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  1. Well, that would work if the game had enough population
  2. 10000+ Hours gang rise up lol APB isn't newbie friendly, if you don't get the ropes you'll probably get stomped to death to dethreaters or just tryharders. Even if you are a veteran there's some times you'll get stomped by tryharders. There's some nerfs and balances that kinda broke some guns but overall it's fine. Gotta hope that engine revives the game otherwise RIP
  3. I wonder why people rage/cry about a gun in every game, everything has a good side and a bad side. With a PMG you can't kill shit on medium/long distances if the enemy uses a rifle. Using a rifle can be less effective on CQC since SMGs have a lower TTK. Nothing should be "banned" from tournaments or gameplay, life isn't fair anyway, pick your advantages and put them into your odds. (Exclude bugs and exploits from this quote)
  4. MrM0dZ

    Remove PIG

    Getting stunned is equal to getting killed, it's a high risk/high reward situation, if you're getting stunned easily even in 2v2 you would be getting killed anyways. Stun guns are for ENFORCERS, not criminals. Criminals can mug/steal people and stores to make money easier. Each faction has it's on unique features, just like cars, clothing and such. (Except if you have the money to buy cross-faction stuff)
  5. LMAO, this is a game bro, if you are too sensible to this kind of shit just leave, so anyone could dress as terrorists if they don't use the ISIS flag? people like you are a joke who can't see the difference between reality and games, this is a roleplaying game, let people be what they want. (of course let's not just be an patootie to everyone you see ingame) Now that i know there's people like you ingame this gave me the idea to play random arabian musics dressed as a "terrorist" just to see people like you rage. the songs won't even terrorist related if you're worried about the "problem" go enlist to the army and go fight the war
  6. .45 is a good choice if you like to change primaries a lot, but that's my taste
  7. It's a roleplay game, besides there's already people who do pentagrams and dress like "satanists" ingame, let them be. People need to separate game from reality and stop getting "offended" so easily just because someone thinks the opposite. Of course no one wants a guy dressed like nazi and spamming stuff to offend jews. But if he just dresses like that and play normally i don't really see a problem.
  8. he missed some shots trying to find the center. You can know where the center of your screen is just by using it a lot, do you look at your keyboard when typing?
  9. Strife needs actually a buff, JG and CSG can be easilly switched to finish an opponent, but strife it takes so long you'll probably end up dead if you try to switch weapons.
  10. MrM0dZ

    G1C Conversion

    Since Jericho and Citadel will merge in the future, can we get G1C conversion based on the player's country? For example, steam uses the currency the account is located via IP, and prices convert automatically. I live in Brazil and find kinda expensive to buy more G1C these days since $1 USD converts to R$ 4,00 that makes stuff a bit too expensive. For example, $60 USD is converted to R$ 239,42 today. On steam games that cost $60 USD often cost around R$120-200. (Often Triple-A games) This is not an issue only to Brazil, more south america players suffer from this, like Chile, Argentina, Uruguay and many others. From what i've seen even Russian players have this problem. I don't think locking accounts to a Country will fix this since many players probably play using VPN to get better ping or simply because they like to use VPN in general. Destiny 2 has a way to fix this, you can buy its currency via steam and prices change based on the account's country. There could be a lot of ways to make it so people can have access to G1C more easily, some people of course will try to abuse this. In steam if you change your IP constantly to make purchases you get a account-wide ban. That could be punishment for abusing this or just refunding the purchase and alerting the player to don't do that again otherwise they'll get permanently banned. Can we get a look into this Matt?
  11. Most are experience and muscle memory, people often jump, strafe and shoot people into corners with weapons, if you do that often you will learn how to do it often. Before they nerfed scout people used the jump-shoot people from 80m behind walls easily
  12. so can we call them green , bronze , silver or does that counts as "racial"
  13. Hope we can get some servers in Brazil, we have players for that
  14. since people have the same nickname on Jericho and Citadel, can't they add a prefix like Player (EU) | Player (NA) so people can know which one they are and both keep the name
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