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  1. With "phasing" districts or whatever the hell it is the new bounty system might fit better. "Roadmap" where's there's a road somewhere there's a massive pile up.
  2. A pink nutcracker skin Could work, Just replace the snowflakes with Hearties
  3. Asylum also returns next week* so I can go back home soon.
  4. Did that last* year during "12 deaths of xmas" nothing better then winning a match with a controller against someone with a Razar mouse. Consoles do have a few things pc doesnt which is why i kinda wanna play aus,apb. Console version in aus land. (VBR Temptress in jokerstore is 1 example)
  5. I'd also like to play apb on consoles being in australia prevents that.
  6. Another thing g1 did that LO doesn't. I'd like for them to be enabled please, I enjoy arresting people using snowball launchers in missions.
  7. The best reward is the easist to get "nutcracker" weapon skin, Play 3 "nutcracker" events each day for 5 days. In my opinion of course
  8. These are the unlocks. Nothing else no "ears" on their own
  9. It's alot easier if you have fragile. The rewards aren't all that worth it.
  10. The sheer ammount of recycleing from halloween is a bit off putting to me. Rather have a event "snub revolvers vs blowtorch army" or something unique.
  11. Do the "finish 3 events a day" nutcracker role that should be it. Someone correct me if i'm wrong.
  12. I did it, Without my insanity intact But meh i'll buy a new 1 later. It should have been 50
  13. That's a good point but 1 thing has me still worried "with his “snow ball” launcher full of “Holiday Cheer.” If thats anything like the "Butcher's" launcher survival might not be as possible as halloween was. A launcher that bassicly fires Percussion grenades that do concussion grenade damage is no joke.
  14. Not just that, You can get them to kill themselves Here's how a few matches went since this "threat segregation removal". 1. I managed to hit a bronze with a hvr then run towards him as he threw his grenade, It bounced off me and killed him. 2. While getting shot at by a bronze His friend was also trying to run me over i just circled the bronze till his friend ran him over. 3. I got 2 team members kicked by tagging an enemy and just lineing up 2 enemies so they shot through each other. 4. Again I tagged a bronze enemy he missed his Greanade and just hit the cover infront of him and died instantly (perc to the face) It's funny till you realise this is making people rage quit and probably never return to apb. I'd rather lose to the same group of max golds steamrolling everyone because Matchmaking means Zip if you can just group up and beat everyone because your team isn't based on a dice roll. Farming bronzes isn't a challenge I had to resort to using a xbox controller to give myself a disadvantage (even then I still have to make sure the other team wins)
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