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  1. it says on every gun "You have previously purchased this product" and the add to cart button is locked. can someone help me?
  2. if i buy it do i get both the boots shown in the picture or is one for guys and the other for women?
  3. it's placebo caused by the sound. i do great with the vas because i can tap better according to sound. same with cr5.
  4. thong, bikini bra, high heels, random items from webbing, hairstyle #2, cat ears and done. don't try so hard.
  5. mind sharing some pics? would love to see the kit in all its glory
  6. there is no source. read my post again. it should be clear i was merely guessing.
  7. might wanna get used to playing against skilled gold players...chances are the "fix" is just going to be removing threat altogether and lumping everyone into one server where the skilled will reign supreme and the inadequate will be used to clean the dirty streets of san paro till they just quit the game out of frustration.
  8. Sorry, didn't know where else to put it. @BXNNXD Thanks for stopping by anyway.
  9. Please leave your IGN here (or PM me), and I'll contact you in-game. Thank you.
  10. I voted yes because why not. The more customization the better. Hell, I hope in the future they add the option of removing certain fingers or add a limp to your walk/run or something.
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