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  1. I heard a guy named hz2 has more money in his pockets than I do in my bank account
  2. you ran out of money for school Lunches ? damn bro u smell so bad its insane
  3. Same case but I didnt even get a response
  4. are you asking me specifically? why do you keep replying to every topic if 98% of the time you have nothing to contribute to the discussion ?
  5. hack

    'The Gauntlet!' Finally over!

    IGN: Captivating
  6. sure put a rank restriction to test stuff while 99% of the pop are r9 on OTW.
  7. hack

    Weapon Balancing

    No weapon reverts will help you bro
  8. Yeah try putting CJ 3 on an OBIR with the current servers and ghost shot every 3rd burst, Thats cool right?
  9. So you think the Improved Rifling nerf is a good thing? Destroying OBIR and Obeya as counter guns to a HVR sitting at 99 meters from you must be a good meta change!
  10. No, It means that you should reply or review 3 support tickets of 3 different people blatantly cheating on stream and not ignore them for 3 months.
  11. silver opinion from a silver person
  12. Open the apb section on twitch and take a look at a numerous part of triggerbotters just streaming themselves cheating.
  13. Revert all of the "Weapon balancing" you guys did and are about to do. You, Little orbit, An indie game company, buy a shooter game with 0 idea or experience at shooter games decide that the first problem you have to tackle is changing weapons and mods in this game. Since your purchase of the game, you only ruined the game to a state where it is unplayable, adding a Battleye version that does nothing but stops you from injecting basic cheats and a person with a little bit of knowledge knows how to bypass it. Changing to "Your own game hardware" and "Improving" netcode which results in 0 hitreg and laggy servers, Ignoring support tickets about blatant cheaters for 3 months straight and far more. Then you guys think its a good idea to add testing districts with constant PvP, It is beyond me how you can even think about something like that. Please do not touch the guns and the mods if you have no experience in balancing shooter games, cause all you did is completely destroy the game Revert all the mod and weapon changes(Improved Rifling and CJ3 on burst weapons) because basing your nerfs on 1 streamer that has 0 idea about this game nor any experience is an idiotic move.