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  1. The behavior and how this company runs this game is a joke, instead of figuring out a solution to your dogshit of an event you go out and ask people not to win, Great solution little orbit. Honestly the only good thing you did to this game so far was adding the feature that your crosshair turns red when aiming at enemy deployable shields so that way you can collect more evidence for the apes who review cheat reports and actually prove triggerbots.
  2. Why use shaders that only work with Bloom when you can use overlays?
  3. yall guys @LO be trolling or what Ever heard of testing?
  4. "Pricing changes" This has to be a joke right?
  5. you need to contact APB support, not steam.
  6. Are there any plans for a sale during Halloween? really want to stock up on some weapons and packs from Armas but the prices are still quite ridiculous. If there are no plans, is there a possibility to have one?
  7. If you are reverting the IR 3 changes, Do not increase the base range of the OBIR and Obeya by 5 meters in the upcoming weapon balance.
  8. to all the imbeciles who say that its realistic and they are okay with this, are you okay with that as well?
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