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  1. this video is all about advertising NVIDIA software / hardware Reflex Latency Analyzer on the new 360hz monitor LOL. Everyone knows about input lag, display lag, network lag and human reaction time. Just gona do a rant about stuff APB is poorly optimized, each individual player who played has suffer from some sort of input lag or network lag. The game is notorious for hitreg issues, this is why APB was never taken seriously competitive like the guy I killed I wouldn't know if I was lucky or had better reg than them or they may experience network lag, micro stutters during that moment and died due to game being sh*t. I believe people who experience high input lag, fps stutters may experience common hitreg issues, for example I know for a fact I am able to OCA min-ttk with a minimal 15 shots if I had 144 fps and low latency, while on full 20/20 asylum I get around average 110fps-120fps I literally can feel the input lag while my frames dip, especially my mouse movement and at times it took 20+ OCA ammo just to kill someone... Now it could be just me playing at higher ping, but idk if anyone notice the same thing with a lower latency on full asylum when their frames dip under 90-110? reg was never consistent for me videos i recorded are usually the best reg captured. it's pretty common for apb players playing on 144hz monitors by now, but guys with 60hz + low fps it's a lose for them in any game and it's true the guys who hackusate are usually the guys who play bare minimal of 60fps with sh*ty mice, keyboard, monitor, high ping, who would accuse someone blatant that uses a carbine, fbw or Oscar because they can never track that guy with full auto weapons when they are Strafing and shooting at the same time. I find it complete nonsense for someone to go completely low config with everything so low so they would gain as much performance as possible even though they have a beast computer, Why not just play quake live easy 250fps constantly? if your going for that competitive route. Using Advance launcher basic custom minimal settings is already good enough for easy visual and performance, I doubt people would notice slight fps increase if they go super low so the game looks so terrible. You can also tweak your computer or bios settings and NVIDIA settings to reduce input lag. Hopefully the new engine allow us to keep our low config settings because I don't see the point in playing on max it just looks terrible and it's better off playing on custom low settings. Game should at least uncap to 240 after engine update for those who have 240hz + monitors tbh.
  2. NA population multiple cheating? the probability of a dirty match would be pretty dam high and without you giving some video evidence we wouldn't know what really happened. Hell there's people out there that say 60% of the player base is using some sort of cheat, people are just way too paranoid, like someone said here if you suspect every player are cheating every time you match, I think you better off playing another game. who knows there's probably an undetectable private cheat shared around for XX amount of money only those circle jerking closet group use maybe 1-4 players on NA, though that's low depending if they play on a daily basis. No one knows how BattleEye or LO deals with these type of cheaters, but if detected it's going to be a Global banned and pretty sure they handing out global bans now for first offense cheaters. I seen battleEye does it's job i've seen proof that average bad cheater get's banned mid game while poorly cheating on a 1v1 so it does it's job at some extend.
  3. I mean dude those guys who plays at 30fps are torturing themselves to R255? not only it takes longer but the experience is terrible. If you play games for 3 hours daily why not invest money into a better pc? mouse and a 144hz monitor which is pretty dam cheap now. I'm sure it will improve their experience in general not just apb dude.
  4. First of all this game is 18+ adult probably have some experience in shooters so 60-80 hours playing the game is enough to see how missions are played and choosing a weapon to main, whereas some probably be their first game and it may take time to adapt to mouse and keyboard. I've seen new players quickly learn the game and improved on my server and progress to 255 gold. So idk what's the problem it's either the bronze players are filled with kids with their crappy home pc, struggling to play with a minimal of 30fps or adults with 500+ hours playing on a crappy pc with wifi internet and barely getting to silver? so who's fault is it? LO? you cannot fix stupid, they choose to play with poor experience which can be easily fix if they weren't that dumb and invest on better computer hardware, peripherals + internet so they could improve in their game experience making it more enjoyable even if you are just a casual gamer. It's obviously the new players who have experience in shooters would likely versus those kids with their crappy PC and get to silver or gold with ease, those players will tend to end up playing on the silver districts with the golds soon. Now if someone who's R255 has no idea what they doing but enjoying the game the way he/she plays I don't care tbh. tko never complained I guess his the best bronze player.
  5. ALL I SEE IS WHINING AND CRYING! We know the matchmaking is poor and it gets worst when the population is low, you think it's an easy fixed for LO? Maybe we should just put you only against new players who are under R40 because you are just bad at the game and never bothered to improve. Pretty selfish don't you think? and those dethreating are the same selfish and shallow. APB uses an asymmetric matchmaking system which puts you against players who are ready to play available base on who's in the district, this is the fastest way in getting a game. Since the player pool is mix with different skill level, there is a poor ratio chance in skill balance between players in matchmaking which LO cannot control in a 40/40 district, which may change in the future. I'm not sure how bronze district is like but NA bronze population is dead, so this is happening in EU? I assume you have 2 bronze district full peak time which is pretty dam good IMO for growth of new players. Even though you may have a chance versing a de theater, that player is literally the same as you who cry about matchmaking / cheaters / exploiters etc, on the silver district get 'WTFpawned' as you describe, by group golds or individual gold players, so they came to bronze for a fair match. But the difference is that they are well geared and had more experience, but still bad at the game when facing actual golds. which I believe the only way to stop dethreating is to disable players that are R100 from entering bronze/silver district, which I doubt these players would like that idea. These days people just don't even want to improve in a game anymore and are lazy even though they have the time to do so you can still be casual and progress your journey in improving which this game is all about. By R100 an average player should know how to play the game and the mechanics. the bronze district is meant to be a starting ground for new breed of new players who can face other new players and learn about the game, which should be easily to achieve silver or gold. who knows maybe there are players with at least 300+ hours that are just incapable and incompetent and are still the same since day one. There are players out there who play on high ping that are gold and players who came back from long breaks that are gold, so these excuses are not justified you just want an easy game so you don't have to put effort into the game like everyone else does. If you don't enjoy the game I would suggest you quit maybe APB is not for you, but there are new players out there who struggle and would progress quicker than others and those who do enjoy the game and have a better experience. Every player has room to improve you just have to get into that mental state and realize you are trash but also tell yourself you are going to be the best. You know the best way in improving the game is actually playing against better players? ye it's uneven matchmaking but you can at least try? you may die but observe how they kill you and what you can do next time. Those players who dethreat are normally not good players anyways keep that in mind even if they have legendary and explosive.
  6. new player with star gun and starter car lol they should all start with a pioneer / espacio.
  7. Queue system was suggested years ago when the game was at it's peak, in the year 2021 and the game still doesn't have one LOL. The game has always lack in attention to detail, stuff like this should be in the game already.... Like why isn't there one? right the game is dead now.
  8. lol the population has been like this for years. I used to play during this time and you can see it's always dead, been like that since 2018 Han and now NA. I checked the statistics of NA peak hours https://will.io/apb/ barely reaching 100 during the week lol. I assuming you just post the screen shot an hour ago where everyone from NA is sleeping? There's barely any Asia + Oceania players left to play during those time zone to keep the server going there use to be 150 regular Han players playing during this time, most of them quit due to their ping being above 200ms on NA. idk this game likes to kill off region player base like how g1 move Han off china and 700+ players from Asia disappeared lol, same thing goes with little orbit merging Han into NA which only benefits a few players, but most of them are already on the edge of quitting. People quit due to having poor experience with the game or take breaks, the game hasn't changed for years, with the population decreasing who wants to play a 20v20 populated game against the same players everyday. It's even worst for those new players who end up being railed by veterans in a daily basis, I don't see the game growing.
  9. Wait what? So pretty much a chaos event district? that’s not going to solve anything you scrap off the core gameplay of apb and made it into a huge TDM? what happens when the fractions are unbalance or the population gets even much lower than before? to me it seems like fight club that serves no purpose, other than it can be an event thing.
  10. In that case go group up with a friend and TK each other.
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