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  1. If it's a 8bit rendition it should be fine But straight audio youtube doesn't like. >< me with 0 legal experience.
  2. had a match in fightclub Some guy was ranting in dist chat "remove your anti social group waypoints" and in usual apb fashion Every single person decided to place a group waypoint, (me including) could not see a damn thing. OP wants the ability to disable group way points on scree?
  3. Not to personally offend you, but the beta graphics look like regurgitated vomit, I'll stick with the outdated smooth pixels for now.
  4. Hitbox problem along all 5 of apb's districts, This is a much wider issue "bug" not entirely sure it is that's a gameplay choice.
  5. Personally the only time i hear themes is when i inspect people, I don't want random 1 note themes playing over my music/youtube video (yeah i don't play apb fullscreen). Wish you could just mute themes from players without /ignoring.
  6. No one tell this guy the Folded stock CBMP ejects shells through the stock. too late
  7. "handle the game" is never how i'd describe my pc, 13fps crew under 4 gbs of ram gtx card with 3 digits.
  8. or. the image you're trying to replicate can have a transparent window "xneat"
  9. Fixed it for you. For imgur left click on your posts then right click "copy image address" past that in.
  10. Splendid idea, For 2 straight years i used nothing but a preset jericho "the good times" of apb.
  11. it may be possible it went directly to your clothing locker did you check there? or unlocked and you have to purchase it from the wardrobe, If it's not there i'd contact support if i were you.
  12. Spending 9 hours in social just talking. And testing stuff (points to cap 40guide)
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