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  1. Same deal tonight but at Waterfront Gold, Griefer station.
  2. I think we already established that up close - and I was only talking about up close - that people with bad aim AREN'T struggling up close due to the things I said. Yes they get beaten by people with good aim (most of the time) but they are doing ok against others. Up close recoil isn't really an issue for most weapons. And you don't need to know anything about RNG. Knowing about it doesn't make you better or worse. An atac user could still improve mouse control, positioning etc and move to a different weapon to get better results when the rng factor becomes too frustrating. Also don't forget that everyone is different and don't learn in the same fashion and you might.
  3. It actually makes perfect sense. Someone with bad aim will struggle with a really accurate weapon up close as it is tougher for them to keep a small area of bullet spread on an opposing player. However, using a hip firing atac with a larger area of bullet spread in cq means that a few bullets still hit even with bad aim. And if they can stay alive long enough then they may eventually kill them. This player will usually lose against anyone with good aim but anyone with average or similar skills then they have a decent chance.
  4. There's some good suggestions for symbol designer. You'd just have to find ways to copy stuff and obviously screenshotting is an option.
  5. Which designer and software are we talking about?
  6. Digital music makers or DAW's (digital audio workstation i think) have something called a 'piano roll' (google it) and it's basically the same as the music maker in apb. So whilst you can't save your inputs from apb you can screenshot it to reinput into another DAW. Or you can use a sound recording program to just record the sound and turn it into an mp3 or something.
  7. Back on tonight. $500k and an EOL for the person winning most rounds. 1045pm BST Financial Gold. Meet by the repair station by Tiptoe.
  8. We all sent questions to Sakebee who fed them through to Skay. So the questions asked were a mix of streamers, viewers and a few of Skay's.
  9. Hypothesis. The part that comes before the experiment and the reasoned conclusion. The part where you don't know much. Alanis Morrissette would love this.
  10. Watch from here: (Thanks to Kevkov for the timestamp). I don't know much more than Matt says here though.
  11. Anti vehicle EMP coming with new contacts when the new engine launches.
  12. Matt's Q&A starts 15 mins in and is condensed into less than 30 minutes:
  13. Featuring my experience of the new engine and Matt's Q&A condensed to under 30 minutes:
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