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  1. EaC anti cheat does work, one Thai cheater who cheated on and off a year+ finally banned by EaC. last cheater I saw was some max rank Brazilian player using triggerbot + macros. Just some cheaters living off apb everyday, they just not right in the head so cheating in apb is pretty much their therapy.
  2. i thought everyone knew this by now release OP gun and later nerf it
  3. Asia District, it's going to be located at Singapore. Good latency for most Asia players connecting there, even Australians can get little to 50ms if from Perth and 120ms the least, as long as the submarine cable doesn't break again... like it always has lol The last time it had the most population was around April 2015 when it was on Singapore. so there is an Asia player base out there just 90% inactive currently. 343 was a good number at 2015, maybe hope.
  4. hahahah apb is only enjoyable when you pwn noobs. tbh just got soo much crap in the game that makes it soo terrible to play missions currently.
  5. if a silver or bronze run from your game you shouldn't care, and we only need one district for new players.
  6. depends what gun you like and will use. the pistol you can probably save up 3500 JT and buy them in joker store easy.
  7. Never had an issue vsing high 200ms+players when I had 1ms, pretty much me vs the whole of asia on HAN 2014 when the server was in Australia, everyone died soo quick. you don't get any benefits when you play on high latency, the only problem is players who are losing a lot of packets, can cause hitreg issues.
  8. Deadliest

    Disable things

    game is dying because of inappropriate symbols? seriously grow some balls m8
  9. US east = New york US west= California
  10. Pretty much any players who are playing from Oceania or Asia are screwed while connecting to NA east coast districts ( New York server) Expecting ping 230 -300ms. You probably get lower latency connecting to West coast district ( California) expecting ping 150-200ms. That's the lowest ping you can get! The problem is there's not enough population for players to play on both location. So far the east coast are usually populated with Brazilians and Americans + Mexicans. You may have to force yourself in playing with high latency, if you wanted to play apb, but so far 80% would have quit due to much poor experience. They should really bring back the Dallas district at least its slightly lower than East coast. you can try vpn to fix routing issue.
  11. It serves no purpose, make new players auto join to bronze where there are players.
  12. can you re-model the original weapons? needs a reskin in the engine update.
  13. depends where you live or it could be routing issue.
  14. that's apb reloaded unfair matchmaking, you can't do anything about it unless you de rank to bronze to stomp on noobs. Due to the corona pandemic there's going to be guys that play the game 24/7 so good luck going against them and you can't tell who's cheating. My advice is play and don't care, who ever you go against.
  15. tbh should just uncap the roles to 17 and add new rewards. like give us a perm 3 slot weapon reskin. something cool not those shitting weapon model like the cr15.
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