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  1. 1- NTEC-5 is a player friendly weapon and has lots of reskins based on it, it's literally like playing the AK in CSGO 2- ACES and PMG and easily beat OCA if you know how to use them 3-RSA,Commander and ACT 44 are pretty useful depending on the loadout you're using 4- R.I.P 5- Who likes silencers anyway? i like to hear GUN SHOTS not silly whispers 6- LMGs takes skill and patience to use, i got 2 characters with Machine Gunner 16 And for ARMAS, people buy weapons that they see enemies killing them with, most don't try new stuff cuz logic
  2. if the person is just teamed with the cheater because of the matchmaking is not his/her fault, but if the person groups up with the cheater and knows it both should be banned
  3. we could have this but only if you choose "gold" and "competitive" gameplay,leave only newbies on bronze
  4. looks nice but needs depth, it looks like a plate
  5. let premium be the customization part,we don't want they having to make P2W stuff
  6. people use scroll to bunnyjump and lots of other stuff,if we just block this then everyone who uses logitech or software-side macro will have an "advantage" because they have easier options. what's next? block leaning on walls?
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