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  1. M8 80% of the player base are playing as female characters it’s not like they are constantly getting stalked or harassed. Use the far clothing / symbol edit outlet if you don’t want to be seen.
  2. Man just plug in the controller into the pc man.
  3. Deadliest

    Taxi missions

    M8 just play crazy taxi
  4. The real question you should be asking yourself how did you got hacked? should had enable google authenticator
  5. What is this Bulldust? You don't work for LO why do you type like someone from customer support? Please explain the process for everyone and tell us what's wrong with it. https://www.easy.ac/en-us/support/game/contact/appeal/ We already know EAC ban suspicious applications (hacks), and to stop cheaters evading EAC does Hardware ID Bans. You can't say everyone who's using Exitlag or VPN are trying to evade the anti cheat system, when they played on the same hardware ID and has no ban history even with the use of VPN. Even the Valorant anti cheat (Riot Vanguard) doesn't even ban vpn programs, so what makes you think EAC would ban something like NordVPN or Exitlag.
  6. TOS doesn't say anything about using VPNS, program doesn't modified the game, so how does EAC automatic ban you using a known VPN program? What do you mean by EAC alerts? they are known to use by hackers? There are many players who rely on Exitlag or commercial known vpns to get better latency and routing on NA, besides they merged all players from other region onto NA. I know most of the Oceania player base are using exitlag for years they haven't been banned, even though it may reduce latency but it's better than playing on 260+ MS, yea APB don't support it, LO can't reduce the pings no troubleshoot / traceroute will reduce latency. In one case 1 Aussie bee man twitch streamer was banned by EAC who claim it was falsely and was using ExitLag probably to play on EU. My guess is the IP that was assign to him was flagged and LO unprofessional staff manually banned him. I still believe APB reloaded is still running a free version of EAC its not even in EAC supported game listed nor on banned appeal game list, so how do they appeal for unjustified bans? Reason why actual cheaters don't get banned.
  7. Alright thanks for your input, but what about manual bans? can LO staff tell the difference?
  8. Classic who knows maybe you get to be unban another year. a lot of non regional players are using VPNs such as exitlag.
  9. Yea it’s strange to see someone who’s been in game for 10 years + not known for cheating ends up banned while few others are still cheating lol classic apb. I use NordVPN to play apb and I believe most players use exitlag to reduce ping + better routing. The concerning part is not the program itself but the IP address that they assign you with and if EAC or LO set to flag these previous banned players IP address it may automatic flagged those accounts who are using it legit Can anyone in LO confirm this is true?
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