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  1. Yea u guys play on this streaming platform and I play on my pc. have fun with that 60fps + extra input lag
  2. m8 lost my fucken ping didn't get compensation
  3. there's a new trend going where companies are trying to create lighter gaming mice, but each individual has their own preferences. gaming mice helps if you know how to use it properly.
  4. 3 slot weapon in serveral weeks? or spend $20 for it. no one is forcing you to farm JT....
  5. This is a good direction for those new or can't afford weapons but I believe you did this for the intention to encourage players to play riot? but somehow players will just populate fight club more for JT.
  6. you could always ignore that player, but hey 90% of the players in this game are fk heads.
  7. u met a random dude for 30mins on the internet, you been played
  8. APB reskin also could you please improve the UI and hud better?
  9. it's like I can see the future its so obvious disappointing nor has anything to actually continue playing that mode. should had just expanded on fight club and joker store that will keep em playing to farm JTs ( which is realistic IMO) or do something to keep people wanted to play mission with new rewards etc etc..
  10. thought it was the other way around low-levelplayers harass golds?
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