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  1. Man just play gta online missions, bots are boring. Too much complex actions for Ai on apb reloaded.
  2. So pretty much the mentality here is if I can’t aim as fast, kill and accurately track like my opponent than he/she is cheating?
  3. It’s like you forgotten what game you are playing, APB reloaded. What can you do as a player if you think someone is cheating? Nothing, other than to report and type your displeasure on chat or forums. What happens when you wrongly accuse someone, you create this toxicity. The reason why some veterans, good players don’t bother about a player that is cheating or a closet, because they know they are a nuisance and seek attention that’s the reason why they cheat in the first place their main objective is to make legit players mad in anyway possible, but giving them no reaction makes them desperate wanting for attention. They are sadistic, and take on innocent players due to their unhappiness because without cheats they are pretty much bad and insecure due to thinking many players cheat on the game. Since you are an old gamer you must be a veteran on apb reloaded, maybe your not ageing well and your reaction time is getting slower? The best solution is to play a different game, quit or take a break. you can only hope for LO finds another solution in combating cheaters or maybe battleeye updates and detects private cheats.
  4. Google translator couldn't translate what you are saying? I don't need to play APB, the population discourage many to not launch the game, but If I do want to play, maybe during the weekends FC or a few missions I can and I have no problem with the game other than its game FLAWS. You need to appreciate what LO has done, I mean they removed the threat segregation now NA has somewhat a population, where the players can actually play the game and the cheaters, well they did ban a closet cheater I already know and I already have the proof.
  5. don't get me wrong knowing the game is really important and if you do have great awareness > aiming.
  6. First of don't get me wrong you are not a newbie, I'm just saying it how it is, you will lose against players that are better than you (higher tier golds) and you wouldn't be able to tell whether they are cheating or not, do you not understand? You just admit you experience bad matchmaking, so depending on your luck with matchmaking determines if you get silvers or bronze which you may have a higher chance of winning. Though it seems there is a higher chance of poor matchmaking when soloing in result in a higher losing ratio. Since you assume there's many people cheating I'm just going to think that you accused the ones that you couldn't kill or lost. So what do you mean you can't be in a disadvantage? you play on a 60hz monitor? you play on a bad ping? I'm guessing you are still a silver threat level, and now you say you have so much APB game knowledge? well it's proven you don't. You see there's a few players in this game that talked about the things they want to get done, but when it comes right in doing it, they failed miserably, your no exception. You shouldn't underestimate the skill gap between a silver and a higher tier gold, and no matter what latency you have there is no difference, you should not compare me to you, we are very different nor I play on NA or EU, the server I play on is non existence anymore.
  7. Dude, even if the camera slightly doesn't sync with the game screen, You can see the cam delay would still match up with the clicks and mouse moment on the video. holy sh*t your making it like it's impossible to click with a carbine legitimately, you are finding ways to disprove this video that shooting a carbine on a high fire-rate consistently is not legit? discredit because there's an issue with webcam delay in between gameplay video, pretty sure that was a common issue for webcams. Stop trying to fish out excuses, this debate has gone on for 10 years now, and if you don't believe it, I'm not going to bother, do as you please post your displeasure on the forums. This is the reason why the community is split apart from the good and the bad, because it's always the bad players who complain and arrogantly post, when some do help and post good information that can benefit the player they just avoid and ignore and make pointless excuses, why should I help? This is why most golds players have this selfish attitude 'why bother to help them when they don't even listen or help themselves' if someone wanted to learn how a veteran player plays a carbine, they would listen to them and while you just blatantly make excuses it's not legit you need a macro and avoid the truth. If you think its all macro, why don't you try using a macro on a carbine because semi-automatic weapons are not for everyone if you can't play with them you don't have to. What matter is I can carbine, oscar, fbw, 45, track properly legitimately without the need of a macro and remain a high consistent fire rate because it's all muscle memory and you can accuse players like me macro all you want. Btw I can easily min-ttk any silver/bronze player with these weapons on Australian 200 ms ping, so you are just a snack to us, blame the poor matchmaking.
  8. What I'm saying is having a 144hz monitor is to help give you the best response time and a lower input lag, this has nothing to do with game awareness that's a different story. There will be moments you have to fight in a one on one between your enemy in CQB, you won't be able to track efficiently and responsively with a 60hz monitor + you will experience mouse lag and terrible slide show frames. If you never played on a higher refresh rate monitor than you wouldn't understand the feeling from it, these gaming peripherals are not gimmicks and they do make a huge difference in shooter games. if you wanted to avoid enemies, bait your teams and flank them behind and not get yourself in those situation and it works, w/e makes you play better.
  9. I understand that APB is not some competitive e sport shooter game, and if your fine playing on 60hz monitor casually, I don't care, you play how you wanted to play, its your disadvantage against players who do run the game at a higher frame rate with 144hz monitors. Are you going to laugh at them for having a 144hz monitor when you don't? APB is already poorly optimised, and having a 60hz monitors makes the game experience even worst, for example don't complain when you use a PMG and couldn't even outgun an Oscar with it because of your terrible high input lag 60hz monitor + trying to aim with an office mice, and than whats your excused? oh they must cheating.,since your so ignorant to tell the difference between playing from a 60hz to a 144hz monitor it does make a big difference. 144hz monitor in this day of age is so common now, since its cheap and it does improve your experience on apb, even though the game runs like crap if you are able to get somewhere near cap frames with configs you should be able to achieve the best performance for APB. well you can blame it on the poorly optimised game, because you can't play at your best due to the game being sh*t. thats a good reason is it? imo 144fps is still bad, but that's the best possible frame rate you can achieved on APB.
  10. lol why does that even matter? that's not even the point of the video, maybe he recorded it separately and put into the video? or maybe there's a slight input delay from camera to screen. Why do you point out things that are pointless? this video was like 2012, at this point no is going to care and make another video demonstrating how to use a carbine in 2021, when it's already been shown possible. hey by all means if you don't believe me, that the carbine can be click manually without a macro while maintain high rate of fire, I'm not going any further because it's your lost not mine.
  11. whether you read it or not, at least I prove my point, you are very ignorant and unwillingness to learn or accept the fact you are wrong, when someone in the community actually come and helps, explains to you, you blatantly ignore.
  12. let me get this straight so you claim that many who uses a gaming mice is for the sole purpose of having a macro feature that's a pretty bold statement dude. Let me ask you a question are you using a gaming nice too? You need to wake up and face the truth LO made some changes there is no threat segregation anymore that means there will be a problem of matchmaking, you are already in a disadvantage against any kind of gold threat players and your welcome to post your displeasure on the forums. You exaggerating about macros is an excused of hiding the fact you are terrible in the game, someone like you who's still a beginner at what 1000 hours+ ?do not know what it takes to use a fbw or a carbine, oscar, these guns are popular and common among the skilled gold veterans as they have mobility and can outgun weapons that require marksman that's why it's a threat towards you or newbies. You can't track them, your 60hz monitor slide show, high input lag wouldn't give you a chance to outgun a veteran who mastered the carbine, fbw, oscar properly will min-ttk you without any effort. hell if I've encounter someone that was using a macro which is rarely, but they ain't no problem for me because the guy would max out their fire rate and wouldn't even land a hit on me and I've seen it happen multiple times. if someone accused me of macro that's what I would reply back 'I click my mouse' because obviously you do not know how these semi-automatic weapons work these guns have a rhythm and just because you have try it and can't somewhat max the fire rate without jamming, doesn't mean I can't. Lets just say you have try using a carbine/fbw/oscar and say that 'I can't fire that fast like you' which is pretty common response I get when it comes to macro accusation. These are the requirements to be good with an fbw or carbine etc: good hand-eye coordination Have a decent gaming mice + mouse sensitivity you are comfortable with that allows you to aim at your best (practice muscle memory or aim trainer) good computer + max frames (144hz+ monitor required) knowing the rhythm of the fbw/carbine/oscar and able to click without panicking while tracking your opponent and maintaining a controlled fire-rate (required practice and muscle memory aka motor skills) Here we are in the year 2021, yet there's still who believe that many uses macro in order to achieve a high fire rate on these guns. this video is from 2012 tutorial pretty much explains everything I suggest you watch it, hell I'm sure you are sitting there and thinking hey this is information I could had used long time ago when I'm trying to figure out how to use a fbw or a carbine. nothing is funnier to me than somebody's misfortune. These advantages such as advance launcher, shaders does not give any kind of automatic aid to assist them if it's to boost their performance I don't care everyone has the right to optimised their game for better performance is it an advantage? You do know everyone plays on a different config no one has a similar computer, gaming mice, monitor, keyboard or in game settings, mouse sensitivity etc. is it unfair or an advantage? if i have a better monitor than yours? or a better gaming mice? But hey if you feel APB is a hard shooter I don't blame ya, when you play you have to go through the trouble of a terrible matchmaking because LO decided to remove the threat segregation, due to you being a max rank silver, not only you need to worry about going up against the actual cheaters probably a few left I guess, but than you have to worry about the gold players with their semi automatic weapons :P. Either way cheater or not it makes no difference you will lose the game either way, just let the high skilled veterans deal with the closet cheaters / blatant cheaters because they are there to be a real nuisance towards these players. there's some alternative ways you can play APB like you may enjoy role playing as a police officer, yea that's what you should do arrest people, recruit people in social district, you might find that fun. But in all seriousness if you don't enjoy the game anymore you can take a break or quit and find a better game. I apologies if I derailed this threat, but here's my my input on the topic of cheaters, I'm going to assume there maybe 2-4 active cheaters on Jericho with some private cheats, they actively play for a month and later they are gone.
  13. I guess the removal of threat segregation makes the silvers or bronze players lose their mind. You avoided the one problem matchmaking, instead of blaming yourself being bad at the game you fault it towards the opposition as they are full of cheaters. just face facts that the player is legit better than you, my guess is you accused every one who has used a semi- automatic weapon for macroing or cheats because you hate and die against these weapon. I guarantee you what ever marksman weapon you use, you have a highly less chance in wining against someone who has mastered a carbine, Oscar or fbw.
  14. Why don’t you prove it? A clip demonstration the PR1 DMR AV is better? We can look at stats all day but video gameplay, clips shows how the weapon is handle by the user, which tells us a lot whether they know what they talking about.
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