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  1. The USC: 2 What: A knockout snubnose 1v1 tournament. When: Round 1: Saturday 1st December 1115 uk time. Prize: Some legendary TBC As well as the first round of this competition we will have a few one off matches if anyone is challenged. Remember you need money or fame to challenge someone. BRING YOUR SNUBNOSE TO THE CONSTRUCTOGON. IF WE HAVE AT LEAST 10 PARTICIPANTS THIS WILL GO AHEAD. Meet me in the centre of social at 1115PM uk time. Here is our event calendar. The USC time for your time zone is here: https://teamup.com/kss2qvh49z1zvmfjaj If you want to fight, you need to sign up here. If you want to challenge a higher ranked fighter, you will need to put your money where your mouth is and make it worth their while. Your reward will be your shot at fame. Their reward will be your money if they beat you. How to Sign up (IF YOU HAVE PARTICIPATED BEFORE YOU DON'T NEED TO GIVE THIS INFO AGAIN): In THIS THREAD, give us: 1. Your in game name 2. Your Faction 3. Your Clan 4. Your country (give your character's country if you like) 5. Character Gender (male or female) The current rankings are in the latest USC video below. Have what it takes to beat our champ? Sign up! Here is the latest USC video: Here is the last USC Tournament. Knock out tournaments will be held occasionally and I will supply a prize: I would like all fighters to join me in discord voice chat during their bouts so I can ask them a few questions at the start and end of each fight. You don't have to but would be greatly appreciated: https://discord.gg/bwjAAZb More info: What? 1v1 shooting duels. For now we will just use snub noses but in future I would like different categories for different weapons. For that though we will need different arenas. Rules? Free Snubnose only for now. Fighters can use any mod but not a mod that the other fighter doesn't have access to UNLESS THE OTHER FIGHTER AGREES TO LET THEM. One of my team will inspect each fighter before each fight to make sure nothing untoward is taking place and then once again at the end if that player has died during the fight. Confirmed Fighters for this event: Yeedman Rose Heysie The Great Loom
  2. WitchQueen

    The USC 2: Ultimate Shooting Championship (Citadel) ROUND 1

    Latest rankings are at the end:
  3. It's Christmas time so we need a car based event with a lot of destruction! Holidays are coming! What: WitchQueen's Christmas Destruction Derby & Design Competition Where: Gold Financial CITADEL on the incomplete highway When: Sunday December 23rd 9PM GMT How to Enter: Design a Derby themed Calabria and post it here. When you post tell me which Xmas Jumper design you want (Penguin, Rudolf, or Snowman - See Below) Prizes: 1st Place: Yukon + AAEPD Volcano JC Rocket Launcher* 2nd Place $500k APB Cash + Colby 1922 Hazardous* 3rd Place $200k APB Cash *BONUS IF YOU POST A PIC OF YOUR CAR HERE and compete in the Derby Xmas Jumper Design Competition: Win 1100G1c - Post your Calabrias here. The theme is 'Destruction Derby' so make it look like it's in a competitive derby and not just some random nice looking car. It DOESN'T have to be Christmas themed. I will pick my favourite 5 and then the winner will be voted on my stream on derby day. Only cars posted here can enter and the design competition will go ahead only if a minimum of ten cars are posted. ANYONE CAN ENTER THIS EVEN IF YOU DON'T COMPETE. Raffle: For all fair competitors, and helpers (security, camera people etc). Prizes TBC Betting: We will be taking (non-monetary) bets on winners in my stream (twitch.tv/witchqueen) to earn my stream currency which allows you to purchase various things. Rules: This is half Demolition Derby half Car Sumo. All cars will be together on the highway and winner is the car that stays alive and on the platform the longest. If your car blows up you are out. If your car falls off the highway you are out. If you get out of your car you are out. If anyone repairs your car you are out. Macchina Calabria 127's ONLY! NO SLOTS, NO MODS No Weapons obviously. Queue up on the highway ready to jump to the derby platform (we will have security). Once you are there line up like you will see in the pictures. Don't bash other people until the derby has begun and be patient. These things don't magically start right away. How Can You Help? Donations towards prizes are always welcome. On the day I will need 4 people to be security. If you are driving then I would greatly appreciate it if you could film your view so we use it to make a better video. Feel free to have a co-driver who can film if you'd rather not stress your system during the event. I would like all contestants to wear the Destruction Derby Christmas Jumper. You don't have to but you won't get the bonus prizes. Here are the female versions taken back in 2012: I'll send all participants a jumper once you enter. Here's a video of a previous one: Here's some pics from the last ones:
  4. WitchQueen

    Nhvr nerf.

    Someone remind me of the actual nerf? Since I only use it as an acrual sniper I don't even know what happened lol.
  5. WitchQueen

    APB 2nd wow

    Personally I rage most when it's my fault. Like if I run out of mouse mat ooh that annoys me lol. If I'm up against an obvious hacker I don't really mind I kinda like to get an up close view of what they're doing. If I was up against hackers constantly I'm sure I'd get annoyed but to my knowledge I never have.
  6. WitchQueen

    APB 2nd wow

    ATL? It's a teaching union though. I reckon revert back to All Points Bulletin. APB Reloaded sounds silly. Like the game keeps crashing or something.
  7. WitchQueen

    APB 2nd wow

    'Guns don't kill people, rappers do' Cheaters don't cause toxicity. Or at least not the sole cause. Losing causes toxicity. And when people lose they either deal with it or decide to blame something. A mouse, optimisation, cheaters. People just need to remember we're playing a game and LO are trying damn hard to make it a good one.
  8. WitchQueen

    Chipp's Wednesday Night Car Club

    Server: Citadel When: Wednesday nights! 9:00pm uk time but there's no reason people can't gather sooner or pop along later. What: Impromptu races, chilling and showing off your car designs, cruising (not frowned upon in San Paro) Watch the vid for an idea. See you there! Find out the start time in your time zone: https://teamup.com/kss2qvh49z1zvmfjaj Join my Discord server and keep up to date with events or help out: https://discord.gg/bwjAAZb Financial meeting locations: Waterfront meeting locations: Thanks to Androy for these. Back in the Day: 2018:
  9. WitchQueen

    This whisper I got from a GM

    How about: When you win a game you could have like 5% less hp for any further games and you gain a rank. Further wins reduce your hp and raise your rank even more and other prizes are given if you win at higher ranks. It's basically like a handicap in golf but makes winners feel awesome rather than weak. I gotta say though that I found the event a lot of fun and they're just throwing joker tickets at us so we're still getting stuff when we play.
  10. WitchQueen

    The USC 2: Ultimate Shooting Championship (Citadel) ROUND 1

    Thanks to all who came. We had an 8 person tournament. I'll get it in a video.
  11. WitchQueen

    Colby SNR Range and Accuracy

    1v1 snubnose tournament tonight. Come along and showcase your SNR skills. Apologies for posting, no one goes in the events forum.
  12. WitchQueen

    The USC 2: Ultimate Shooting Championship (Citadel) ROUND 1

    This is on tonight. According to this we only have 4 taking part but I'll try to recruit more from social later. Meet at the sign on the joker store.
  13. WitchQueen

    merge jericho and citadel ?

    I think they will be eventually tbh. Just that some districts will be hosted in the us amd some in europe. No more 'servers'.
  14. WitchQueen

    A warning to fair or new players.

    Andy Dufresne you are not. When you realise you are just bringing together all the respected members of the community to state that actually there aren't that many cheaters in the game, you will stop. No used library books for you. I give you 4 days max.
  15. WitchQueen

    Racing at Double B

    And Gold districts are perfect because they're empty.
  16. WitchQueen

    When is APB: Vendetta coming out?

    It wasn't as serious as you think. There are undertones of funny even though what Matt said was totally true.
  17. WitchQueen

    The USC 2: Ultimate Shooting Championship (Citadel) ROUND 1

    Now accepting fighters for the next USC event. Let me know here if you either want to enter the USC:2 or if you want to challenge a fighter to climb the rankings (or both). Remember to challenge someone higher ranked than you, you need to put the pruze yourself. If they beat you they get the prize. If you beat them you get the glory. I have updated the original post so read it for more info. It will be on 1st December: Saturday night, 1115pm uk time. Citadel. Meet me in the centre of social.
  18. WitchQueen

    Pay2Grief - Win $500k EVERY Friday!!

    What: Bash my car till it blows. Whoever makes me blow up wins money. Current format: Currently we're running up to 5 rounds each with a $100k prize. When: Friday 10:45pm uk time. Click this to find the time in your time zone: https://teamup.com/kss2qvh49z1zvmfjaj/events/201414320-rid-1532727900 Where: Citadel EU. GOLD Waterfront. If you want to take part hang around at 'Griefer Station' -The kind of central repair station. Late comers are welcome. Join my Discord server if you want: https://discord.gg/bwjAAZb What exactly: I will be driving around Waterfront. I will also be streaming on http://twitch.tv/witchqueen so if I go missing you will be able to find me. Remember I only get damaged when I get knocked into a wall, npc car or one of my defenders. Going N5 won't count. If I get killed by an N5 I'll just respawn and continue. Watch this vid to see how it works:
  19. WitchQueen

    Hide n' Seek! Win an Ursus/Nano/Bullshark/$$$!!

    And thanks again for the donations!
  20. What: Hide n' Seek Where: Baylan, Waterfront 1 (or whichever is gold), CITADEL When: This Saturday (17th) night 11pm uk time. How to enter: Just turn up but it helps if you reply here. Prizes: 1st place - N-tec Ursus 2nd place - Nano 3rd place - Bullshark 4th place - $250k APB money The video above shows you the basic format: People hide in baylan (and must stay in one spot) and I have to look for you with my HUD off. The last person I find wins the Ursus. It shouldn't take as long this time as I'm learning the good hiding places. I'll stream it so you can see my view of things as you hide. I want to register you before I start looking so I know exactly who I'm looking for so reply here if you're gonna be there and I'll take a register before it starts then add anyone else who turns up. See you there! Witch (In)FAQ: 1. How long do I have to find a spot? About 5 minutes. 2 How about if I get kicked fot inactivity? Just tell me and I'll stop until you get back. 3. How about if you find 2 people at the same time in prize positions? This happened in the video above. We'll sort it out nicely 4. What if I move positions? if you get caught you get disqualified. 5. What are the boundaries? basically whereever you'd be able to go in the fight club but of course it's in the mission district. 6. Can I see what you see? Yeah I'll stream it. 7. Can I join your voice chat? Yeah I'll link the discord on the stream on the night.
  21. WitchQueen

    Pay2Grief - Win $500k EVERY Friday!!

    Ah thanks a lot. Glad you enjoyed it.
  22. WitchQueen

    Pay2Grief - Win $500k EVERY Friday!!

  23. With cars it doesn't have to be expensive. You'll have to put all your bought cars on the market then fill your garage with cheap or armas cars. Then delete the cars that are in the position that you want to use. But yeah it don't work with weapons.