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  1. I'm slightly worried but it's fine LO can always backpedal if it goes balls up
  2. Osmaws that insta stun flack jacket users? yes please. But seriously no i like the way LTL is now, just wish the pig wasn't such a crap shoot with it missing shots at 3 meters shooting center mass.
  3. I really don't think anyone wants to pay 2 million for a hazardous. Market works in a very simple way, Supply and Demand. (people still trade yukon a bit too high when it's now trash)
  4. Same goes for those guns you unlocked from events why is the 0slot alig reskin costing me 17k?.
  5. Finnaly, i may have a tiny grudge against the site and i'm glad to see it go. Another mass migration wave to imgur.
  6. I use HMS and i really wish it worked like HS4 i've missed soo many shots i shouldn't have.
  7. The ticket cost is removed, it isn't for the coywolf.
  8. Summary: A vehicle you've unlocked costs the exact same to buy again as if you never unlocked it. Description: After buying a vehicle from the jokerstore (or even contact unlocked vehicles) the price isn't lowered like it should be. Steps to Reproduce: 1. Buy a vehicle from the jokerstore for the first time (Airmech Bomber in this example). 2. Notice the Vehicle may cost "10000 tickets and 150k$" but after the purchase it, the price hasn't reduced (han coywolf) Or the ticket cost is gone but the expensive in-game money cost hasn't reduced. (Image example below) "First time purchase price" Notice how even after you obtain the vehicle the "cash" price hasn't been reduced but the ticket cost has. 3. Buy the car again, notice you lose alot more money/tickets then you should. How many times have you recreated this bug: 7 times /100% (had to reorganise my cars it costed half a million$) Results: You buy the car you've allready unlocked at it's original price *duplicating the car has the same effect Expected Results: You should get the reduced price with the ticket cost removed every time and the in-game $money price reduced (image below) Exhibit A First Time purchase price The price after you've unlocked the car and want to re-purchase it In this example, The ticket cost is gone but the cash cost is the same (which is fine because it's allready a low cash price) Conclusion/additional notes: The contact cars also have this problem, you've allready unlocked them yet it costs 150k$ if you'd like another one (Shadowstiker interceptor and Defender citadel for example), Several other item types share this problem Weapons for example If you've bought a jokerstore weapon and you'd like to "reorganise" only way to do that is to delete it and buy it again at full price My suggestion (Turn all the jokerstore gun purchases into Gun Unlock purchases). A few weapons that have this problem the "Far series" guns you unlocked from an event is expensive Raptor series shares this. If that's still argue worthy The "CASE" Alig reskin unlock with 0 slots costs 18000$ to lease.
  9. Guess the promise of it coming to jokerstore's been put aside, Well when it becomes available to the public and you have to fight it every match i wonder if people will change their tone.
  10. Temptress contacts o god, missions about to get alot more annoyying *cap40c better stay dead. Can we get old glory *cj3 version ?
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