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  1. SquirrelFace completely misunderstood my post or perhaps it was my bad. :c I am using wired. Thanks for your answer Drayke. It's the router provided by my ISP actually and it's not too good. I'll just keep using my phone as I don't know how to mess with all that stuff and too lazy to tbh, but thank you Honestly it's weird, after I connect with my phone, if I use my ethernet after, it works, then the next day it doesn't so have to use my phone again. I apologize as I don't know any of this tech stuff.
  2. I'm not talking about PC or anything. I've been using a router connected to a fiber optics landline, and said router is connected to my PC through an Ethernet cable. The router is 5ghz. I can play any games on it but if I try to play APB Reloaded it kicks me from the server when I try to login to any of my characters. So then I decided to use my phone's hotspot, which also didn't work, until I change the connection on it to 2.4ghz, then it lets me login just fine. But like I said above it's not as good so it's laggy and my ping is high.
  3. I have been having issues logging in for months now getting a connection error over and over when I select a character and then saying my client is already logged in, support wasn't able to help and finally figured out that if i'm connected to a 5ghz network it simply refuses to let me into the server. I tested this with multiple connections including my phone which allows changing between 5ghz and 2.4ghz, when changing to 2.4ghz i can login just fine but it's not as good so my ping sucks. I also tried different games and they work fine with 5ghz. I also reinstalled the game like a million times and repaired client. Honestly this sucks.
  4. I like a lot of the changes here but here are my main concerns. -It is already very hard to compete with SMG's and shotties at close range when you use an Assault Rifle, I feel like this change might make it even harder, and AR's will lose their identity of being the middle ground between SMG's and Snipers, where they aren't exceptional at either feel but they're okay with it. -Ursus might just become kinda trash and not worth getting, I might be wrong but I think it's gonna feel like a generic AR now, it's accuracy and stuff was the whole point of it. -Heavy HVR is fine, but Scout should be left as it was, 55 and 0.6 equip time. The whole reason to use this sniper was for some nice jumpshots, which were pretty hard to pull off, now I'm kinda worried we won't have time to pull off a shot before the AR/SMG/LMG deleting our HP disintegrates us into oblivion. -Assault Rifle jumpshotting wasn't that easy to pull off and risky, and I feel like nerfing it essentially removes a fun aspect of the game with it's fast paced fights and high mobility. Specially the way maps are designed with movement, in fact now it feels like AR's will be punished hard for movement, while SMG's and shotties will be hoppin' around like it's nothing (I say this as a shotgun/smg main) I appreciate you trying to balance things out LO, and your efforts to fix this game. And while feedback is great I think you shoudn't fully base your opinions on feedback, because at the end of the day this is a pvp game, and a lot of people who give feedback might just be upset from losing and blaming a gun for it, rather than adapting and changing their mindset to improve as a player. much love Edit: made a few typos the way maps are designed with movement taken into consideration** And while listening to feedback is great**
  5. I am so happy for this Please do consider giving us more inventory space for clothing I barely have anything and I'm already full and I really wanna benefit from this amazing joker store update.
  6. Is it me or am I not noticing any new missions? Been playing all day. Maybe they're too similiar?
  7. That is pretty crazy o.o well I hope your issue gets resolved, but still very surprised if you can run a modern game decently, that's assuming the gpu/cpu haven't died after all these years O.O still shocked sorry
  8. Unfortunately every pvp game has tons of toxic people, it's more noticeable in APB because our community is small, fortunately we're heading in the right direction and I hope that it attracts new player, LO even hinted multiple times at starting advertising and such once they fix the new player experience. Happy to see the staff getting into this, guys if you're having issues do send them logs and stuff, it'll help immensively. I don't want to be that guy, in fact im sad to see someone who can't play but honestly I'm surprised you were able to play the game at all, I notice a lot of people who try to play with computers that are not meant for gaming or just can't keep up anymore. Obviously this isn't every case though, some people, like myself still have issues with a PC up to modern gaming standards..
  9. Yeah APB is super super un-optimized and uses 100% of my cpu/gpu, my gaming PC runs it at 60 frames on max but drops to 40 and stutters on combat If you want to match what I did it's super simple I didn't go to deep into it and i found that it helped a lot (in my case) I did the following: on compat options I didn't touch anything, I only messed with textures and other, what I did was move all the sliders to low quality except, character textures, player vehicle textures, and primitive textures. Prop textures is on 16, used to have it on low but not seeing through fences kinda sucked. If this doesn't suck, I can also recommend Flaws config, on his twitch channel. twitch.tv/flvws/about it takes a second to figure it out but he put a lot of txt files explaining everything in there thankfully. if that stuff doesn't work, don't give up, APB is just hella unoptimized and incompatible with most systems, even more incompatible with some than others. you'll find a way to make it mostly stable, but for now I have high hopes for all the beta tests they still need work but they're going in the right direction. All the top streamers are giving feedback on it, as well as everyone who tested it. What helps me not get mad when there's lag and stutters and stuff is to just laugh it off, even easier if playing with friends, we have way more fun when we're relaxed. Also make sure to disable anything running in the background all I ever have running is steam, discord and the software for my razer keyboard. I generally close discord and steam windows though because if there's images loaded or gifs or anything like that it lags me out on apb. You've probably seen/heard all I said here but I hope this helps a bit. side note, I don't know how to edit in these forums, I wrote "If this doesn't suck" instead of "If this doesn't work" haha my bad. another side note, posts merge, okay o.o
  10. Hey I completely understand you in terms of lag and stuttering, I've had to use advanced launcher and I still get some stutters, less so than before but still happens, everyone does. LO is aiming to fix all this but it's definitely going to take time, they're working with a broken game that another studio left behind and trying to salvage it, this mission patch was a step in the right direction and beta tests too. If you need help with the advanced launcher feel free to DM me, i'm willing to share what settings i used. Also some in game settings that need removed like vsync and smooth frame rate. I'm not sure what to do about the themes, i think even if LO finds a way to fix the issue people will work around it, cuz people are really stupid. they're annoying for me too luckily i instantly mute my game then /ignore them so i can't hear it again. And overall as someone who used to get upset like that too, my advice is to ignore all the idiots, and just try to mess around even if you lose. and remember to not care what people think about you when they beat you cuz they don't matter honestly, only people who matter are your friends. much luck to u I enjoyed playing against ya was a lot of fun -SpectralWave on NA
  11. Extremely happy with most changes and excited to try out all these old missions which will be new to me. Two complaints however. Remote detonator is still super OP i think a longer cooldown or a bigger reaction time would help. And the supply cost is way too high considering we only get around 1 to 2k per mission and that's with premium. On a side note really good stuff thank you Little Orbit for your work on this game P.s. id hope to see percussions not 85 you anymore someday and pmg to not be so OP (this is coming from someone who has used them and been on the receiving end as well)
  12. https://youtu.be/foxneLtGjxs Just a meme edit for fun. Hope someone can enjoy it lol
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