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  1. wasn't there an exploit that themes were able to duplicate original themes and make it their own? or hack? That probably piss the theme makers more.
  2. I would like if they could just revamp everything and get rid of the god dam awful RNG hitscan mechanic, have everything replace with projectile mechanics. Shut down the game and start all over again. thanks.
  3. i'm sure I suggested it long ago the cross hair shouldn't change to red if you aim at enemy's hitbox. But it should change red when you hit them, like hit markers. This design should help stop color triggerbots. Though if getting shot accidentally in the back in Fight club that's pretty common if you stick too close or teammate is following behind you. So you telling us that if you go all red and have a red car people will shoot at it instantly. Give us video evidence, because what i think they probably hate you or trolling. Since the pop NA is dead how can you tell if you are going against someone who's using a triggerbot is it because you die a lot by them like at least have some proof.
  4. Lets be real here who participated this costume contest? I get it those who participated and think they should had won are mad at those winners, it's an opinion LO thinks these were the winners, but than there's those who didn't even participated in the contest are criticizing the results. Like why does it matter if you can design better Halloween outfits why don't you enter? Halloween is going to be over in a few days man no one is going to wear that crap on their characters. Christmas is coming soon so you should prepare an outfit for that if you want to win the next costume contest. who knows maybe there weren't that many participates and 80% of the outfit designs were crap or didn't meet the criteria. The main focus here is LO you need to make better clothing on Armas because that's where the real $$$ comes from.
  5. Deadliest

    Bring back Nekrova

    this all can be fix if you just group with someone who can speak English or a friend.
  6. if there weren't any completion we wouldn't be getting good cpu
  7. The CPU war will never end intel will release another chip and the cycle goes on.
  8. It doesn't matter how high your hardware PC spec is, the matter fact the engine update is still a long way to go especially on those mission districts which ran like dogsh*t like the engine update was suppose to boost performance? The original game still ran better on high settings. By the time it is refined, which we don't know when the graphics are out of date in competing to 2020+ games and I don't know it can actually bring new players into the game. APB not even in unreal engine 4 and the game looks like it's just re-textured with some lighting and shadows, overall visual game looks almost the same as the original, literally ported from the console. If the game had better graphics I would play on max settings, but the game looks terrible and I would rather play on low config custom settings. The end result that we expect with players who have High-end PC the game should run on 145+ fps no problem and if they could uncap it with those who have 240hz that would be great. Oh the alt + enter tab feature seems nicely done.
  9. ye the login screen makes people want to play. Dude today you can get perm weapons by just playing the game and the stuff on Armas are now less expensive than it was.
  10. you don't know how to use it, the Alig is still a high fear factor weapon.
  11. Can't wait for a new mansion FC map for Halloween. jks not going to happen probably a recycle event previous with new titles and skins.
  12. that's when you play a bad poorly optimized online shooter MMO game, on APB in general things like that happen. If a player plays a shooter game and connect to a server outside their country what do you expect? Having bad internet connection or bad PC that's their fault. Also there are skill shooter games out there, that actually work perfectly no reg issues, high fps 250+ and local servers.
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