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  1. Akito

    a small problem

    thanks for the help turns out we had a power outage near my area recently and my router has been wonky ever since, the problem was more persistent with APB (I have no idea why) but happy to say that a reset helped solve the problem entirely.
  2. Akito

    a small problem

    thanks for the suggestion, will do. I'll report back here if the problem still persists. If it does I might just wait for the engine to come lol
  3. Akito

    a small problem

    this is scarily accurate to my own situation, I would be like 15-20 minutes into a match and BOOM, instant disconnect. I've re-installed the game about 7 times this week along and still no fix, and as Ive said above Ive tested my connection (even reset it a few times) along with cleaning out junk from my system (even though its new lol I just wanted to make sure Im covering my basis), ive heard ppl also encounter this problem if they have steam overlay enabled but Ive already disabled steam while playing the game overall (my original account is bound to gamersfirst so i dont really need steam) I have no idea how to fix this lol
  4. Akito

    a small problem

    So I've recently started to play the game actively again (mostly because I got roped in from those sweet sexy Matt streams and the news of the Engine Upgrade™) one question I wanna ask is why I've been getting dc'ed every 15-20 minutes after I log in? I've freshly installed APB (new PC btw), I've disabled the steam overaly (Ive heard this can cause problems sometimes) and Ive also made sure that my connection is okay, so my question is... what am I doing wrong? I honestly dont know what the problem is and I cant get a full match in without getting logged out. really kills my mood when I try to play and any help would be appreciated, Ive been trying to fix this for like a week now and still no results. Anyone else experiencing this? or is it just me? pls halp
  6. more transparency than G1 ever did, I'll give you props for that @MattScott
  7. You should regulate your SPCT team @MattScott ........ this is just TOXIC the fact that the people who are supposed to be "trusted people in the community" and people your team personally picked can be this condescending and down plays people's investment in a game they like is God Tier levels of cancer. *JUST BECAUSE SOMEONE PAYS LESS THAN OTHERS DOESNT MEAN THEY HAVE NO SAY, THEYRE STILL SUPPORTING THE GAME IN THEIR OWN WAY* + Im pretty sure everyone has a life of their own that also requires more finance than some game they play, the fact that those people spend ANYTHING at all when they have other issues to be worried about means theyre willing to take the risk and support something they genuinely enjoy.... money is money regardless of the price, people expect to get something when they pay for something. its called Fair Exchange..... Im not saying that I need to be reimbursed(Because God knows I can go till the end of time without ever worrying about premium), Im saying that people who pay for premium on the regular SHOULD get compensated for not being able to even PLAY THE GAME that they put money into..... What happens when the RIOT premium gets released and people pay for it, only to end up not being able to play the game because servers are unstable? thats like saying "oh you paid money in the game and cant play it? cool, story bro. Now go fuck yourself because no one cares about your opinion" but I guess paying for something means you dont get it right? @CookiePuss *anti-consumer at its finest..... I remember saving up a couple dollars from my part time job each week to save up for premiums and for weapons and packs, It took a couple years to have almost everything that I wanted and I saved up just for all of them..... But I guess my efforts and patience doesnt matter because "its only a few cents pfff" right? if thats the case then the same can be said about others in similar situations right? their purchases doesnt count if they dont spend thousands of dollars right? yeah fuck off *premium cant even be bought at $0.28, you still have to spend $5+ if you want to buy ANYTHING in armas.
  8. feck yeh dood fak da systemmmmmm broooooooo :))))))))))))
  9. EXACTLY ________________________________________________________________________________________________________ some people actually enjoy spending money for a RETURN and not throw their cash at a void @BXNNXD
  10. im talking about people who actually pay money for premiums (those people still exist) personally I have premiums for dayyysssss, but not everyone is as privileged as others....
  11. what about people on premium? dont they deserve compensation for spending money in the game? at the very least they deserve to play the game and enjoy the rewards of their purchase dont they?
  12. Ah yes, thy famous "EASTER EGG" hunt, what a very nice niche
  13. Just buy it from the store Trimmed. - Mina_ Or not, the choice is yours young Skywalker <(0_0)> this is actually true, i have gotten G1C I used to buy the .45 through this method + rep
  14. imagine double tg8 LOL..... what is that? like 3-4 shots to stun? plus its more consistent than a pig and stuns just as fast if not faster than double pig (since u can miss with a pig and the reload is a hindrance) meanwhile with the double tg8 theres room for error and its more forgiving it would be nice if that was the case. if its for the looks I wouldnt mind, guess this is the same for most.
  15. u can hear all the MB1 spam clicking if the akimbo mod for secondaries were a thing.... imagine double thunders or just double shotguns for primary..... LOL.... thats dumb even by my standards now that I think about the after effects.....
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