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  1. What: Hide n' Seek Where: Baylan, Waterfront 1 (or whichever is gold), CITADEL When: This Saturday (17th) night 11pm uk time. How to enter: Just turn up but it helps if you reply here. Prizes: 1st place - N-tec Ursus 2nd place - Nano 3rd place - Bullshark 4th place - $250k APB money The video above shows you the basic format: People hide in baylan (and must stay in one spot) and I have to look for you with my HUD off. The last person I find wins the Ursus. It shouldn't take as long this time as I'm learning the good hiding places. I'll stream it so you can see my view of things as you hide. I want to register you before I start looking so I know exactly who I'm looking for so reply here if you're gonna be there and I'll take a register before it starts then add anyone else who turns up. See you there! Witch (In)FAQ: 1. How long do I have to find a spot? About 5 minutes. 2 How about if I get kicked fot inactivity? Just tell me and I'll stop until you get back. 3. How about if you find 2 people at the same time in prize positions? This happened in the video above. We'll sort it out nicely 4. What if I move positions? if you get caught you get disqualified. 5. What are the boundaries? basically whereever you'd be able to go in the fight club but of course it's in the mission district. 6. Can I see what you see? Yeah I'll stream it. 7. Can I join your voice chat? Yeah I'll link the discord on the stream on the night.
  2. I had this issue in district chat when doing one of the events. Whe I found out I switched to Yell and had no problems. Is this why social spammers use yell?
  3. WitchQueen

    Pay2Grief - Win $500k EVERY Friday!!

    Just because I haven't shared one in a while. 1080p 60fps these days
  4. Tonight! 10pm uk time. Get your cars and outfits sorted!
  5. WitchQueen

    Carball Citadel Cup

    It's on the EU server so everyone's evenings will be fairly similar. Dinian is really flexible though and doesn't just announce times (like I do).
  6. Here is WitchPrince with his entry. You don't need to change the background and you don't need to hold the image up. You can just have it in the background somewhere. But we need it with you IRL so we know it's you and a recent pic...
  7. WitchQueen

    Carball Citadel Cup

    This is a cool event, more people need to enter this!
  8. Man I wish the player base was as big as back then. That was very cool. I have general billboards about the party up in social but yeah I might make a few specialised ones describing certain aspects of the party. Good call!
  9. Ah thanks Iodyne I do like the colour challenge aspect of the official one though. Great work QoL! Hope you'll put it on amd wear it to the party. Haven't seen you in game for ages! I'm hopefully going to be doing more stuff in Jericho in the near future! But yeah what Saxtus said. You could create a totally new monsterous character on Citadel just for the party! And if you win anything you might be able to do a cross server trade with middleman. Hint: use me as middle man so you don't get scammed. No IRL costumes yet though? I'm hoping this will change over halloween. The Steam voucher will get you a lot of ARMAS stuff when the prices change. Or just buy a full priced game!
  10. Nice event. And all the citadel players have a '2nd chance' at a prize by wearing it to the halloween party on the 2nd. See billboards above the joker store.
  11. WitchQueen

    The Growth of GamersFirst

    The way i see it is that there are three camps of people: 1. People like us who know the background. Wanting to stick with Gamersfirst is fine. They want to actually make the name a true reflection of the company. Bravo. If we say 'noooo the association, I'll have nightmares!!!' Then we're just being silly because we know it's a different company. 2. People who are totally new and no zero background. They be like 'ooh a company that puts gamers first. Great!' Then finally 3. The people who left the game a while back with a bad taste and have no idea there was a takeover. If they rediscover the game (see a youtube vid or something) in a few months time they'll just think nothing's changed and might pass it over. These are the people I'd be concerned about. There's a good million people who have liked the facebook page. That's a lot of people. Unfortunately the way Facebook page algorithms work these days I bet a massive percentage of that million have no idea anything has changed. However, it all really comes down to how the game is run and what new features it gets. If it's all good then they could be called 'Crap First' and it wouldn't matter.