cursed anyone who work on it gave them misfortune.
  11. Can we have some life changing fix?For example why is there a cool down when you rent a weapon? The Down times are RNG sometimes you get 1-4min cool down upon usage and worst 8 hour cool down to be able to use the weapon! Wtf.
  12. ??? $5 monthly sub fee to play a game that has 400 population, 10 year old decade engine with rarely any new major content in game? this is not World of warcraft or final fantasy. What a scam It's not going to stop cheaters nor it will boost it's population, if cheaters can pay private cheats sub monthly, then that $5 is nothing to them.
  13. have never used an aimbot though I do believe what you saying as I’ve encounter similar cases of it happening, terrible luck on those cheaters .
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