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  1. Not in streaming. I just enjoy doing it sometimes. Discuss away. The people in the voice chat usually do. My aim sucks and I'm out of practise. It's a computer game so I'm at peace with it
  2. Apologies to @Yood for posting a link to my stream (I ask people NOT to sub to me if it helps me not be scum of the Earth in your eyes). Anyway.... quite often near the end of the game I would find myself spawning in a position which meant I could not possibly survive. I say no respawns and shorter more exciting games. It isn't helped by the fact that you spawn with a hazmat on if you are in a contaminated zone. If we didn't then we could go as far as possible without one and then activate one to buy us some time. Also at one point I thought maybe there were about 10 people in the game based on how quiet it was. I checked at it was 58. Now that isn't too bad. But damn, where is everyone? This is the calmest Riot I've ever seen. All peace and tranquility. Here's a little clip of how it could sound: Also let us choose where we can spawn at the beginning: play it safe around the outskirts or 'Tilted Towers' where we can RIOT!!!!
  3. Like Kevin Bacon! But seriously, most people do just want an APB that runs well and doesn't have cheaters and threat issues. It's also what the people who no longer play want. People sometimes forget that most of APB's player base don't actually play APB. That sounds backwards I know but so many people want to love APB but can't. They're still waiting for their perfect game to become playable for them. Until then they're either just hanging around social or playing other games. There's a reason my news videos get more views that APB has players. People want to know if it's time to come back. Hopefully with Easy anti cheat and 3.5 it will be a huge step in the right direction. Then it won't matter if RIOT is around or not, the game will have enough players to support it. Some people will love it in the same way some love fight club. But all those people who loved the missions will finally be able to play again. Don't worry about RIOT. Enjoy it or don't enjoy it. It will either help or it will have no real effect. It won't be the death. Maybe eventually APB will consist of missions, 2 fight clubs then revolving game modes like Fortnite does: RIOT to Chaos District to Beacon etc.
  4. If they did all the work in the Quantum Realm they could have the engine upgrade as well as Riot ready for 1970. Only it would cause an alternate reality and we'd still be waiting... I'll just cross my fingers.
  5. They decided RIOT can't be released without extra sound effects ** **This is not true!
  6. That's a very good idea @MrChan I did think that the nfa and pdw were extremely close range and they would suck. Then again it's like just having the pick axe in fortnite. Sometimes you drop in and die immediately and that's the way it is. I suppose in Fortnite you can jump into a new game real quick though since 1000s are ready to play alongside you.
  7. I haven't listened to all of @iTzBlackout 's sounds but those things definitely need to be added. I like the idea of the breathing in the Hazmat suit! The noob friendly thing is true. When I began to play I felt the fbw was a much better starter weapon than the snubby. But I quickly realised the FBW is in fact 2 different weapons: It is a slow shooting weak gun in the hands of a novice (new players and me) and then in the hands of a player who knows the tap-rythm it's a wrecking machine. So those who have suggested an automatic starter weapon are absolutely right. I reckon an NFa or Pdw would be ok. Or no weapon at all and make more available on the floor. I said this before but loadouts cannot be as they are. New players have got zero choice. In Riot mode there must be a selection of guns to choose from like 1 shotty, 1 smg, 1 assault rifle, 1 anti vehicle, 1 sniper etc. As @Flaws and others may have suggested we need to see the closing zones on a mini map somehow. It's not a simple circle like Fortnite so you need to be able to see where you're going. Pressing M to have a look was really annoying. I'm still not totally sold on having extra lives though I must admit I was excited when I suddenly respawned. I think it's odd to have extra lives in a mode like this and as @RoseTheGoat has previously suggested maybe rather than dying, going into a 'stun' position would be good and then relying on teammates to 'revive' you. Maybe even allow people to slowly move around when stunned. Maybe also gradually become 'un-stunned' just like in the real game. The lobby and queuing seems a bit dodgy. There really shouldn't be a tonne of barely-filled districts. This added to the 'ghostly' feel of the mode. Is it possible to queue for the mode whilst chilling in social or another district. Then only bring people into the game when there will be a lot of players. If there's only 20 people queueing and it's been that way for a while then sure pop them into a game. But if there's 40 people then try to get a game with 40 in rather than 2x20. When we die we still get abruptly sent to watch another player. Let us see our body fall. Also when a team win let us see them celebrate and get some sound effects to go with it. 'You are now evacuating the district'. One thing I noticed, there was a time when it was just me left from my team (I know!) and my teammate @Saxtus was spectating me and kept telling me when someone was coming. I then realised that he could check all directions and be an extra pair of eyes for me. Now this was cool, however is it something we should be able to do? I still think having the players' camera moves forced on the spectator would be better. That way teammates can't 'spy' for you, and we can also learn from good players (and spot cheats). Having said all that I actually really did enjoy the test on Friday and with a few tweaks could be a very worthwhile game mode. Of all the things to change I think the sound design and the beginner friendly-ness should be looked at first. Don't be disheartened LO these are tests after all. Keep listening as you do...
  8. It's not uncommon for this type of thing to happen so be aware that it could happen and tell us sooner than 1 day in advance.
  9. Oh man. I could have made it to my brother's wedding afterall...
  10. 1. How does RIOT compare to other APB game modes? At the moment it plays like a BR when you decide to jump into a low populated area to avoid dying. Much slower paced than either missions or fight club. Actually it kinda plays like Fight club on NA at 2 in the morning. 2. Would you encourage your friends to play RIOT? Sure I think everyone should try new things. 3. How would you explain RIOT to someone who has never seen it? APB does BR but with elements similar to CS:GO's blackout. 4. What ONE THING would you change about RIOT if you could? So hard to choose one thing this early. I think sound effects. This mode needs a LOT of sound effects to add tension. 5. What is your favorite aspect of RIOT? New objects placed in the district. 6. What about RIOT do you like the least? Weapon loadouts being based on your own locker. - Very new player unfriendly 'I'd like to purchase my FBW and STAR please'. I'd like to re-iterate a few points made by others and expand on them a bit... I liked Rose's idea of going into the 'stunned' position when you get shot so friends have time to heal you up. I wonder if you could add really slow movement to this so you could maybe crawl out of harms way. I really hate the idea of respawning as I think in a mode like this, once you're dead you're dead. Which means the stun thing could work really well. The opposing player would then have to shoot you again (maybe a few times) or even arrest/immobilise you out of the game to earn more cash. As I said up there ^ the loadout idea is new player unfriendly. I think the loud out screen should actually give you access to either a selection of weapons or every in game weapon. That way the mode would actually be a good way of trialling weapons too and give the people who hate the idea of a BR style mode, a reason to try it. Sound effects: As people have said the mode sounded very dead. I think there should be city alarms going off. I think tannoy announcements saying things like 'RIOT device initiated' 'Evacuate the area immediately' '10 teams remaining' '5 teams remaining' and cool stuff like that said a by a cool robotic sounding voice (you know the one). When Riot gas is released near you I wanna hear that BOOOOOMMMMM noise like from Inception. Basically this mode needs to be really cinematic. Humans are psychological beings, they need this stuff. On death: 'WitchQueen has been eliminated' then a replay of the few seconds leading up to your death from your Killers POV immediately leading into you spectating them. But now I want NO control over the camera. I wanna see how they play and what they do with the camera. People can learn a lot from that stuff. Either no control or the option to have their POV, free cam of them etc. And also let us switch players. When the last team wins I wanna stick with them for a bit and see what silly celebratory emotes they do. Initial spawn points. I don't want to be parachuted in but I reckon a map with a load of spawn locations (just like you do with FC and missions) would be good at the start. Do we want to spawn right into notorious hotspots or do we want to play it safe on the outskirts? Also the team doesn't necessarily have to spawn in the same spot but we have a few seconds to see what their choices are. Initial map size. If there's not so many people playing the initial map size could be smaller. Last area. Again I agree with Rose that this last block is still pretty large. I reckon by this time, the gas is fully surrounding the players and should gradually be encroaching on the play area forcing people closer and closer. There's some other stuff that I'd mention but I know is going to be addressed (wait times etc) but all in all I found the mode to be very intriguing and I'm looking forward to the next test.
  11. Fair enough if you don't like BR games but saying a season pass is a money grab is crazy. Season passes are actually amazing value for money for the player and great for the company as it gets people playing. Just take a look at any of Fortnite's season passes and compare the price (about £8 but actually free this season I believe) and what you get for that price with the price of items in cash shops of nearly all games that have them. Yes they make money but they benefit everyone. Plus you don't have to have it to play.
  12. This post is constantly updated for the latest USC tournament... The USC: 4 What: A knockout snubnose 1v1 tournament. When: Probably a Saturday Night but when we have enough competitors we'll choose a time we can all do. Prize: Some legendary (you'll have a choice). As well as this competition we will have a few one off matches if anyone is challenged. Remember you need money or fame to challenge someone. BRING YOUR SNUBNOSE TO THE CONSTRUCTOGON. IF WE HAVE AT LEAST 8 PARTICIPANTS THIS WILL GO AHEAD. Meet me in the centre of social at 1115PM uk time. Here is our event calendar. The USC time for your time zone is here: https://teamup.com/kss2qvh49z1zvmfjaj If you want to fight, you need to sign up here. If you want to challenge a higher ranked fighter, you will need to put your money where your mouth is and make it worth their while. Your reward will be your shot at fame. Their reward will be your money if they beat you. How to Sign up (IF YOU HAVE PARTICIPATED BEFORE YOU DON'T NEED TO GIVE THIS INFO AGAIN): In THIS THREAD, give us: 1. Your in game name 2. Your Faction 3. Your Clan 4. Your country (give your character's country if you like) 5. Character Gender (male or female) The current rankings are in the latest USC video below. Have what it takes to beat our champ? Sign up! Here is the latest USC video: More info: Rules? Snubnose only for now. Cherub is fine. Fighters can use any character mod but not a mod that the other fighter doesn't have access to UNLESS THE OTHER FIGHTER AGREES TO LET THEM. Fighters inspect each fighter before each fight to make sure you're happy with each other. If you want me to run this on Jericho let me know.
  13. Server: Citadel When: Wednesday nights! 9:00pm uk time but there's no reason people can't gather sooner or pop along later. What: Impromptu races, chilling and showing off your car designs, cruising (not frowned upon in San Paro) Watch the vid for an idea. See you there! Find out the start time in your time zone: https://teamup.com/kss2qvh49z1zvmfjaj Join my Discord server and keep up to date with events or help out: https://discord.gg/bwjAAZb Financial meeting locations: Waterfront meeting locations: Thanks to Androy for these. Back in the Day: 2018:
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