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  1. Another person that doesn't realise how hard it actually is to pull off a stun/arrest, Which isnt even considering 9/10 times there's someone camping the stun when you go to arrest A shotgun can kill 8 people if they are all tagged even slightly (jg/strife) Most of the stun weapons you use are focused entirely on stunning 1 person Even the "STUN OPGL" has a weakness Flack Jacket JG still 2 shots someone with kevlar 3. in short, no i don't agree there needs to be a faction specific mod to make crims better.
  2. Stamina damage isn't healed by medspray right? also clotting 3 doesn't effect stamina. Still think the perc was the problem not the 1 shot per mag PIG.
  3. Was expecting them to nerf perc's stamina damage, Meh back to stun opgl + Oca don't blame me They nerfed my other method SPAM it is then.
  4. I thought that was on purpose hoping for a reprice ofthe 2k$ consumables
  5. Don't forget that some items that are currently in the jokerstoere don't have previews yet, hope those get retroactivly fixed as the new items make their way in.
  6. @Sakebee Don't forget to add "Safety Goggles (neck)" if that's possible some female goggles in jokerstore would be nice, hope "FM Holster" are part of the pacl (think it's in the street rx one) Safety Goggles (Neck) Found on: Templeton, Kaspar Danko, Stu Phoenix Safety Goggles (Female)
  7. Still not gonna make shotguns 3stk? sigh, the snr nerf is good? i'm not sure, it was a funky weapon now it lost it's funk obir with less ammo : | so bandoiler 3 instead of tagger i guess rest i could care less about, I don't see the meta changing to much (oca still op ntecs still the most used weapon in apb) But what do i know, O yeah nothing let's wait and see Fingers Crossed.
  8. I just want Legacy Beacon fightclub back, not that "event" version we get every year. said this 100 times before, So instead here's a video to come with it "the only district to use orange pickup item icons"
  9. I think this update should accompany the announcement that joker store will start selling My favorite item "Inventory Expansion Selector" A very old forgotten addition to apb that was never "introduced" to armas or jokerstore it was a one off event reward I'd like to see it just added to jokerstore.
  10. Bangkok , I mean it's pretty good already but then..
  11. Holding back a brick wall, trying not to think of the people I used to hang with in apb that no longer exist. Big suits of armor don't cry.
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