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  1. Wait what? So pretty much a chaos event district? that’s not going to solve anything you scrap off the core gameplay of apb and made it into a huge TDM? what happens when the fractions are unbalance or the population gets even much lower than before? to me it seems like fight club that serves no purpose, other than it can be an event thing.
  2. In that case go group up with a friend and TK each other.
  3. no bots or targets can move the same as an actual player, so go fight club or test the weapon with a friend group up with them and shoot each other at range or whatever. Apb data is for reference it shows the stats of each weapon max range and shot to kill.
  4. You have to switch to your old graphics card to play apb
  5. Why couldn’t these config settings be implemented into game options? enable always sprint and hold crouch should be there already. can’t do it or what?
  6. Must be a Russian that hack your account!
  7. Ye you are ignorant and i find it pretty funny. That clip full auto ntec tracking the car you literally see on the CAM he move his mouse diagonally down while tracking the moving car, that's enough to counter the vertical recoil on the ntec and you can see his crosshair bloom in that poor quality, while he hip fire full auto at close reset and ADS tap fire normal. Also same with the carbine on a stationary target easy min-ttk 6 shot right there, i'm not going to bother going through clips because i know it's going to be the same thing. it's absurd you ignore the fact he plays at higher mouse sensitivity 12 in game, maybe marksman at 0.5 at 800 dpi, using glorious model O D mouse and probably a slippery custom glass mouse pad, It does play an important factor, maybe you are blind but look closely and you see those micro adjustments down or diagonally down movements on CAM. I don't support cheaters nor I support players who make false assumptions claiming they are cheating when they are clearly not. You create this epedemic, as for the cheating problem goes that's CEO problem to deal with hopefully there will be a solution in the future, whereas I'm here to educate you so you don't become a dimwit wanted to accusation everyone half population a cheater. Go do as you please, though I have one condition you test on same setting as he does render video at 1024x768 stretch res, 12 in-game sensitivity + 800 dpi with Glorious model O D mice + the same custom glass mouse pad his using and hand cam it, go prove me wrong. Also don't be too cunning and pull out one of your trashy bulky looking bloody hand a4tech Russian no recoil mouse and say 'hey Look i can no recoil script this mouse that means anyone can do it' hahahah bull dust to close this argument. We wouldn't have this argument if you ask the streamer to prove his legitimacy recoil by just holding Mouse 1 without moving on the ntec, this will easily proven whos right, though i know the outcome and i'm right. Instead you choose to clip without asking why? I tell you why because your too scared that he will prove you wrong in front of his twitch viewers, please save yourself the embarrassment.
  8. Who knows maybe I think you are. The only thing i'm currently aware of APB twitch streams it's just Russian streamers and I don't even bother watching. But since you insist there's plenty of interesting clips on stream I'm going to check them out due to sheer boredom. So the one with perfect vertical recoil control without doing vertical mouse movements with a hand cam you referring to from a clip off Ska*taCA? and you are the one who clip this? I see nothing wrong with this clip everything is normal, very public knowledge for you to be a dimwit, you provide false accusations and you wonder why players like this don't get banned? please stop watching streams trying to determine who's cheating, stop being paranoid that half of the population in Fight club is cheating and maybe you enjoy the game more. Base on the clip I assume his an EU player using a glorious model O mice with 12 in game sensitivity at 800 dpi which leads to 17.3 cm for a 360, a high sensitivity player he only needed to do micro adjustment movement on his mice which he actually did on the CAM. You really think he waste his time on something so useless a no recoil macro program on a carbine and ntec where the guns have barely any recoil, it takes little effort to counter those recoils, it's all about rng. lol what a joke. that was the only example I can find, there was no aimbot or triggerbot clip titles in the last 7D. Indeed a lot of cheating right now for you to say, if you think this guy cheats i wonder how many you accused wrongly. You an't very bright, I've encounter cheaters in the past and they come and go in fight club, had a little fun with them was able to out gun them with OCA and now they are banned.
  9. You serious fight club, you followed people around? you obvious think that's the evidence of someone is cheating if they know where they are, so half the population of Fight club is a cheater? you must be joking. but hey maybe you are right there could be at least one guy you followed is an actually cheater hahahah. Anyone who played Fight-club for a long time It's easy to anticipate where the enemy's spawn, you go to the opposite side of the map where there is less team mates. give us some proof of these twitch streamer cheaters.
  10. seriously learn the game and weapon mechanics before you start accusing everyone cheating.
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