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  1. one honest but unpopular opnion? git gud i guess? ~dont take this seriously lol
  2. Think about this theory: APB dying makes lore sense because crime got solved to enforcers aren't seen anymore on the streets since the city doesn't need them that much anymore
  3. this isn't dead internet, this is a simulation otherwise how is apb still alive?
  4. Yeah, i changed my mind and switched the Manji for a literal FAN, ima post the change here @Edit: new "friendly" design
  5. Machina is already a god-tier Agreed, since we're getting a lot of JT we aren't getting a lot of usables anymore
  6. well then lets replace everyone for the green cap then since people will remember outfits xd
  7. wait what? the bloom doesn't even make that much difference, i think it makes it easier to blow up cars faster
  8. so far no one seemed to complain in-game, i'll ask people ingame until someone dislikes it then replace the Manji for a Fan xd Tried all the pants and somehow the combats are the only ones that fit xd swapped the boots tho
  9. this generation needs something to victimize themselves i guess
  10. So i recently made this outfit based on Tokyo Revengers "Tokyo Manji Gang", however their uniform has a MANJI sign, i just wanted to be sure if this is allowed or not since it's clearly NOT nazi imagery or refferences. This is the uniform I only made the back writing correct for now since i don't want to waste time making that many kanjis to delete it, i want to make sure its safe first. The writings on the ORIGINAL uniform are: Back: 東京卍會 : Tokyo Manji Gang Front: 天上天下 唯我独尊 : I am the best in the world (Slang used for biker gangs) Also means "I am the only master above and below the heaven" Right Arm: 暴走卍愚連隊 : Run Hard, (Manji Sign) Gang of Fools Left Arm: Vice Captain (changes for each character) Pants: Tokyo Manji Gang but in different Kanjis I just want to make sure this kind of use is fair so i can make the full uniform
  11. depends on the situation, on close range if you don't ADS you'll probably die due the spread
  12. So everyone who has one of the GPUs above probably had some issues while playing. Me and some friend who also have those GPUs found a way to lower the crashes and stuttering caused by the game, follow these steps: 1- Use Fullscreen or Borderless Fullscreen. 2- If you're using Borderless Fullscreen, do not interact with anything outside the game without following steps 3 and 4 2- DO NOT ALT+TAB when you die or TAB to check the scoreboard. (For some reason this causes stutters and might freeze/crash your game. Wait after respawn to check Scoreboard) 3- Disable Smooth Frame Rate and V-Sync 4- Before you ALT+TAB open some kind of UI, for example your inventory, locker,etc. (I don't know why but this seems to fix game freezing/stuttering before you alt+tab back 5- If your game starts to stutter all the time you respawn or TAB, close and open your game again, then follow steps 1-4 (Your game might crash if those stutters keep happening) 6- Update your drivers After following those steps me and my friends we managed to play a whole day without the game crashing or having huge stutters, otherwise just wait for a fix @Edit: added info to step 2
  13. Firebomb is useful, you're just trying to explode trucks and stuff with explosive resistance most guns got nerfed, HVR, shotguns, carbines, SMGs. what do you people want more?
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