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  1. In the editor, I am trying to make a font that has an american flag color. I have used an american flag background, a white square that covers it, and a custom font made out of squares. If it is possible, what do I need to use to hide the american flag, so that the only american flag that appears is what is behind the text?
  2. yea I will send it to you, we are kinda inactive rn because im moving to korea soon, but.
  3. Well, it is a thing, you have your opinion, but facts are facts m8
  4. DivineLiberty

    Cops stunning

    Well, it isn't necessarily about it being OP. What you need to understand is that LTL has a play style of its own. First, most LTL weapons either do a lot of stun damage but have a magazine capacity under 10, or do very little stun damage but have 30 or so rounds per magazine. Not only that, some of the strategies used by LTL players are using lethal weapons and then using LTL weapons, because lethal weapons can cause stun damage as well, or they take opp by surprise. Unfortunately, LTL weapons are EXTREMELY lacking in range, with the PIG having a range just slightly further than the repair torch. You most likely just ran into opp that spends most of their time, if not all of it, rolling with LTLs. Trust me, LTL weapons are DEFINITELY not OP, some of the players that use LTL are though.
  5. Absolutely, if it go flashy flashy, and wee woo wee woo, it is allowed, but you HAVE to have a siren, so crims cant play the whole "I didn't see any lights" game. But yes, the unremovable lights, or any emergency lights on the other custom parts of the car, are allowed, but a siren is mandatory.
  6. Yes, exactly, I am a member of the US Army Esports Program, and I am the sole member representing APB: Reloaded as well as its community. Is there a problem with that. It is an official thing: https://recruiting.army.mil/army_esports/
  7. (P.S.) The first few paragraphs are really about me so you can skip those. Hello, I am the Chief of the San Paro Police Department, or the SPPD for short, and before you tell me in the comments that there are already a whopping number of other SPPD clans already, hear me out... I don't care. Those clans are typically ran by gold veterans with nothing else to do but run a clan, or by beginner players with less than a year of experience, which sets my clan apart. For starters, I am not a beginner, I have played since 2015, and while that is about four or six years shorter than some members, it's not beginning. Second, I might be gold (although I didnt want to be), but I still have a lot of stuff left to do in the game before it gets boring. Third, I have experience in real life and in not only APB, but a lot of other games when it comes to managing a team, law enforcement or not. What experience do you have you may ask. Let me tell you: As if it wasn't clear enough by my profile picture, I am, actually, in the United States Army. What do I do? Well, I definitely don't like killing people, but I like computers, so I clearly decided to be an Information Technology Specialist (the Army's Microsoft support). I also used to be an explorer for my local Sheriff's Office (Its like police boy scouts). I am also a US Army ESports Program Representative. And finally, I have experience as a staff member and leader in multiple other games. Anyway, enough about me, onto the clan! WELCOME TO THE SPPD (The Clan Logo) https://prnt.sc/maatpp I am the Chief, DivineLiberty (Me, and my car) https://prnt.sc/maav2t I am technically the leader of the "San Paro MAAC Division", but forget technicalities! I started the clan all because of the police car design, I though "damn, this would look good with a lot of enforcers driving it around" That's how SPPD came to be. I have allies already, really just because I have good standings with the leaders of them, although I used to jump from clan to clan a lot. My allies are: "SPPD Police Patrol", and "SPCSO", but I could use a few more Speaking of a few more, I need members, and while I will take anyone I can get my hands on, I really, and I mean REALLY, need some experienced players to join the agency. Why? Because of the Event me and SPPD Police Patrol are hosting next Saturday and Sunday, the Police Chase/Car Show Event: I need experienced members, really to serve in our Community Enforcement Unit, they will be moderators of the police chase and car show events, but will not participate in the events themselves. "Well that sucks Divine, I wanted to chase some noob crim around in a Vegas and crush them!" I know little enforcer, I know. But hey, you get a sweeeeet vest, a sweeeeeter uniform, and an even SWEEEEEEEETERER vehicle to drive around in. (The Uniform) https://prnt.sc/maadkm (The Van) https://prnt.sc/maaycx Other than that, as a standard officer, you get a free patrol car https://prnt.sc/maayt5 A sweet uniform https://prnt.sc/maazdt And you get to interact with other clans, and other players. So hit me up on Discord by adding my tag: DivineLiberty#3322 or send me a message in game in Jericho with the Username DivineLiberty! Thanks for your time! -DivineLiberty
  8. This is in Jericho, it says so in the title friend.
  9. what would be cool, is if new characters got to pick it as a starter, but it couldn't be repurchased after you hit a certain level, or it couldn't be repurchased at all, that way, it holds monetary value and actually means something when customized by someone that's knows what they are doing
  10. Well, if your plans change, or if you have some spare time, stop on by and cause trouble. Nothing bad about having other plans.
  11. How..... is it going friends; I am DivineLiberty, and I want to make this quick announcement. I too, was a fan of the police chase videos by Rapid99. and I want to bring it back. Unfortunately, the only event occurring is in Citadel. But I know there are a lot of Jericho players that would love to participate in an event such as this. This is why, the San Paro MAAC Division, with the help of SPPD Police Patrol, will be hosting an event on Saturday, January 26th at 2:00 PM EST/UTC-5 In Jericho Financial, which Financial District it is will be decided then. We will also be hosting a faction based car show in the Baylan Shipping Dock. This is also a great opportunity, during both events, for clans from both factions, to recruit new members. Here is some information for both events: The Chase Event: Where: Financial Silver When: January 26th at 2:00 PM EST/UTC-5 How to Evade: Run and hide and if you aren't found within five (5) minutes, you win the pursuit and may start another one after five (5) minutes. Enforcers may not relocate a hiding criminal they weren't chasing. How to Arrest: Enforcers must immobilize, either by flipping on the side or roof, or pinning, a criminal, and successfully keep them in place for ten (10) seconds, that criminal must wait five (5) minutes before initiating another chase. Enforcers may not intentionally cause a criminal's vehicle to explode by repeatedly ramming them. Accidents are one thing, but don't exploit the opportunity to troll people. Rules: 1. Criminals must honk and drive off to initiate pursuits. 2. Enforcers may use any vehicle they wish, with any mods they wish, as long as they have lights and a siren. 3. Criminals may use any vehicle they wish, with any mods they wish, as long as their vehicle doesn't look like a police or CSA vehicle. 4. Enforcers may not commandeer civilian vehicles and must either ride with a group member, or spawn a new vehicle. 5. Criminals may not attempt to initiate a pursuit with an enforcer already in a pursuit. 6. Enforcers may only use their lights and sirens if engaged in a pursuit, this is to prevent criminals from breaking rule 5, and to help criminals tell if an enforcer isn't busy. 7. Pursuits may not exceed twenty (20) minutes. Criminals may only respawn cars after pursuits, criminals may not respawn cars mid chase. 8. Bank trucks, and the dump truck/cement truck, are banned vehicles and may not be utilized by either faction. Criminals may not help friends evade by intentionally ramming enforcers. 9. No special uniform or outfit is required. Enforcers may use any vehicle with any design as long as it complies with rule 2. 10. Only one (1) criminal per chase, enforcers may join any chase they wish but can not leave one chase to join another. 11. Enforcers may drive around and "patrol" or may sit at the car spawn on Silver Street used by Rapid99, across from the small circle park. https://prnt.sc/m78lqb https://prnt.sc/m78m7z New Rule: These Enforcer vans will be roaming around the map during the event monitoring chases, they may not chase or participate in chases, and criminals may not attempt to ram or engage in a chase with them. https://prnt.sc/ma94al This event relies heavily on the honesty and good sportsmanship of both factions. Please remember, this is just a game, if you are caught or lose the target, accept the loss and move on. https://prnt.sc/m7861n https://prnt.sc/m784wq https://prnt.sc/m7856y https://prnt.sc/m782m0 https://prnt.sc/m7845t The Car Show: Where: The Baylan Shipping Dock in Waterfront Silver https://prnt.sc/m78kb4 When: January 27th at 2:00 PM EST/UTC-5 How to Participate: Grab your favorite car, any car, and park with your faction, give some distance between vehicles and make it look neat so people can look around. Rules: 1. Vehicles must follow under Little Orbit's TOS and rules, meaning no sexually explicit content (female or male genitalia), although breasts are "allowed”. 2. No offensive content (Nazi outfits, swastikas, or themed vehicles, no racial slurs or racist images, themes, outfits, or vehicles). 3. Clan recruiting is allowed and extremely encouraged. 4. No NPC or civilian cars, no dump trucks/cement trucks or bank trucks. 5. No trolling, please don't start demolition derbies or intentionally hit other vehicles. This is an opportunity for the community, atleast the Jericho portion, to come together and have a good time, don't be the select few that ruin it. Thank you for taking interest in these events, I hope you can make it, and I hope we all have a great time when these events kick off. Credit to DivineLiberty for map pictures, Little Orbit for the map, and CoreyAndrewsFate for helping me take pictures and posing as a criminal. -DivineLiberty
  12. He never once claimed to support any of them. He is doing it for the same reason enforcers make police cars and police uniforms, because uniforms look awesome. Although you can push the offensive boundary, in general, when someone is mildly offensive, nobody cares about anyone's opinion. #politically-incorrect-social-justice-warrior
  13. So I am leaving on June 12th for Basic Training (United States Army), for nine weeks. During AIT (Advanced Individual Training), which lasts 22 weeks, I wont be able to have my desktop with me but I can have a laptop, I am giving myself a $1,000 USD budget so I don't overkill but I still get something decent. Anyone have any laptops they have used (preferably for APB), or any good ones they know about. Maybe a few reasons why too, so I can compare. Thanks, Divine.
  14. Although the Growl is up there https://prntscr.com/jnuxh9 and the Jericho, although uncontrollable sometimes, is too https://prntscr.com/jnuxsq my top would be the broadwing. It is easy to control, gets a good speed, at the cost of a giant sedan, and really bad acceleration, but it is amazing for designing police cars. https://prntscr.com/jnuyv8 https://prntscr.com/jnuyo0 https://prntscr.com/jnuxuh https://prntscr.com/jnuxub https://prntscr.com/jnuxst https://prntscr.com/jnuxsk https://prntscr.com/jnuxre Favorite gun, other than the ATAC 424 Watchman, it would have to be the Pathfinder PR1, if only my aim was better, I would hit more than 10% of my shots.
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