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  1. "It doesn't matter whether he did it once or multiple times" Instead, it does matter, since "the law" should in theory be the same for everyone. You'd be the first to complain if it didn't. Therefore, if for the same attitude and/or "offense" that led to the ban of one of these guys, we made an exception every day for other individuals this would only mean that the system is wrong at the source. "Look at the sentence that was written here" This means people clearly who we know about and have been sanctioned. "You're bringing up gamers' backgrounds in the context of bans" Of course I also do, given that many around and even some here in this discussion take it for granted that since they are banned they are either cheaters or toxic etc. Instead, you should learn that they are and have been for years even better in game (polite, respectful and correct) than those who easily judge them. They are then, as explained, completely different profiles from what one would expect. This doesn't mean that LO shouldn't sanction a family man, read carefully. "as you stil don't know if it was manual or not" or "its not that 1 person has a manual ban that you recieve a manual ban" We're talking about at least a dozen people whose emails we've read. These are manual bans and it's not me who says it but Support itself who explains it to the interested parties. Darleenko, like other people (even non-banned ones) are asking for explanations for some bans we know of that don't seem legitimate at all from the point of view of a more careful observer. I can understand, however, that those who are "out of the loop" as you also wrote about yourself, want to draw hasty conclusions. "I firmly believe that individuals should be provided with a clear and explicit explanation for their bans" This is the reason for the discussion and we agree.
  2. mr angry - You clearly know the situation, but you also know me!
  3. "ive only seen rage cheaters use a vpn" if you are a troll you are great
  4. "So far I have seen zero evidence anyone has been banned" "How he would know and be able to contact said Banned players" Because these people visit his stream, the various Discord servers, play together with him in APB or meet him in APB and you end up getting to know and talk to each other?? Because maybe he saw the emails and they talked about this since it is the main topic recently? What is wrong with you guys lol
  5. APB Tournament Announcement Long time no see! It's been 2 years since our memorable tournament. All this time and the current situation surrounding APB made us think this might be the last opportunity to make a final proper event. Saying that, CET will be hosting a new tournament this September. We had a really good run with the previous one, so we intend on making it as good, if not better. So, here's some of the juicy details: - $2000 total prize pool. Need we say more? - 3v3 matches. Just like last time. - 8 teams of 4 players. 1 of the 4 players will be a mandatory substitute. - Matches will be streamed at https://twitch.tv/CommunityEventsTeam - GMs will be active on every match. - Better rules regarding streaming and VODs for the players. - Better rules regarding allowed loadouts and missions. Applications start TODAY and run until the 14th of August. You can apply through this link: https://forms.gle/HvjAqetPsqZKLd1i8 Don't forget to join our Discord (https://discord.gg/ZzefFfm) to be up-to-date with all the announcements and details about the tournament. We expect the community to unite around this tournament one more time to make this a great series of matches and bring entertainment for everyone. Thank you all. Disclaimer: This event is not sponsored by Little Orbit.
  6. Jiim

    CET - Tournament

    Hi everyone. I wanted to summarize what has been announced on our Discord server so far. The tournament hosted by the CET team will start around 18 September 2020. Everyone is invited to participate, the rules and requirements are present on our Discord: https://discord.gg/ZzefFfm The basic prizes we have established for this competition are: Winning Team 120 euros + Legendary weapons 2nd 60 euros + Legendary weapons + APB money 3rd 30 euros + Legendary weapons + APB money Two other teams drawn # 30 euros + APB money # Legendary weapons + APB money ° Two teams from fourth position onwards will be drawn and rewarded for their participation. This tournament has established a rigorous path in preventing cheating, a ban on broken weapons, and offers rewards (even for those who haven't won the competition) and possibly better matchmaking. Our intent is to revive the scenario in game, offering everyone the opportunity to be involved and have their say. APB also needs encouragement and trust. In fact, there are several people who rightly or wrongly see the title in a negative phase. We don't blame them, we still try to show that there is interest and enthusiasm around APB. Someone asked me why not wait for the new engine to offer a similar experience to players. So I seem to have already answered with that. With the opportunity for you too to get something good out of it,I invite you to participate. Therefore, playing the Tournament is nothing more than supporting yourself and at the same time all the others. That said, I thank many who have given us a hand so far with important suggestions and some of them by participating in the tests, from the best known players such as Cozy, Kemp, Rooq, Pipne, Flaws etc. To lesser known but no less important players. Thanks to you too LO & in particular Mirele. I thank the teams who have already registered. I remind you all that to participate in the Tournament you must register your team. Visit the application: https://forms.gle/3htozJPcqMS1hu6N6
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