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  1. extensive patching for PC ? something interesting I hope?
  2. You still do these events, it looks very fun? is it still done on wednesday and saturdays? 8 pm ?
  3. All this if it is a pleasure to read it, finally an update with good purposes, I hope you get it right the first time! thanks for the work and your own time you spend cookie are you there? I have the milk ready and I lack cookies ..... xdnnnnnnn
  4. hello good morning, I think that a little more information about the type of maintenance would not hurt, here is another game that also does maintenance, https: //www.blackdesertonline.com/news/view/4207 and gives some information about the type of maintenance they do in their game.
  5. I will ask that when the apb is offf, that before giving it to start, you get a (maintenance) (active) window I do not have the advanced launcher, if they were kind enough to pass me that link, but I do not like it, We only have to watch YouTube videos, all with the advanced launcher playing, really painful videos of a very poor quality, I suppose there are those who prefer to just see the red dot I will not say more. At some point you will put more languages, either Russian or English, it is seen that there are no more languages in the world!
  6. hello good to all and all, have you tried, with you sell your weapons, I know it sounds somewhat illogical, but this game is, same as mailbox or by exchange you can not, but in the market you can not put them either? I buy them again with the character of the other account with which you want to have it?
  7. I think that tournaments with clan battles, and that there would be a classification, that would make the apb something more interesting! the only weapons that should be restricted, would be explosives, but this is apb, don't wait too long, someone will always want a weapon restriction, in my opinion I will say that, if there has to be a restriction, it would have to be of a level (minimum level required 50)
  8. SirVilla


    How to fix did not solve anything, desistale e, and reinstalled, error resolved can close this issue or remove it thanks.
  9. SirVilla


    apbprogram.local playing until he did nothing, he gave me a strong tiron and I was expelled from the game, when he returned to run the game, he began to repair himself, but said repair is not finished gives error, apbprogram.local
  10. Thanks for solving this problem, which we have a lot of here, I finally finished updating and I could enter, (The endless update ...) seems like a bad movie title .....
  11. I start it from steam, the advanced launcher does not start either, and that which desistale until the windows 10 pro itself, and reinstall everything from scratch, works all the games, less apb ... it goes without saying I think nothing more ... thank you anyway Merged. at the same point I am wrong, also in an endless process ..
  12. It didn't work, what else could I do?
  13. It doesn't work for me either, I reinstalled everything from scratch, nothing works .....
  14. nothing works for me or what has been put on the link, or download it from gamefirs, or steam anything at all, you are doing some maintenance or uploading a patch maybe, this is really amusing me I can't find a solution, well if you leave the apb until they update to 2.1 apb, I mean, or maybe I am making a mistake, maybe the best thing is that I may not install the apb after 9 years with the ....., well I don't know if you can tell me something useful to clean Apb's computer I think I did very well when I completely dismantled windows and make it work all over again as normal, all games are less apb, this is a joke, please fix the game that would cost you little, but it sure is culpa mia, I still have to buy an pc of 4000 eu, to start the apb .. forgive misarcasm, thank you for trying to help, eh acer this game something better!
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