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  1. The "back end changes" seem to negativly effect players connecting from the "oceania" region. 3 hours i did not go under 400 ms. My fellow Asia/australia players reported the same issue Massivly increased Latency compared to the American players.
  2. I do all that already (allocating at least 1 hour every day to answering questions in social), How does having a "role with a chat tag" help?. I support SPCM coming back fyi.
  3. I prefer Pew pause Pew pew pew and just hope the rng is in your favour.
  4. SBSR IRS Heavy barrel 3 Reflex sight 3 Mag pull 3
  5. Gotta wait for people with "recording software" to get 1.
  6. I think i've heard that defence before.. "I didn't intend it that way, Surely you can't hold me accountable for you're interpertation" How do you spit on yourself?
  7. I didn't know social district existed till i was rank 156 I had to check youtube to find out how to find it.
  8. @MattScott my mumma taught me to never be afraid to ask for more, Could we also get "armas free weapon trials" reset/refreshed?.
  9. 1 you say? *Stretches* Since you asked... Clotting 3 of course N-HVR 243 SD 'Reaper' OCA Nano 'Connoisseur' Stunning just for kills isn't as effective as you think, I would know i've stunned someone before It seems 1 of these threads pop up Each time i go LTL only in asylum ....
  10. Don't forget 1jt ticket wasn't the lowest reward. You could get 0 tickets. *i still prefer getting med spray and ammo boxes over 3 joker tickets.
  11. 100 tickets a box, And each one is sent to your mailbox in an attachment, Easily doubleing the pages of mail you get when you buy boxes. Still waiting for DMR AV PR2 in jokerstore.
  12. You do know someone can wind up an osmaw and witness you with .15 seconds left.
  13. The roof design is nice *ignoring the chicken wire on the sides* Kind of a Great Gatsby Style patterning
  14. I'm almost 100% sure you're talking about these videos (which G1 doesn't make they meerly showcased them) Sadly These are some of the last we ever saw, So none "LO" 's "new" legendarys (running low on bunny ears) have any video promotions accompanying them.
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