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  1. Zolerox

    Rainbow Skin Pack

    "Asylum" "Glow In The Dark" "Halloween Pumpkin" "Halloween Bat" Those weapon skins glow. and some legendaries glow in the dark.
  2. or go back to useing marketplace. (if you trust the guy or girl of course.)
  3. Summary: Refurbishing Showstopper 'Thunder' (JMB 21) makes it Untradeable using the new trade system. Description: When you refurbish the Showstopper 'Thunder' shotgun pistol it reverts to "Joker Box" trade status instead of LO's default trade status that allows you to send it through the mailbox. It also prevents you from trading it using the In-Game Trade System. Steps to Reproduce: 1. Open a trade window with another player 2. Attempt to add item , Select the Showstopper 'Thunder' 3. Notice that the weapon in question can't be used in the trading system due to it's "Joker Box" trade status in effect. How many times have you recreated this bug: 1 time (2 if you count my friend also trying it) 100% Results: Showstopper 'Thunder' can't be used in the trading system or sent via Mailbox. Expected Results: Refurbishing JMB 21 - Showstopper 'Thunder' resets it's trade status to "yes" NOT 'Joker Box'
  4. Zolerox

    Inventory sorting

    Marketplace has a sorting function, Problem with sorting for example Weapons is the fact you equip and unequip them all the time and that resorts them turning them into a mess. I recently organized my mods A-Z and once i started using my mods they got messy again unequiping doesn't put them back into order. A sorting system is possible if they ever fix the problem with Sorting items you actually use (taking the item off doesn't put it back into order problem)
  5. Zolerox

    The Great Varzuga Rally Meet Up! (JERICHO)

    did i miss it?. If not what time does it start (AEST Australian time)
  6. Well i was wrong Apparently people still want to use middlemen, 1 out of the 2 times i was asked i just told them how to use the trading system (after that i got tired and just middleman'd as usual). Restrict to player has no reason to be remove In fact it's how i got my Legendary back when i lent it to a friend and was offline when he sent it back i Caught it just before it expired in 2 hours. Marketplace needs some upgrades the divide in benefit between direct trading and marketplace needs to be greater Perhaps stifle the chance of inflation (why use trading when you can sell items for 7 days?)
  7. Zolerox

    The Great Varzuga Rally Meet Up! (JERICHO)

    Count me in (Hopefully I show up) I have the Vazuga
  8. Zolerox

    Play with a Dev feedback

    "weapon testing" If anarchy district was on (where they could adjust the weapon drops on map to be the weapons they wanted to test) It's the perfect event to get "weapon data" Bring back Anarchy (they did back in 2016 and now i miss it again)
  9. @MattScott Clan's are broken The leaders are no longer leader's of their own clan (my clan is broken please fix Make me leader)
  10. Zolerox

    Last day for middlemen

    1# for HAN. Alas the nightmare is over dealing with over 100 "confirmed trades" through most of it i can say i did my best but as for the "end of middleman" i think not. If i'm asked for such a service i shall still provide it if they don't want to use the trade system.
  11. "We plan on implementing two new contacts across all platforms to balance things out and make sure they are aligned again." I don't care if everything else fails or burns in a lake of Molten magma ALL I WANT IS THIS OCA Nano 'Gold' So. The 2 "new contacts" planned for the road map's , as you may already know the top 5 contacts already in game have "rare daily activities" Giving Nano's and with the Top tier (alleta and gumball) giving a stac 10. I beg of you. Make the OCA Nano 'Gold' part of the "2 new contacts" Rare daily Activities. psst. There's tons of unreleased (and stuff only the Russians have) content Check apb Vault, Swimsuit , Gauntlet gloves (templeton wears em) , Trench coat that 1 civilian wears , Swimsuit , Goggles (that go around your neck) , Did i mention swimsuit?.
  12. Zolerox

    Will be new ranks ?

    So was the showstopper.
  13. Zolerox

    Will be new ranks ?

  14. Zolerox

    Trade System: Joker Tickets

    Value 1000 tickets worth what in cash. Trading is good and all but a value must be established.