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  1. ALIG is secretly the worst smg for leveling lmg, It's Designed for cars so you never level the role from all the cars you explode. If I could find that screenshot of the "weapon selector" from the tutorial i'd put it up here. ALIG is still the best choice.
  2. As someone who had to use nothing but smgs for an entire year i can confidently say.. The reflex sight ruins it Even stock c2 is better Don't buy it. Best c2 by far is trouble maker , Tin soldier 2nd and entente is a train wreck. P.S still waiting for LO to fix the "pricing" on certain weapons 17000$ for a 0 slow alig reskin (talking about the event reward unlock "Case KO" alig)
  3. I had a dream you could buy med sprays from the jokerstore contacts. @MattScott
  4. Lucky for me I never play well enough to trip an anti cheat Wanna know my secret? 2 words Social district. at least fair fight didn't stop me from tweaking apb from the task manager.
  5. If you count the yukon, Which does NOT come with it's "3rd skin" you need to have the "canada flag" skin to use it on a yukon that's 2
  6. I always wondered why spotter doesn't have radar jammers downside? "while the mod is active the user shows up on the radar"
  7. G1 used to reset free trials (and 2 cars were included in free trials back then) every few months) LO reset free trials once but forgot to include the cars, Wish it was an automatic system "every 2 months" or something.
  8. Good idea, I like me reward selector item. #BringeventTrackerback
  9. I like your style, Keep it up mate Looks great. +1 Zole Approved Berry Badge
  10. Anxious to see how many of my "favorites" from my list made it.
  11. sandwich in a bag that looks it's covered with mold works (green spots on the outside) Putting food in other containers that people don't like "putting cookies in soy free yogurt" or something. no joke my food has an alarm on the contaniner it repeats the following phrase "You are stealing INTRUDER ALERT" .
  12. I know, you're idea might not be what apb needs right now (jokerstore is getting a revamp that could be what you're looking for).
  13. or better yet, Bring back the 'event tracker' thinggy and just have it on a loop (or player suggested like last time)
  14. For a niche reason, I'm glad they don't lvl weapon roles. If they did I could never play events.
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