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  1. I was so dissappointed when I found out open pvp was taken off. Now I just wish they would bring back full chaos districts. They can have weapon tests in there I don't mind. It just opened up a lot of possibilities for events. No more snub nose battle royales
  2. PARTY TIME! WHEN: FRIDAY 28th SEPTEMBER 10PM UK TIME For the exact time in your time zone check here: https://teamup.com/kss2qvh49z1zvmfjaj WHERE: BREAKWATER GALLERIA, CITADEL SOCIAL. PRIZES: Lots of prizes... PROVIDING PEOPLE TURN UP... FOUR MAIN EVENTS: 1. DESIGN COMPETITION(£20 STEAM VOUCHER) 2. HIDE AND SEEK($1000000 APB Cash) 3. CLIP OF THE NIGHT (£10 STEAM VOUCHER) 4. RAFFLE (PRIZES BELOW) 1. DESIGN COMPETITION: THE THEME IS... APOCALYPTIC Best outfit as voted for people in my stream (twitch.tv/witchqueen) gets a £20 Steam Voucher ***But 10 entries needed for this to run*** HOW TO WIN: Turn up in an APOCALYPTIC themed outfit. The judges will pick 10 outfits to go into the final vote on my stream. ANYONE WITH A VALID ENTRY TO THE OUTFIT COMPETITION GETS AN EXTRA RAFFLE TICKET 2. HIDE AND SEEK For this event EVERYONE needs to hide and I will look for you. The person who lasts longest wins. I thought this would be great to do in Asylum if we can totally fill an empty one. If not maybe we could use Baylan from gold Waterfront. The raffle prizes will increase in value depending on how many people we can get into the Galleria: ANYONE FROM THE HIDE AND SEEK GETS AN EXTRA RAFFLE TICKET. INCLUDING PEOPLE HELPING. 3. CLIP OF THE NIGHT All you have to do is submit a funny Twitch clip from the party. This does NOT have to be a clip from my stream. One clip per person so make sure it's a good one. You'll obviously need to sign up for a Twitch account to do this. I'll choose a few I like then we'll vote for the winner of a £10 Steam voucher. ANYONE WHO SUBMITS A CLIP GETS AN EXTRA RAFFLE TICKET. 4. THE RAFFLE - PRIZES DEPEND ON NUMBER OF PARTY GUESTS: TWITCH FOLLOWERS GET AN EXTRA TICKET. SO... IF YOU HAVE PARTICIPATED IN ALL EVENTS AND ARE A FOLLOWER, YOU WILL HAVE A MAX OF FIVE TICKETS. 20 people at the party: 1. Colin McCrae Balkan Varzuga 2. Han Veo Coywolf kit NYC Taxi 3. Doltan Montagne 'PU$%Y Wagon' (from Kill Bill) 4. $100k x 3 5. $200k 30 people at the party: 6. Legendary: ANUBIS 50 at the party: 7. Legendary: MEDUSA So get designing and tell all your friends. If anyone wants to donate prizes that would be awesome! See you there! Witch ps We're having a Halloween party too on Friday 2nd November so get ready for that too. Theme is obvious ;)
  3. WitchQueen

    Inventory sorting

    This works with items that can be duplicated (though its damn expensive with cars). Saadly can't be done with weapons though. Not ideal but its a workaround:
  4. WitchQueen

    Pay2Grief - Win $500k EVERY Friday!!

    Pay2Grief 18 starting soon. Here's last weeks:
  5. WitchQueen

    Bring Back Beacon!

    My aim went to crap when they removed Beacon. I did love it so.
  6. WitchQueen

    Pay2Grief - Win $500k EVERY Friday!!

    I'm a bit late with last weeks p3g video. Going again tonight. Seeya there!
  7. WitchQueen

    Flaws' Ultimate APB Guide

    This is brilliant! Good job!
  8. WitchQueen

    The USC: Ultimate Shooting Championship (Citadel)

    The USC Battle Royale video: I'd like to do another one of these pretty soon. Maybe this saturday night or sunday afternoon. Let us know if you're interested here. Great thing abouta battle royale is that I can always grab people from social it's just nicer if people have signed up.
  9. WitchQueen

    'The Gauntlet!' Finally over!

    start time is 20 mins from this message