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  1. 100 million dollar game you think they could start a brand new game? little orbit doesn’t produce triple A games, they don’t have the budget or the resources, developers etc. If they could make a new game similar to apb, why would they acquire apb reloaded off gamerfirst in the first place?
  2. Even if the game had good anti cheat it's not like everyone is going to play again dude. Going to rant some stuff again Game Lacks content, there's no drive for players to keep playing again, they are still working on the engine update, they ain't going to do sh*t on the live version. Lets go back in history Real time worlds went bankrupt which has all the original developers, game was acquired by Gamerfirst and then Little orbit is now in charge of the game's development. Game has been short on developers for so long and still hiring currently. For a game that ran 10 years without any major updates and all the BS that comes along, In my opinion is pretty dam impressive, compare to new games these days that die quickly that had a good run for at least a year or 3 and population dies out. It's just Matt Scott and his/her new specialist, going to work on the engine update, even though there so much being said on the road map 2021 after the engine update launches, is there actual developers continuing to work on after the engine update? or is LO still currently hiring? because I don't think it's ready for marketing, yea it offers better performance for older and new hardware + graphics but doesn't really do much when the game is still capped at 144fps in the year 2021. At least have a new UI HUD which is much cleaner than the current hud and framerate should be uncapped above 144 to support those who have 240hz-280hz, 360hz monitors. When they say the engine update will make the game easier to modified and add new things, It's unclear what potential or limitation they can do or add in the game? I have so many questions like are they able to expand the current map by adding new sections or change buildings and have the tools to create new maps for starters like fight club maps. Clothing will they able to have more freedom of new clothing choices to create that they cannot do on the old engine due to limitations? because the previous clothing for example pack of Revelation, Renaissance Man and Leather and Lace etc were terrible designed or the idea behind it, I don't know who's idea it was but man they lost sight of the APB theme, it's all about customization, letting your character stand out with appealing style and fashion. It's like the game makes the worst clothing that no one wants to buy, guess the korean MMO games do it better they generate billions, because they know what the players wants and see, take some inspiration on the clothing trend or street fashion. F*K it's like they lack of creativity and ideas that make the game great and if the new engine has limitations on what it was mention above then there's no hope for the game's future. Without any competent developers the game will be doom.
  3. You don’t leave valuables in your car….
  4. thought the game was dead? There’s still griefers? What did the streamers do to them that makes them wanna spend countless hours to grief? What is the guy doing blocking missions against streamers? How low can people go in this game lol, it just mind boggles me. Whoever is doing it sure doesn’t have a life, is an attention seeking loser, that likes to ruined people’s fun in the game due to their unhappiness. They are just a nuisance best way is to just record / clip harassing and report to customer support. They could HWID ban.
  5. Deadliest

    Petition: Fight Club

    in what way they are exploiting? jts is the best way for rewarding players for the hours they spent playing or doing the tedious task challenges in fc or missions. it actually takes hours of playtime to cap both fc, 50 + 150 jts then + 200 jts for top 10% gold challenge threshold. Games dead, they need a rewarding system so they have a purpose for playing.
  6. My point is the game has poor optimization issues and it relies on CPU. The AMD fidelityFX super resolution focus on graphics card performance so they could reach 4K on modern games for older generation graphics card. You trying to play apb 4K on max settings or what? they said top titles apb is not one of them, doubt they can add apply FSR into the current apb engine.
  7. Game is not supported, it won’t meet the requirements, games too old. pretty sure anyone could play on native resolution with modern hardware..
  8. Every person I met played apb with over the years were the best people, known them for years, talked on mic no problem, so choose your friends wisely or who you played with. If they were toxic you don’t have to play with them or talk to them… Yea just because that 1 random person stalked you, you have to blame the whole community being toxic, you are over exaggerating. but hey if you don’t want to group up with people because of what ever reason then I don’t care. You play your way.
  9. the population been decrease long time ago dude, the previous company killed it and LO try to revived the game but still has the same problems that G1 face. it's normal for people to stop playing, Even I only play when a friend ask me to play and we still had fun even though we both poorly experience high latency game play + all the BS the game offers, hit reg, stutter lags etc etc. Hell my rl wanted to play again hit me up and we played 2 missions and he quit because we were getting only attack missions in the worst spots in a row against the same duo NA players that played the game 24/7 (these guys time were playing at 3-4 am in the morning who does that? Like i said the game is trash in a unique way but you can still enjoy it at some extent. There are better games out there in the year 2021. If i wanted to play a shooter I could always go back to quake live, CSGO, RS2, Call of Duty or battlefield. People do want to play in groups so they have a better team obviously, they just choose not to there's players who just want to play the game solo, don't care challenge and then there's you who solo and whinge about getting put again'st a pre-made group. Find a group dude / clan or w/e are You on NA or EU? spam in the district say you are LFG ' I'm a potato girl" carry me done.
  10. God dammit you are such a Potato, If you don't have anyone to play with or playing on NA just quit or take a break and save yourself the trouble. If you want to continue to play maybe group up with someone that you played with who's soloing is a good start. Nah Han population + poor mentality Currently the game is decade old now most of them are veterans, at least they can get people to try the game out, the EU bronze district is still playable for newbies if they fix the de-threat problem.
  11. yea lets ignore the fact that the game hasn't have a major update in the last 7 years, players just quit the game, resulting in low population that current matchmaking now is unbalance due to the low player pool available in the district, who's fault is it? the current players still playing what it was intended to be? what?? The game needs players for match to start, if there ain't enough players in the district there will be problems, longer wait time for match, going against the same opposition etc, Look at dead battle royal games they require XXX amount of players in the server for the game to start without them the game will be dead and games like Ring of Elysium merge match make with solos, duos into 4 man-squads so they have enough players to start. Who knows maybe the last resort of APB is to temporarily remove threat and let everyone play in one district with no segregation and you wouldn't know their threat level, at least there will be a faster matchmaking. (This was done on HAN server) you blame having squads killing the game when APB is all about playing as a team and making friends when you progress and there are times new players who started APB because their friends were playing it. That's how I found out APB reloaded when my real life friend was playing it and i was able to join and play as a group, so removing this feature is dumb for those new players who want to play with their friends. it's still a good marketing for APB to attract new players or bring back old players to play with their friends again. Have you ever group with someone? because the game actually feels so much fun if you have someone to play with, I just don't get it do you like soloing? if you been playing this game years soloing you are doing it wrong, with your attitude and you going afk, maybe I know why no one want's to play with you. You make the game harder for yourself, at this point just play fight club. If you wanted to solo the game for what ever reason, I don't care but note this you may experience unfair match like any other game pre-mades vs pugs.
  12. Why don't you just title better matchmaking? You can't remove Pre-made groups, because that just defeats the purpose of playing with friends. I don't see removing threat, pre-made teams and remove abandonmission will help new players....
  13. Peak time for EU and NA are different due to timezone, So if you were to join EU during the night for you it's probably going to be dead. likewise of course NA population is going to die out the game lacks content, what are you suppose to do after you max rank? there's literally nothing going on for them to progress next. Once they log in and face the same players over and over again to the point it becomes so repetitive and boring players lose interest they just quit or rarely play. It seems pointless to continue playing. APB Reloaded is a decade game and over those years it rarely changed, not even a new Map or at least expand the current maps for WF or FN. Engine update? looks poorly done and long way to go, nothing extra came with the engine update other than new contacts... They not getting enough growth from new players so they could be a potential long time APB player and these days it's harder to attract new players to continue playing. There's probably still some low lifers from NA still playing the game 24/7 they literally don't sleep. If you merge NA to EU, 80% of the Jericho player base would have quit. Only the guys who play the game 24/7 will benefit them and the others cannot play during EU peak time or unbearable latency. They already Lost 90% of the Asia player base when they merge Han to EU, Oceania player base is somewhat extinct there's probably only 2-8 active players atm, they probably got more Brazilian players than NA players in Jericho lol.
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