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  1. It killed ram raiding that's for sure, 2 mission districts? pfft. Good luck.
  2. Clearly no weapon is good. Can we get those shotgun nerfs for christmass since i'm done with pointman role.
  3. You don't even know how wrong your going to be.
  4. Your assuming you need to sit there waiting for the delay, If you were like me and did this using "npc's" vegas' you could deliver 1 vegas and drive to the other drop off. Without having to wait for the delay. *fyi i've already done this achievement.
  5. Any character you log into that has those achievments while still having your steam logged in will unlock it on steam. now i'm not saying you should give your account details or anything merely saying it's possible. If... say you knew someone that has the "2014" achievements and your steam account was logged in when he logged into his apb account It would unlock them for both parties. Which I'm sure is also illegal. Just a fun fact.
  6. Angry post time, 1. my ui for roles/achievements are invisible *but can still be completed* 2. Random crash when i was about to win *won again when i relogged* Here's some screenies Send your sympathy my way... please no bullets. I'll be expecting my free rewards soon
  7. These maps will come in handy again.
  8. From what I've seen soo far... think I'll just stick to posting images of the "old" rewards. (Images from my now useless "Epidemic guide")
  9. @MattScott Fallen but not Forgotten
  10. I'm slightly worried but it's fine LO can always backpedal if it goes balls up
  11. Osmaws that insta stun flack jacket users? yes please. But seriously no i like the way LTL is now, just wish the pig wasn't such a crap shoot with it missing shots at 3 meters shooting center mass.
  12. I really don't think anyone wants to pay 2 million for a hazardous. Market works in a very simple way, Supply and Demand. (people still trade yukon a bit too high when it's now trash)
  13. Same goes for those guns you unlocked from events why is the 0slot alig reskin costing me 17k?.
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