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  1. rip apb then. 2010 were its best 2 1/2 months. still being friended with ppl i met back then.
  2. wait what? they port it into unreal 3? i think 4 is out for a few years already. lol. once they ported to 3, 5 might be out. this game will always live in the past i guess.
  3. every modded GTA 5 server has more players than APB at its peaktime lol. sure potential is there and i cant unsee that, but only time will tell if 3.5 or even UE 4 will change that. i think it would have been easier/faster to just rewrite the whole damn thing to UE 4 or whatever engine.
  4. That makes me question why they added the customizable avatars, music editor and all that jazz. back in 2010 the avatar creator was the biggest to that day and a music editor was just insane that it got implemented. making custom images, spray, clothes. I believe their vision was far beyond "Make an online GTA". If G1 would been making a online GTA none of that would have been in - and we all know what the game would look like if G1 would have made it from scratch. But thats not what G1 does anyways. They buy games and all they do is implement an ingame shop and code the game unplayable.
  5. afaik RTW hat assets and maps almost ready for stuff like casino district. So what? being able to BUY PERMANENTLY weapons (i remember nano) which otherwise are non obtainable ingame and are superiour (nano - anyone remembers?) are called Pay 2 Win. and having to grind the game to get a gun for a few days is outright ridiculous. bye then
  6. You made some valid points with that about the racing. I wonder what G1 planned when they announced racing districts. xD I am not a person that plays only one game, i play so many and something i want to play APB which is didnt really play for 5 years for the simple fact that i can not keep my stuff. I dont want to be forced to play. I want to earn something and be proud of having it. They could remove p2w guns and give you store credits for nice COSMETICS, like weapon skins, car skins, premium time, you name it. I really love your picture.
  7. yeah ive read about that. really wondering tho what the game might look like in 5 years from now. the last 8 years didnt change much, only added some stuff here and there which 90% can only be obtained with real cash.
  8. Whats so hard in making guns being able to be bought instead of rented. Whats so hard in making districts instead of cashgrab items? If they wouldnt have used all their efford in milking the tiny community, it may not have died so fast. I used to love the game until G1 got its hands on it. I really hope LO knows that p2w is not the way.
  9. I want to be able to buy guns with ingame money. I want this game to advance and get more districts, racing, casino, cinemas. What is this ... i loved this game when it was vanilla but the actual state of the game make my head shake in disbelieve... Please make it a good game, LO. PLEASE! G1 broke my heart.
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