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  1. I mean it'll just lead to them dethreating to join that active server...
  2. Waterfront has had basically no player activity except for the bronze server over the past couple weeks, but my last contact is there, and my only other option would be to dethreat, so instead -- can we just hop on gold Waterfront?
  3. Probably too late by now, but I'd love to have it. l play with Less than Lethal guns, so I think Praetorians is a way better fit for my character than Prentiss or any other generic clan ('organization'). Just based on the lore behind each organization. In case you don't know what I'm talking about Prentiss are basically bored rich kids with guns who were either kicked out of the Bloodroses, or just bored rich kids who enjoy whooping crims. Praetorians are an organized contracted military who are payed to keep San Paro safe. It's much more of an honorable tag than the ladder. So with my LTL combo, CSA style car, enforcer uniform I think I could do something awesome with this clan. What I would do with the clan: * Market the clan * Recruit LTL Enforcers * Uphold a CSA-Praetorians theme clan * Once/If it starts taking off: * I'll open a website for recruitment * I'll start a discord server * We will organize and go into servers like Fight Club in mass and tear into crims with LTL. * Same with 'raiding' servers like financial & waterfront, try to get our clan into the eyes of more people to grow. I've been itching for a reason to start a clan, and I think this name just suits it so well. I'm going to grab premium once I'm on summer break (summer school right now) and this would be a great way to spend my time with it (making symbols, clan clothes, clan cars, all that stuff). Hope the clan is still up for grabs. Thanks
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