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  1. Those are the patch notes for discussion. We could use a crate or "object" for some of the broken spots in riot (due to lack of cars some spots are unreachable and those spots have items spawning on them)
  2. A few bugs *1 more i don't have a screenshot of will post later* 1. Unreachable item spawn (that base in the middle you can't reach it, add a barrel or something) There's another one where a weapon spawns ontop of the curch roof *ntf get screenshot later* 2. Fog in mission district (only in mission district, Happens if you leave a riot mode while in gas) 3. NTEC-7c 'New Glory' "Twearks" +20% firerate - Effective range to below 50 meters * Make it level Pointman role I.E turn it into an smg "this SMG/AR hybrid". What would you change about the "new legendary" ? , found any bugs with riot, What would you change about riot? -start with no guns -remove the ability to buy your primary/secondary.
  3. I find this topic offensive, It should be "male/female" your calling the playerbase underaged.
  4. Did you join social after that? (i'm gonna try that later see if the slaybells/epidemic event fog bug is still there)
  5. "smg/ar hybrid" more like "we couldn't bother codeing it to level pointman role so Meh, copy paste the ursus code" It's another ursus with tweaked stats What happend to "building it from the ground up" it doesn't even use the same ammo as ursus yet you still made it an assault rifle? how long till the "pmg" is techniccly an assault rifle. @MattScott This better be another bug cause it's "bugging me" Just cheesed off it levels rifleman makes it look like a lcr with an ursus skin.
  6. just me or does this mode not "feel like apb"? making me miss Anarchy again. (drop the cooldown to 30) Useing a suit and still dieing to gas isn't any fun.
  7. Does it bother you it doesn't level Pointman? even though it's essiantly another run at the "vas c2" idea of making an smg but with assault rifle standerds?, This is too close to the ursus for me to want it.
  8. 1 guy brings an ntec, then drops it and then The whole district is infected. Only riot, (it was removed the first time we saw it because it wasn't balanced and the players wouldn't accept it, nothing has changed)
  9. Grab em before he realises XD, jk The "high tops" were on the list but listed as " Unlock Clothing: High Heel Ankle Boots ( JT 500 & APB$ 4500) Unlock Clothing: Canvas Hightops (JT 500 & APB$ 4500) "
  10. Zolerox

    Weapon drops

    And not balanced enough to stay. That was the problem last time (and nothing has changed.) so yeah a bug, they need to fix.
  11. also, those "containers" in social let you get to spots you weren't supposed to before. , also found the "car wrecks" in riot are piercable with the cap40, (wish player cars could do that) but i'm assuming that's because their techniccly a map object... Also I saw a "roofless" starter car.
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