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  1. Sooo how do i know if my character is migrated and if it ain't how do i migrate it?
  2. I believe it's something like Open Test World (for the new patches and sh*t).
  3. Please read News & Annoucments topics before you just make a new topic here.
  4. FakeyOnFire


    It would be incredibly good to make district or something like this for the new players (i know there will be smurfs, but better with smurfs than R150+ golds and fake silvers). I see everyday new players, or to be exact bronzes and silvers less than R50 that are obviously new at the game getting rekt by more experienced players. Something like R1-R50 or maybe first 10-15 hours from their account to be able to join some kind of Beginner district. There won't be that much players playing in these districts, i know, but something has to be done about the new players cuz getting rekt by way higher ranks and threats is just making them leave the game and never come back.
  5. To be honest... LO has made way more than G1 has done the past few years and LO's "Roadmap of APB" seems like really good future for the game. I see in peak hours there are about 1000-1500 players online in Citadel and i hope there will be more and more players coming by, but LO has to fix the servers issue and it will be way better!
  6. Damn i was just doing my new char and now i can't create in citadel cuz 'world' is not responsive or smth... ;_; and i just gave about 20 mins of my life building that masterpiece of character ;_;
  7. Well i will try my luck: Amnesia31 https://imgur.com/mG2PieE
  8. I already bought Joker Hipster and i am really satisfied! I had the headphones from the free promo code, so i equiqed them too with red and white colors and it looks pretty good
  9. I'm in Citadel. Thanks mate will look into it! I know everyone has different taste, but bruh... my outfit is incrediblyyyyy ugly so i don't really mind what is it, just to be other than mine. :D
  10. Can you recommend me some good outfits - with joker tickets, from social marketplace or contracts. I'm R151 criminal woman char and my outfit is incredibly ugly :)))))))))) looking for upgrade
  11. You can't build a game for a month. Gamersf1rst haven't done anything for years and here are LO with anti-cheat, now DDOS Protection and i believe that they will keep schedule about the APB Roadmap, which is very promising for the future of the game. Give them maybe half a year and you will see difference between 2017 and 2018 tho... Let's hope there are more different events with LO here! I'm done with the same events from past years ;_; I WONDER WHAT WILL BE THE NEW MAP :S
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