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  1. if you plan to get famous from this most people tend to just unfollow / unsubscribe after these kind of contests / giveaway not going to work
  2. MrM0dZ


    I doubt that they will Name & Shame again since people actually abused rewards for reporting
  3. Thanks for the reply! Im looking forward to see the stream to get more details on the situation
  4. lmao i can't image that shit happening, Girls frontline is pretty good btw
  5. Well since Matt announced the brand being sold to this company named "Unit Game" that seems 2 months old, the community is kinda confused and we have a lot of questions. Can we get some clear details on these at least? 1- What is "Unit Game" exatcly, and what are their plans for APB Mobile? 2- Matt said Unit Game is a HK company that "develops games with strong IP", can we get examples of those games? 3- With the brand being sold, what happens with characters and the plot of San Paro itself? Does LO still have rights to use it in APB Reloaded changing/expanding the plot? From the recent annoucements, like the razer phone cases and mass wave of bans before the migration seems like some serious decisions are being made without the community even having time to react.
  6. So let's try to check all the points here: >Brand sold to Chinese company that is 2 months old >Mobile game lmao (APB Retribution 2) >LO can't produce a sequel anymore since they sold the brand >Probably just a millionarie dude brought the brand to do something i guess??? >We didn't get any relevant info about this "Unit Game" So what about the plot and characters? Can LO change/use them as they please or are they owned by Unit Game now? just don't forget it's a mobile game again lmao
  7. Well Robert Downey Jr was arrested for drugs and today is a well respected actor and also the Iron Man, so YES people can change
  8. Gathering all the arguments on this topic we should all agree on something. git gud.
  9. Can we get some examples of what is going to be on the RIOT Store?
  10. In the rundown posted here: https://www.gamersfirst.com/apb/news/2019/4/19/riot-rundown These are the changes/new features to the premium system: RIOT Subscriptions & RIOT Tokens At the heart of this repeatable system is a new currency, which we are calling RIOT Tokens. Players will have the option of purchase a RIOT Season Pass at any point during a Season to gain the tokens they missed. To launch Season Passes, we plan to make the following updates: We are going to be removing the 50% reduced cooldown from Premium and giving it to all players We will be eliminating the 3 month and 6 month options for Premium We will be reducing the cost of 1 month of Premium We will be adding RIOT Season Pass that can be purchased on its own We will be adding a Pass which gives players 2 months Premium + RIOT Pass So basically everyone will be getting the 50% reduced cooldowns, but is that the only change to the premium system? what about decal/layers limit on symbols, cars, etc? Are we going to have to buy premium every month since 3 and 6 month plans are going to be removed or just buy lots of 30 days premium? How is the Riot Pass affect the game?
  11. If this is really a bug/server issue then it should be fixed, but we will have to wait until LO says something about this. Salty people disliking all posts lol
  12. Kinda fair if you got banned for cheating, just like GTA V works, you can still play, but your progress is deleted. At least you have your character and stuff.
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