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  1. I really like the overlays and the filter you gave to the screenshots! @Officer_Foxtail Makes them look even better than the original ones. I just decided to take a "complete tour" of the whole topic here... (I know... a bit late, but still). And all I can say for now is a huge THANK YOU from me and the whole Chipp's Car Club Event Team. Just want to let all of you know, that we really appreciate your time and effort spent for us and with us. Honestly, a thank you is not even close to the level of gratefulness and respect I have for all of you... It's a honor to have the "LAPD SQUAD" with us, during our event... to a point that makes us proud to be together on the "good side" of the whole game community. Only a few months passed, and hopefully we're looking forward to a much better future of events spent together! (maybe they'll even become official and have dedicated districts... one day Soon™) Anyways, keep up the fantastic content. I personally love it! Love you all... until next wednesday! o7
  2. Meeting spot for today is in Merchant Park / Juniper
  3. There it is... my sumo calabria. I would like the penguin sweater. Thanks for these amazing events ^^
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