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  1. ty for you help I have an i3 processor of 3.2 gh a graphic card invidia gtx650ti 1g gddr5 i 8g of ram. at this point I am very aware, that I do not have a large computer, but enough to play, between 40 to 60 fps i with a fairly good image quality, at a minimum, (but without using the advanced launcher) the case esque closes me too much especially when ay a population of 40/40 begin my problems of choppy lag and gives me even more so when I am in a short-term entanglement. I returned from my small vacations, I went to play and I saw that I was paid a 15-day bonus, I've seen the problems that many players had to endure, I much less have been ofline 1 week almost 2, I hope everything is returned to normal, i hope to see soon progress or an update of our great leadership team will support i development team, avasing great news of the engine update that seems to be very close (2019) I hope to believe that new battle mode, with solving the remaining errors that remain to be fixed in the current game yet, thanks for the patience !!
  2. for this forum, I think there is an option or whatever to put it in the game and put the game in Spanish !? someone could falicilar the link even though it does not come to mind the game closes me a lot! i3 3.2gh, 8gb ram, gtx650ti 1gb win 10 pro 64x See you, I take a few vacations! I hope to return for the best of the game!
  3. Well, do not crash, I've been playing for several years. I thank this new team that is leaving a lot to play! My personal opinion was funny and chaotic, but I liked to see something different and a lot, waiting for 20 dead minutes I did not like it, but seeing how the fluid game was going, seeing the financial as I have seen it has been another change that It makes the district much more attractive! I hope I want you to start, it's been very fun. Until next time . by the way the mini tutorial that you have included, it seems perfect, thanks again for your work, incredible
  4. the new district is amazing, that's worth the 5 years of waiting !! you're going to achieve a miracle, and not only the district my fps quality went up by about 15 and the gameplay is amazing, it's incredibly good!
  5. I was entered but I was expelled while acedia to the new district
  6. I can not participate in the tests, it's a pity, I live in Spain the hour is very early at that time I and my daughter we are still very comfortable in bed, I would ask for a later hour, well I will see it in the month of May, why do I tell you that I do not even get up at 6 o'clock in the morning for some tests, I do it to work not for you! have you really seen when there are more people on the European server? It is always from 3:00 p.m. till 1:00 a.m. Those are the highest hours of the European server, I do not know where you got the statistics but, come on, a little more of the view would not go wrong, and the Spanish language that was removed of g1 are you going to put back? I'm tired of seeing the options in English and Russian, I was in Spanish remember? I think the Russian, English, French, Japanese languages are very good? implement more languages please !!! I for asking that it is not, Russian gentlemen without offending anyone! you could leave the chat for your talks, talk in churches and if you do not know you speak privately or join and play in a group, but let's give the pain with your incredible language we are all very tired of russo, not to mention more, Thanks for your incredible effort to improve this game, thanks adm i technical team, for your effort, Thanks Matt !! I walk and you are very happy everyone hahaha
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