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  1. Maybe next time you should read and do what the Gm tells you to do? Report cheaters through customer support portal with video evidence.
  2. Oh please with 144fps the game still runs like dog crap.
  3. can confirm MACKxBOLAN is bad in the game and the aggressor of toxic behaviour. Yes you were toxic towards me in game as I remembered and I didn’t do nothing nor insult you just simply playing the game while killing you several times. Don’t worry some people are not meant to be good, I truly understand there’s nothing wrong playing casually but your too stubborn to understand the fact the game has low population with unbalance skill player base pool available to matchmake. You can’t cry to LO when there are players better than you lol. not enjoying the game play something else? Sucks to be you.
  4. what is this bull dust community pot? Where we all donate??? Who’s the “we”. What makes you think players would pay to play or even donate to randoms, man what a scam. Like someone said there’s many factors people quit and it’s not mainly because of cheaters. You implant this, perhaps cheaters would stop, because no one is paying a sub to play and only you enjoy paying to play PVE ram raiding role play.
  5. pay for premium in order to play? but everyone gets free premium for over 2 years since COVID-19? And still continuing to automatic renew, why change? Changing to subscription base game? Have you seen the population? You kill the population and you only hurt legitimate players they 100% would quit. This won’t prevent cheaters, if they have the audacity to buy max rank accounts or recreate new accounts and continuing to re-sub private cheats what makes you think they won’t pay for apb subscription?
  6. On 12/18/2018 at 6:28 PM, MattScott said: “6) What is not considered evidence of cheating? This is the next tricky area. I am often sent videos, screenshots, or other forms of evidence that players feel "undeniably" shows that another player was cheating. And while I sympathize, please know that we cannot blindly accept this as a reason to ban someone. We *must* take the effort to monitor and collect evidence to properly prove they were cheating.” Better off not playing APB at this point.
  7. A tier list of all apb players? A subjective base opinion list, why bother. But if you proceed you need to be more specific like what server of the player’s names you want to be on your list, so you actually familiar with these player who are currently actively playing.
  8. They make it hard so you won’t bother sending in support ticket
  9. Just use the pmg dude
  10. Save yourself all the hard work and time there's no point giving them ideas or suggestions, there's already tons of ideas on the suggestion forums but rarely been implemented for a decade.
  11. That just defeats the purpose of being semi-automatic weapon..
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    pets in armas market!
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