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  1. Zolerox

    Updates on APB development progress

    I can shed some light on that "Is there any plans to introduce more vehicle variety? Currently the Vegas 4x4 is the win-all car. It has (almost) max speed, max HP, max ramming power, and can hold a heavy item. Back in the day, people used to drive different vehicles for different advantages. Now, the only reason to use anything other than 4x4 is for aesthetics, while essentially gimping yourself. I'd really like to see people driving Moirai's, Cisco's and T25's again. Yes, as a matter of fact we are working and will be announcing the introduction of one new vehicle for sure and aiming to release a second shortly after. These vehicles are not kits and will be from new manufacturers that have not been seen in game as of yet. As we get closer to the release, keep an eye out on billboards and other media elements in game for images and such (we of course will post them on the forums as well). Presently the manufacturers and vehicle names are: The IO Motor Car Company – Model Codename: GROWL Whirlwind Automotive – Model Codename: MIRAGE " From here Link From the name I assume it's a sports car/bike (i'm just kidding) or luxury vehicle like the Moira Or at least when it was first proposed. No images exist as growl was the only one to make it through apb's messy bug launching somehow made valentines day event turn on when battleEye was launched Shaw-opgl-cd, buggy engine. @MattScott I'm also interested to if any of the model work was done or even some code lieing around under a box or something (do some digging and let us know if "mirage" was ever started ; ) .
  2. You made something A for effort (zombie why you can't just say "that's nice" and walk on)
  3. No. I miss it before as with all bugged guns they are hella fun (shaw-opgl-cd comes to mind) but it's fixed now, Just buy the "Nunavut" Thread answered close this now.
  4. I was doing my weekly data dive where i go through Russian websites , web archives even the original forums and just get as much information of anything and everything about apb right now I'm mostly interested in "BandeDehoufs"http://bandedehoufs.net/BDHapbnotespatchs2018.html . Yes none of this has to do with the butcher i just wanted to point out i was literally reading about the "history of the butcher skin" from the original forum topic it started in when i did my dive (Montecristo no longer works for reloaded last i saw he was working at Epic Games and his "website" jackoakmen.com where he posts all his work on apb is Down.) So what's this post about not much just wanted an excuse to share my favorite Montecristo quote. 'MonteCristo', on 12 May 2012 - 03:12 AM, said: here's a link to it the entire thread is gold. https://forums-old.gamersfirst.com/topic/277532-60000-for-a-brick/page-2#entry2659972
  5. This is the internet You are being fined 1 E-point And give everyone the skin give actual winners a new autumn assault skin that removes the red parts and makes it streamlined white and soft orange. or just screw it and give everyone the skin and give actual winners a title (i'm out of ideas) In short there are more people that didn't win then did, so the vote is pretty one sided If it makes people happy i'm fine with them getting the skin (never seen soo much hatred towards winners during an event it was quite shocking.)
  6. Told you to get closed 2 pages ago now enjoy the ensuing continuation banana (i ran out of words)
  7. Confirmed or not? the butcher skin was given during the events "first few days" i didn't jump onto the event till after they removed butcher skin (and replaced it with a quick reskin that still has red parts for some reason)
  8. 3rd option (my idea anyway) i know the autumn assault skin was a "butcher" reskin so it has red parts on it my suggestion is give everyone the skin (exclusive died when you sold bat wings on armas) and make a version changeing those red parts to the more calm autumn orange. Change the red parts (so it's not a constant reminder i can't play "the butcher") to the "white" and orange parts i might even make a quick edit to show the idea i'm talkin' about
  9. Content , lack of reasons to log in "Daily Events" Dynamic event mechanic that used to be working (was causing lag during missions so g1 disabled it) Content: They said they will release 2 new contacts (wild stab in the dark it's the 2 contacts haunting the loading screens in enforcer/criminal character selection scenes. Lack of reasons to log in: The daily event tracker that used to be a good way to get people to log in then a good way to make them team kill 5 people just for a reward, Dynamic events were great if missions really ticked you off you can go play "The Butcher" for a few mins get 60 kills then drop the gun. On the other hand Drug mule gave enforcers effectively a alternative way to "ram raid" mugging D-Dealers and make quick cash.
  10. Zolerox

    Literraly cheaters versus cheaters

    *New accounts have a 7 day waiting period before they can create threads. Just a suggestion.
  11. Zolerox

    Autumn skin

    "Next Patch" according to a GM in game typical patch day so weekend i'm guessing.
  12. Zolerox

    Retail box codes...

    matt did say they "should" work but buy at your own risk.
  13. Zolerox

    Cross-faction vehicle kits.

    With enough G1C a criminal can look like an enforcer (but we all know they just wear hoodies) Armor (the one templeton wears) can be imitated , some armor from armas a few color codes later and you can look like a Praetorian in full "defender" armor set.
  14. Zolerox

    Do you plan to do something about yukon?

    Doesn't mean bugged guns can't be more fun shaw-opgl-cd comes to mind. The value yes it was because of a bug, of Yukon has all most halfed (saw 13 people selling it at 2-3 million) O how the mighty have fallen from grace.
  15. That's pretty much the only reason i still log in with the lack of content , check my daily then hang around for 3 hours seeing if anyone needs help or information about APB , then i drop some random APB trivia and bugger off.