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  1. "it's just that you don't like dying to them?" No at all that. The game is not only supposed to be balanced, it's also supposed to be fun. If the game has something that makes it not fun it should be adjusted. And people playing in bronze or silver district thinking that it's fun does not matter. The game should only be adjusted around the top 1% skill gameplay and should not have any tools to allow players of lesser skill to kill/win against a better player ever. Skill should decide that cuz otherwise it will make the game not fun for anyone but the person ruining the fun for others. It's like a group is playing a basketball match using the official ruleset on some public basketball field, and then some casual joins in but has shoes that allow him to jump 30cm higher than he would otherwise and he gets a few scores because of that, he still got less scores any anyone else but he still got some cuz of the shoes instead of his skill. So it's not cuz I don't like to die to them or cuz it ruins the fun for me specifically. It's cuz it does that to anyone that's playing at a high skill level and pvp games should only be based around the top skill level. You don't see basketball being based around casuals playing at their local public basketball field. Balance is not only about if a weapon owns and gets may kills, it's about if the kills that weapon does get are earned. With explosive weapons they are not.
  2. It's not about explosive being annoying, it's about them ruining any fun the game can ever provide. I get annoyed when I get owned by players better than me, but I still have fun cuz I have a challenge I can try and over come by focusing on my aim, pushing differently etc. With explosive weapons, they are not OP, you pretty much always would be better of with some other AV gun, you won't get many kills at all in a match with them, but every time you die to an explosives weapon it's taking all the fun out of the game. You didn't die because your aim was worse, you pushed badly, are a worse player in general, you died cuz the player had a weapon that allows them to get at least some kills on their enemy no matter how much better the enemy is than them. You don't feel like you died fair and square.
  3. In todays day and age NO multiplayers game has even the tiniest chance of surviving without being free 2 play. The only multiplayer games that can still allow themselves to be buy 2 play are COD, Battlefield and GTA. Every other newer multiplayer game that tries to be buy 2 play dies, so I don't see APB breaking that pattern.
  4. Explosives on asylum ruin the game more than any hacker ever has for me before. I can still have fun when playing vs a hacker cuz I can take a weapon with faster ttk than his and challenge my aim by trying to min ttk them. Against explosives tho there is no gunfights, you just die with nothing you could have done about it and with 0 skill from the user to actually get that kill on me. Completely ruins any kind of fun the game can provide. Overall explosive weapons should be removed from the game entirely imo.
  5. Damn I actually love this idea. The current base regen is horribly slow so this would make the new player experience much better.
  6. Can't wait to see what the submissions for Halloween Mayhem will be. Also huge thanks for uploading the tournament and giving exposure to CET and Blank's event. We greatly appreciate it!
  7. Amazing patch overall. Only thing I don't really like is all the mobility nerfing recently (jumpshooting and accuracy when moving in marksman). This is a fast, arcade shooter so IMO mobility in gunfights shouldn't be punished much. IMO Jumpshooting was not op or problematic in any way since you lock yourself in a hyper easy to track and predict path against melty cqc guns so you didn't really gain any adventage in cqc fights using this move, just makes them more fun and less boring. For me being able to be very mobile in gunfights is what makes shooters fun (so for example IMO cs:go and valorant are extremely unfun shooters and quake or cod's with jetpacks are extremely fun) that's why for me decreasing mobility decreases the fun. But excluding the mobility nerfs the changes seem really good and can't wait to try them myself. If LO kept all the changes and just reverted all the mobility nerfs they did over the years, after this patch the game would probably be at it's most fun meta to date. But I'm just a filthy no brain pmg main so hold my opinion for whatever you want
  8. Senodus

    CET - Tournament

    Everyone is welcome, no matter the skill level! It's worth to at least give it a try since you always have a chance to win the participation award
  9. Horrible idea imo. Basically makes the themes feature existing in the game pointless. Why would we need this if you can already /ignore people with grief themes
  10. They would mute them to not get blasted by the grief ones and ones that are simply made way too loud
  11. But everyone that does buy and make them right now would most likely stop if a mute option got added. Cuz why would they keep wasting money/time on something that will rarely ever be heard by anyone. There could still be something on it that could trigger something in certain people. But yes I know it's still not the same cuz it's not causing physical pain. That's why I think they should make a slider that allows to make them quieter without muting or introduce some kind of sound compressor like you can put on a mic for when you're screaming so it automatically lowers your gain. It could automatically lower a themes volume if it exceeded a certain threshold.
  12. That's a really bad idea. It will make the existence of themes pointless and most likely ruin their economy. Why would anyone buy or make themes (or at least good ones) if most likely Noone will hear them the vast majority of the time. It's as if you added a simular option like that for symbols, cars or character customization so their not visible anywhere in the game. It would ruin them too. There should be a volume slider that doesn't let you completely mute them and somehow make it impossible for them to be muted via file alteration like it's possible right now, on the new engine at least if impossible on this one.
  13. The only problem with pmg is that it's able to pretty consistently get min ttk's even at 30+ meters. Meanwhile for example the oca starts to miss shots already at 15+ meters. (0-15m oca and pmg are equally powerful imo) They only need to buff oca base accuracy so it ca be more reliable at past 15m, nerf pmg range to 30m, make the damage dropoff past 30m sharp and make the minimum damage after the drop off lower so it need a lot of shots to kill outside if its intended range
  14. That's a thing already. You can't spawn on smoking and burning vehicles
  15. That's just some really old apb footage. You can see some of it here for example
  16. Not really, it's still much faster than apb. + it's more of a slightly arcadey mill-sim mix thingy than a real arcade shooter
  17. What? Look at all other arcade shooters like good cod's like bo2 or mw3, ironsight, warface, they all have decently fast ttk. Imo apb's ttk is actually insanely long and making it any longer would make it simply feel awful and not fun to play.
  18. Thease changes seem awesome. Great job LO =D APB is an arcade tps. Mobility while fighting is what makes arcade shooters fun. Every gun in the game should be pretty accurate while jump shooting. Mobility should be rewarded, not punished.
  19. Explosives, percs, pig, hvr. Require to have 0 skill/put 0 effort in to get kills and assist that can turn tides of a match insanely in your favor even against way more skilled player. Hell even cheaters get beaten by really low skill players when they use those stupid guns. Explosives and pig should be removed. Percs made so they only explode on impact after flying like 15m. Hvr everything that LO did to it reverted, equip time like tripled so you can't quick switch, damage lowered to somewhere between 700 and 750.
  20. Well unlike a subreddit you can't just post stuff like mems, clips and other random stuff like that related to the game. You have to try to come up with something discussion worthy. And if a Moderator decides it doesn't fit the general discussions section no one will see it, effectively doomin the post. That's why imo we should completely move over to the subreddit format and abandon the traditional forums since it's simply a much inferior format for a community discussions place.
  21. Why are you always so quick to give such negative and useless answers? I don't see how anything about this post would make me not want to read it. Just cuz he spiced it up a bit? You're so negative man
  22. This is actually incredible. Thanks for doing this as the joker boxes were absolutely horrible. I'm super excited about the beta as well!
  23. I don't know it just looks really unappealing to me. Was considering to put Obeya rifle in this list too but decided it's not quite bad enough, not a fan of it tho
  24. Don't know if I'm missing something here but I don't see how the fact that they are copies of irl guns influences if I like how they look
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