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  1. Not to be funny but there was literally nothing wrong with it until that patch where you "improved reliability" of mobile radar. yeah it's reliable alright, reliably doesn't work 80% of the time. i've had enemies literally standing on top of my car and not show up, directly under bridge, right around a corner 5m away and not show up. can you please undo whatever you did in that patch in the next patch? thanks ^.^
  2. ^wot 'e sed this is the LEAST p2w game i've ever played. makes me cringe so hard when "apb" and "p2w" are used together, it just doesn't go. i've seen people run around with nothing but the STAR and starter pistol rekting entire teams of armas weps besides aren't 99% of armas weps just reskins of guns you can get from contacts for free? as for OP, I'd love to see more customization. we've had the same clothes, hairstyles etc for long enough now. as for the game, i dunno. i actually thought g1 did a pretty good job, one area g1 were good at was balancing imo. game-wise, g1 seem to knew what the game was and were actually good at implementing features. the consumables and modifications like carsurfer for example g1 did and then balanced with alig, osmaw, cars. g1 actually did make this game fun and did fix a lot of RTW problems. it' just a shame they sucked in every other regard.
  3. ...so the game needs change by removing mechanics and banning people from playing ways you personally don't like to play? how stale do you think the game would be if people were only allowed to play exactly the way you want people to play?
  4. this thread is so subjective though. the OP can literally be summed up as this: "i don't like the way people play because it counters my own playstyle" it's like me making a thread demanding that sniper rifles get removed/nerf because i don't like sniper playstyle. if you havea problem with "car gameplay" just get an osmaw, or a volcano, or concs, or a satchel charge. how can you say it's not balanced when you literally have all of those at your disposal. i have a vegas 4x4 with armor 3 and still one osmaw takes me out so how is it not balanced?
  5. there's a bug stopping you from equipping them. i had them sent to me in mailbox but can't equip them it says i need a higher rank hopefully they'll fix this bug next year, i really missed playing with the snowballs
  6. no. i don't lag anyway, and even on joker NE when it had dozens of full districts i never lagged. we don't lag because of anything in the game. we lag because of crappy g1 servers, full stop. though admittedly they've gotten a lot better since LO took over.
  7. DOOM. Rebel Galaxy. Civilization 5.
  8. why are you lying? i used to play on joker NE and it was 100/100. then 80/80 then 50/50. oh a year after 50/50 they tried 80/80 again but the crappy servers from 1861 powered by some guy on a bicycle didnt handle it so they halved it again. just saying if they got proper servers they could have proper districts again like joker NE had. anything but this "you'll get phased into an empty district with 2-3 other teams" crap. that's going to kill the game. san paro will feel dead. no ambiance, no ramraiders, no district chat, no randomness, no atmosphere. just you and a couple of other teams stuck on this dead empty map knowing you're just there for the match and the district doesn't really 'exist'. it'll be so static and stale. i'm really worried.
  9. uh it used to have 100/100 it's only because of g1 buying crappy servers from 1942 they had to keep lowering and lowering the pop
  10. But not populated as is now? I mean 2-3 teams on maps this size won't feel as populated as you think it will.. nobody ramraiding, nobody chatting in district, nobody hanging out, randomly driving around doing stuff.. it's gonna completely kill the game's atmosphere, san paro will feel like a ghost town Why not just increase pop of each district so there's a bigger pool to matchmake from?
  11. "car play balancing" what.. you mean like.. introducing a new wep.. maybe some kind of a bazooka or rocket launcher? or how about some kind of device.. some device that beeps and explodes, or some kind of.. i dunno.. maybe a grenade of some kind? hmm why do you want to change and ruin the game? "if you don't play the way I want you to play then I'm gonna demand the game changes to cater for me!"
  12. people bang on about cheaters when cheating isn't even a problem yet the games #1 problem griefers is completely ignored. almost all of my matches now are being destroyed mostly by the same two griefers, both of which i've sent tickets about with video proof but i've been ignored and they're still on today ruining every match they can ramming me mission blocking harassing because they know nothing is being done about it obviously even with video proof i think i'm done buying premium because what's the point when i can't play because of the same griefers every single day blocking and ramming /upset rant over
  13. Stunny

    Snowball bug?

    exactly, the "its because they're buffed" excuse doesn't really work considering EVERYONE gets it.. so it's not like only 2 people are running around with it being OP or something? it's taken away the annual fun of having fun with snowballs. sometimes we don't wanna do the events which can be tedious and arduous (i do them just for the joker tickets and then back to normal play) but i LOVED snowballs at christmas time
  14. Stunny

    Snowball bug?

    well that doesn't make sense. why would they provide them if they aren't available? if you go tot he event districts you get them automatically anyway so what was the point in sending them.. i don't get it
  15. Stunny


    Out of curiosity LoveForMatt.. you're a silver right?
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