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  1. That's stupid, I finally find a good use for them and then they "expire" I thought they were solor powered : / who thought boom boxes needed "a nerf"
  2. If i remember correctly Matt said "We will give your legendaries back but a version that lines up with the main database" so a "volcano" with no mods or mod slots from innova would be replaced with normal volcano. Hell'll I'll go find it if needed.
  3. Nonsense, we need more consumables *those 2 unusable equipment slots* I propose "mini consumables" 1. Turn your radio backpack into a Radar Tower for 30 seconds (radar jammer in reverse) you detect enemies while also giving your position away. 2. Gas purge you stop nearby enemies from "starting hp regen" while also halving your hp. 3. Anti-P2W shield Star 556 and FBW does 30% damage (cause of apb is obviously p2w those are the biggest offenders)
  4. It's now harder to "try a gun" what with armas free trials never getting refreshed (once every 3 months "was" how it worked under g1) 5000 tickets To find out the "insert anything that isn't an ntec" wasn't good enough And you're stuck with it?
  5. You!, you hit my car with your 4x4 and made me lose. having said that (and resisting the urge to just say gg ez cause you're a crim) Perma ban seems a tad harsh. "having too much fun" (griefing what were you doing exactly? that got you removed from the community forever?)
  6. I'm liking these "suggested changes" for a sniper that can kill faster then a HVR (only barely) All it needs now is a 3 slot version and I'm sold on it (I already liked it but i swore of snipers after i maxed it)
  7. Maybe if we go RFP only for the rest of the week to show them it's too powerfull that'll "bump" their charts a bit. I'm expecting them to test out the next "tweaks" using the weapon district (thunder rfp+ and jg/csg) even though they are planned for the "engine upgrade"
  8. RFP changes was not a nerf. All I saw was matches were people went RFP only (I don't think i actually saw a single oca...) Yeah, I'd much better prefer my version of a "RFP" nerf. RTW's Burst rate for rfp. "RTW Burst Fire"
  9. Bump, I plan to remake this (adding an addition) later Now if we can just get LO to notice something I made...
  10. So no chance of compensation? Should I try to sell them while i can?
  11. Could be an effort to save face, But if he did infact get the "financial data" he should get in contact with you matt and share it. @MattScott So those "unique" taggers yay or nay i'd love a direct response before i lose x million. I doubt the item base for "citadel" has the "Sluttles - Tagger" and "Cat - Tagger" what happens to them on merge? Deleted compensated they remain (trade locked) I'd like to know if i should sell them and buy a "Dow Jokerbox" or a "Ocsp Dev summon weapon".
  12. I better keep my "unique taggers" even if their locked to my account, I paid millions for those.
  13. You know what else was "founded" january 2010? " Mason Advertising Agency Was Founded In January 2010" It's just a date nothing suspicous here...
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