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  1. Zolerox

    the HVR

    Wrong section. And I prefer DMR AV PR1
  2. Zolerox

    Questions for LO

    @MattScott Game breaking question. What is your favorite color?
  3. Zolerox

    Devil Dog.

    Darrel bullied Brett in college and That's where darrel got his "football Injury" from don't mess with DD.
  4. Zolerox

    Surveys for G1C Removed?

    I begged a differ all my g1c is from surveys (20% from events) You've spent 7,891 G1C resulting in a total of US$98.64
  5. Zolerox

    Tember's legendary guide of legendary guns!

    @TheHidden-Tember The lovely people over at APB Vault "apb db 2.0" have the icon's if you ever feel up to updateing the images.
  6. Zolerox

    Devil Dog.

    are there any more of these of other contacts? There was a player (word2) that created two you could print out I mean if you have the know how you could insert any contact (or even your own player) into this Template. Here's some gold from the old forums (3508x2480) Desk Mates. What the fuck did Darryl kent do to Devil dog? The word's on the back of the cut out are written by the original player's Devil dog design (the ingame one is different) So there might be an actual In lore tie in to "devil dog's list of contacts he hates including non Wall Running La Rocha"
  7. Zolerox

    Surveys for G1C Removed?

    What About FE's Reward Points system (every month getting a certain amounts of points/g1c Could be really low like 30 or 15) Also while on the "Thing's i liked from FE Train" (FE is fallen Earth my first g1 game.) What about a "Server Time" Clock on forums there is already 1 ingame When you go to Clock Options. Would help to have an actual counter when the event's say "Starting at 4pm [insert timezone here] " And it says " and 7am Server Time" Server time is just 2 hours forward for me here in Aussie land. (Also the options screen is bugged unsure if it's only for me)
  8. Cool way to show off the outfits. P.S I'll stop posting now. Unless i got something to show.
  9. All my yes. Now you can't hide behind cars muhahaha! "Piercing" Doesn't work on Car's Destroyed Cars or even car windows or Where the windows would be after the car is destroyed (BTW they don't have any window's and still block bullets) I'm working on a Complete list of everything Piercing works on (with additional Notes for example. Piercing works on npc's but WILL NOT kill another civ but will count as a hit on Object's and cars) Colby Commander. I like to tag them with hvr wait for them to "get into cover" then BAM 1 shot with wallhax
  10. Zolerox

    how many is too many?

    @Aeronaut Any many is too many Still a Pat on the back i guess.
  11. Zolerox


    LO is workin on apb i'd give it a few months before more players come back with content added fixes and so on.
  12. Never thought i'd say this (cause the problem is usually the other way around) Too many spoilers FYI 10 images per spoiler is fine. Fixed it for you. Otherwise Nice work.
  13. Rank 245 that doesn't know how to tuck a shirt. Rank 120 that still hasn't figured out how to go to social district. Max rank gold with 5 legendaries doesn't realize you Can restrict items to players. And my favorite Someone that called me a scammer because i bought something from him and i quote "WTF man you took 50k Why you not pay money all of it" Not realizing what market tax is. Level means nothing when even the bronze scrublet that was using the star to blow up my kolva can level up faster just by purchasing premium. [insert screenshot of max gold team vs 2 greens and a T with no primary]