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  1. Here we go! Remember to share any feedback you have about the beta, positive or negative feedback! See you all on the Open Beta!
  2. Logitech G Pro (wireless) Previously I had a ROCCAT Kone XTD.
  3. They did give these out through streams. I believe these were broadcasted on LO's channel. (dont quote me on that) Not to mention, the streams were planned out on different times to try get as many people the chance to win. However they should've used the "Broadcast" message in-game to alert people about this giveaway and when it's going to be. (timezone, etc) Would be cool to see it return, I suppose. It's sort of ugly though.
  4. I would love to see this make a comeback aswell. I agree that your movement was more of a deciding factor in fights back when sprintshooting was a thing, than what it is now. Ever since they nerfed the sprintshooting I feel like a turtle after shooting my weapon. It's clunky, its shit and not to mention it made the game slower. Go back to how it used to be!
  5. Agreed. Small changes like this are very much appreciated by the community. For the Spotter mod, they could just disable it for now. Just like they did with the Mobile Radar Tower. (or remove it ) Agreed. I also think that the person "being spotted" should be given an alert like "You're being spotted" or something similar. Would love to see Radar Jammar actually being more used.
  6. Corsair (Slug) into NFA9 Quickdraw even better
  7. I mean, they did add blue muzzle flash to the nutcracker weapon skin. Would love to have one without the snow particles falling out of the gun though.
  8. That, and reduce PMG's effective range.
  9. Thanks for the free premium, much appreciated! Stay safe!
  10. Okay... you dont balance weapons around what a "cheater" can/will do?? In other words, for a regular player the shotguns seem inconsistent. Afaik most people in-game have felt the same way and in different stream chats. I'd much rather have something in between "pre-LO" OCA and current OCA.
  11. Useless? I disagree. Are they inconsistent? Yes. I dont like the current shotgun changes either. I'd much rather have the 2017 shotguns back. (pre-LO changes)
  12. I really cant see how this is going to be competitive. It just sounds like every match is going to be the same thing and it wont involve any skill from either team. I believe the timer starts at 05:00 on mugging missions (witness missions) and normally the "attacking side" only has one "push" they can make. If they fail that one push, the other team has already dropped the flag (money) off. This one encounter usually takes like 1-2 minutes before the mission is over. It just sounds very "samey". If you want competitive matches, then it should be played through normal missions, in my opinion. Missions with last stages such as: Item hold Checkpoint hold (3 areas) Spray Hold (3 points) Scavenger (10min) TDM, VIP and Scavenger (5min) are terrible end stages for competitive play.
  13. I suggest you write a support ticket about the issue and wait for support to investigate the issue.
  14. ExoticZ

    COBRA improvement

    It is very similar to the Joker Carbine while being fully automatic. I'm assuming thats why its not in the "Semi-Automatic Rifle" category. Like Noob_Guardian stated above, its not meant to compete against N-TECs at 50 meters. It's designed as a hybrid AR/Carbine rifle. I think the ammo count and the magazine size is fine as it is.
  15. Usually I like to keep district chat off since its filled with nonsense most of the time. You can see more information about the Engine Upgrade on this thread. CEO Matt Scott gives a weekly update on this thread.
  16. The last few APB tournaments that were hosted ended up being a mess due to cheater issues or other activities. Not to mention some people being allowed not to stream/record their own gameplay. (because they were friends with the admin/host). There cant be any exceptions in a tournament, everyone have to record their POV and have a streamer on each team to make it fair. All players' POV needs to include all communication. Now on another hand, the meta in APB currently is not the greatest and some things needs adjustments. Although, this is where rules comes into play. All arranged matches in APB have rules for them to make the game more competitive and enjoyable. Overall, I find APB tournaments to be exciting to watch/play. If there would be a well organized tournament with proper rules, then that would be awesome.
  17. ExoticZ


    Yes, please. While you're at it, make a silenced CSG too. Thanks.
  18. I'm fairly sure me and Frosi are aware of these issues. I do not like to play against unexperienced silver/bronze players either. We dont need a surrender option to work around this. The issue lays in the matchmaking and threat segregation system. This is what needs a rework. As of right now the engine upgrade is number one priority though. LO have to take step by step, cant take everything at once.
  19. If you see people dethreat, then simply /report the person. Not much more you can do about it. If there is clear evidence of the person dethreating, then I'm sure they will take action or warn the player. On another side, you cant really blame them for it. The current threat/matchmaking is bad and needs rework which leads people into dethreating. Hopefully in the future there will be a better system in place.
  20. kdud. In all seriousness, I dont think the EMP grenade will change the "car gameplay" meta much. Although, we still dont have any information about how useful this grenade will be. I'd prefer a car balance on all cars, health, speed, cargo capacity, etc... Not to mention, we desperately need High Burn Fuel nerf. Currently it has no downsides which makes no sense.
  21. Glad to see you taking action on the Mobile Radar Tower finally. It's been broken for way too long. Disabling is just a temp fix, better than nothing though. Fairly certain that the ACT44 GM PR1 is in Joker Store already.
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