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  1. bro how your gonna have an opinion when your gameplay consists of Social 24/7 ?
  2. 2 Common people that have one of the worst reputations in the community, And not only that, You also give them special treatment with support tickets ( At least what I know of). This is a RevoMag #2 case or FuManChu if you really want to look at it as well
  3. hack

    What BS Is This?

    My bro raymond taylor is back on the grind after the unban
  4. hack

    Server lag update

    3rd gen I7 to mirror a district on it, EPIC!.
  5. Believe me, When I say it is not as complicated to fix as you are saying it is, I know, I used to work in the Networking area and I know a thing or two, Start from removing the IP from support.gamersfirst.com and instead set up a pinging machine that can answer tracert and ping requests, Second of all, Stop using Amazon as your host because running district servers on a I7 3770 with 8GB Ram is a joke. great, logged in last night to get kicked 3 times in a row from social
  6. I can expect a fat kid to not to promise to get in shape in 2-3 weeks when he cant do that
  7. Yeah thats why the servers are hosted @ Amazon Cloud hosting and the real machine IP is located at https://support.gamersfirst.com/hc/en-us/articles/360003329912-My-Latency-is-really-high-
  8. Its been 2 weeks if not 3, Whats up bros? I see we are going down the Reloaded path all over again
  9. bro you said you are stepping down yet you post dumb shit, whats up with that
  10. hack

    I'm sorry APB Community.

  11. bro if u wanna jack off just go play IMVU or something like that bro APB is not the place for you
  12. hack

    The Goof Troop (Criminals)

    gey klan better
  13. hack


    hey vros we be hosting the servers on Amazon cloud hosting vros my dog has a higher tickrate than those servers