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  1. It's a pity people hear this song and go into a tiny fit of rage "flashbacks of random crashes and hearing this song" listen to it all the way to the end. Doubt he'd come back (and he had the dev firework launcher), Who we need back first ? MonteCristo.
  2. You can ram raid to level up in a empty district, Matt said he's interested in doing some Waterfront map tweaks to make it more fun (financial still needs that 1 fix to fix that Broken display point that's out of reach)
  3. 1 question for @MattScott Will the 2 "new contacts" Add any items the pc version doesn't have yet Or is it mainly to help the consoles get most of the missing content?
  4. People go where everyone already are, if Gold waterfront already had people then it would have people But no one want's to join a district and wait for others.
  5. And the "mugging equipment" is criminal only so criminals have a clear advantage in the easter event, 9 seconds of Egg shield left for everyone else, For a criminal they get 13 seconds (and mug alot faster)
  6. 1.3? so ou spent 1g1c and a /3 of a g1c. G1C Used: 24,432 G1C Bought: 0
  7. 2FA by mobile is my favorite, They ain't loggin in unless they pry my phone from my cold lifeless fingers, I've heard trade locks also happen if you reinstall apb completely Without changing the install location.
  8. The russians have the Weapons "tagger mods" on their own (i own the "CAT" tagger), and they got some other funky stuff like the old fightclub rewards perm, Legendary mods (Ogre With Piercing anyone?) or in my case, N-HVR using the Ogre mag. Skinnable legendaries etc..
  9. Gotta go fast, Should have checked behind Darrel kent earlier.
  10. Cheers, Just realized they are 1 day behind (according to the han community) so then tomorrow, I really hope when they said "2 decals" they are including the primitives but i doubt that.
  11. This may have been thrown around allready but "non game changing" mods like the "Cat Tagger" could be Trade locked, instead of just deleted entirely.
  12. @Yood To each their own I'll ease off, Anything you do i will no longer comment On it seems you will not change my efforts are pointless, I ask you to do one final thing. When you post an image please use the actual image's URL not the page URL I don't want to see ads for "adult only" games every time i click an image because the way you post it The image is too small, and shows me to a page full of Ads "that feature sexual acts". Your breaking a rule yourself : P No Explicit Material Posting or linking to any explicit or offensive media (nudity or gore) is not permitted, even in signatures and avatars. The "image host" you use links to nudity,easily avoided if you insert the image url. And a happy 420th to you. To everyone else, Do we have an official "posted" time for when the dealer will appear ?
  13. Your turn, Let's see what "you said" and done this gonna be fun, 1. Someone asks what is 420 you just put up an "image" of a leaf instead of actually explaining it. (your still linking it wrong and linking to an virus filled adult ad fueled website) 2. Complained AGAIN about "LO ruining the exclusive event items" when you yourself asked them to bring back an "event" which was literally 1 "exclusive" green hat. 3. Posts Big Ole Link to "PEGI rating" without shortening it then says a phrase that leads me to believe your constantly horny "Kill and *word that starts with F* zombies" then says something along the lines "if the weed symbol is a problem they can use the Lump icon" which also has a weed leaf in the picture. Dafunk? Yood confused by asger's Magnificent chest area. 4. Misleading title link to a steam discussion "40$ for unban" which was specifically about charge packs (the person bought a 40$ pack then issued a charge back trying to get it for free and got caught G1 requested he pay the full amount to get his account back) If you read it carefully you would know "I did not get banned for cheating nor use of third party tools. I simply got banned via chargeback " the issue is they bought a code off eBay and got scammed (2 years later) cause the guy who bought it or something issued a charge back. 5. Literally admitted to an action that's against TOS "i did legal trade in May 2015, My volcano for Key to the city pack" Then blame the staff for doing their job "This fault is of GM , but i will not pay 40$" (to get account back) again one of the reasons gifting was removed. 6. Possibly "complaining about weed promotion in APB" currently has a weed smoking skull as their profile picture. 7. This one's more personal Keeps linking to "questionable websites" and posting the wrong image link I'll show you what you SHOULD be doing, What your doing (linking the Entire page which has "adult ads" on it) http://www.picshare.ru/view/10009860/ What you Should be doing (Link the IMAGE'S URL) Ironic considering you kept talking about the "PEGI" rating and how APB is "18+" and the forums are 13pg while you link to the websites with More skin then 20 bowls of custard, you have a knack for derailing topics sometimes talking about completely unrelated things to the topic Yall talkin bout' at least try to stay on topic instead of bringing up everything you can think of. And with point 7 in mind, I wish everyone participating on Saturday a jolly good 420 event!!!
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