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  1. Ah yes, thy famous "EASTER EGG" hunt, what a very nice niche
  2. Just buy it from the store Trimmed. - Mina_ Or not, the choice is yours young Skywalker <(0_0)> this is actually true, i have gotten G1C I used to buy the .45 through this method + rep
  3. imagine double tg8 LOL..... what is that? like 3-4 shots to stun? plus its more consistent than a pig and stuns just as fast if not faster than double pig (since u can miss with a pig and the reload is a hindrance) meanwhile with the double tg8 theres room for error and its more forgiving it would be nice if that was the case. if its for the looks I wouldnt mind, guess this is the same for most.
  4. u can hear all the MB1 spam clicking if the akimbo mod for secondaries were a thing.... imagine double thunders or just double shotguns for primary..... LOL.... thats dumb even by my standards now that I think about the after effects.....
  5. Im losing brain cells as we speak....
  6. well you learn something new everyday, always thought 50g means 50ms delay.
  7. warping mid cycle is bound to ruin the rhythm anyone has, its to be expected I guess Im using a 50g acceleration mouse (so the delay is 50ms Im not used to the timing since I used to use a 20g acceleration for the longest time. The benefit I see mostly is just better timing opportunities but I'd take accuracy and consistency over bloom filled firing rate and a hectic aim... the muscle memory for the timing is being built up slowly replacing my old rhythm which I had to click faster to hit those windowed ms shots. Im clicking too fast because I came out using carbines, but with the oscar I now know that timing and aim is essential
  8. So ever since I came to the hard realization that Im literally trash with the Oscar since Ive never really been good with rifles. However, Ive been learning how to use rifles more efficiently (keeping a good rhythm to keep consistency when firing each shot) along with overall just trying out more of the rifle weapon category). I can definitely see the appeal of OSCAR due to its superior DMG aside from it being like 2 carbines fused together personally I still prefer the normal carbine since it feels more reliable (even though it gets no love when it comes to effective range) Anyways I was recording my progress after practicing the timing of each shot and just overall testing how my accuracy puts up with the rhythm I have going on. (Took about a day to get my aim to something I feel was the bare minimum). -After practicing for sometime this is my progress. How bout you guys? Even if you main the OSCAR or you're godly with it. Maybe you might even be below average like me. How did you get used to or come to like carbines and rifles? or if not... what do you hate about it? Point is..... Git Gud Silver Crybabies *btw I forgot I was recording my system audio rather than my actual game audio, so my clicking and clacking around is just me not knowing what Im doing with my hands* PS - Im also practicing on carbine, gotta say. I love it more than the oscar.... idk why
  9. u get a trophy just for that. you deserve it outstanding contribution to the conversation as always cadet
  10. why is it so expensive then huh? I know what youre trying to do G O V E R N M E N T (O_O)
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