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  1. WitchQueen

    USC4 1v1 snubnose tournament. (Citadel) 23rd Feb Sign up now!

    Thanks to all those who came to take part or help last night. Grats to Arnold who chose a Condor as his prize. Video will be edited next week and the datenfor USC4 has already been set. Sign up for the next one now!!
  2. WitchQueen

    USC4 1v1 snubnose tournament. (Citadel) 23rd Feb Sign up now!

    Play a little bit to unlock the snubnose. It must be a low rank. You might have it unlocked already.
  3. WitchQueen

    USC4 1v1 snubnose tournament. (Citadel) 23rd Feb Sign up now!

    Thanks. Be in the spot in social tomorrow. Even though not many have said they will join we will get people together on the day. Need at least 8 in total.
  4. If you want to Assault Autumn you gotta blast a few leaves.
  5. WitchQueen

    Pay2Grief - Citadel & Jericho Win $500k every week!

    Pay2grief is coming to Jericho this week. Let's see if the people across the pond can take me down faster than the EU folk.... Starting time will be around 5-6pm Chicago time. We might do a few rounds in EU first amd then hop over.
  6. WitchQueen

    Discussion about Necrova

    Nekrova is a server in steep decline. Due to the uniqueness of the server caused by the Innova shutdown and character transfer, a server merge with Citadel is just too large a task to be considered worthwhile or profitable especially considering the size of the Nekrova player base. However, after Russia's annexation of the Crimea, USA broadened sanctions against Russia to target financial dealings and travel bans on those who have been instrumental in the Russian threat to Ukraine's sovereignty. I think.
  7. WitchQueen

    USC4 1v1 snubnose tournament. (Citadel) 23rd Feb Sign up now!

    Taking participants for USC3 now. Details are in the first post.
  8. WitchQueen

    APB News!

    Issue 2 of APB News, now re-branded as 'APB Torque'. Some news and a challenge, can a dump truck beat a Vegas in a drag race? Enjoy Original post for Issue 1: Literally. In video form. I imagine it might get moved to creations or something but we can still talk about stuff in it in the meantime Hoping to do one of these every 2 weeks. If you want to submit any clips or news please do.
  9. Omg this just dropped! Ok maybe it was me that dropped it.
  10. WitchQueen

    Pay2Grief - Citadel & Jericho Win $500k every week!

    No pay2grief this week but back normal time next week. Here is one of the rounds in which we had 2 cars. I call it a 'Versus' and whoever lasts the longest wins. PoundofFlesh went up against HumanityHanna... https://youtu.be/TOOhoFGdUlY
  11. WitchQueen

    Christmas/Gaming PUB QUIZ!

    You think you know computer games? Enter the Quiz! What: Pub Quiz after the Derby! (SUNDAY 23RD) Probably around 11pm UK time. Earliest I'll start is 1030pm so if you're not coming to the derby, be in the stream by then. Where: twitch.tv/witchqueen on stream after the derby is over. When: After the Derby. The derby starts at 9pm GMT so this will probably be at about 11pm GMT but I won't start it before 1030pm GMT Prize: £10 Steam voucher (you could buy g1c's with it!) Details: When we begin I will ask a load of questions. Some will be music based, some picture based. They should be pretty 'un-Google-able'. The first person to give me a correct answer wins the point. The person with the most points at the end wins. There will be some APB related questions for you guys. One round is called 'What is Witch on about?' Here I will give a bad description of a Christmas movie. Here's one for you to try: 'Guy kills Santa then takes his place and ruins Christmas'.
  12. Nice work you 2! And remember, AJ needs someone to drive for him! Let him know if you're interested.
  13. Thanks! And no problem. As soon as you have a car ready, edit it into your post. One penguin on its way