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  1. but then finally, where is the elf? and how do we get weapons like vulture, etc ... if the elf is no longer in the common servers?
  2. and that's why I asked the estimated time, to know if I still have to keep apb on or if it is hours and then I can also turn it off
  3. I am not able to join financial district (and ONLY financial district) as the client boots me out saying "Client not responding" .
  4. Me too, i cant enter in financial district, reason "client not responding", and now i'm trying to re-download the game
  5. oh, and i have to report a bug, (in the normal version) i cant enter in financial districts, the reasone is "client not reponding", but in waterfront, abingon and other i can enter, how i can resolve this problem?
  6. And now what i can to do for play? Realy i need to re-download the old louncher or what?
  7. Scarica il loucher OTW e ora non riesco ad accedere con il mio account, "crea un nuovo account" ??? Perché?
  8. How much time need to return on the server? (citadel)
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