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  1. Well Robert Downey Jr was arrested for drugs and today is a well respected actor and also the Iron Man, so YES people can change
  2. Gathering all the arguments on this topic we should all agree on something. git gud.
  3. Can we get some examples of what is going to be on the RIOT Store?
  4. In the rundown posted here: https://www.gamersfirst.com/apb/news/2019/4/19/riot-rundown These are the changes/new features to the premium system: RIOT Subscriptions & RIOT Tokens At the heart of this repeatable system is a new currency, which we are calling RIOT Tokens. Players will have the option of purchase a RIOT Season Pass at any point during a Season to gain the tokens they missed. To launch Season Passes, we plan to make the following updates: We are going to be removing the 50% reduced cooldown from Premium and giving it to all players We will be eliminating the 3 month and 6 month options for Premium We will be reducing the cost of 1 month of Premium We will be adding RIOT Season Pass that can be purchased on its own We will be adding a Pass which gives players 2 months Premium + RIOT Pass So basically everyone will be getting the 50% reduced cooldowns, but is that the only change to the premium system? what about decal/layers limit on symbols, cars, etc? Are we going to have to buy premium every month since 3 and 6 month plans are going to be removed or just buy lots of 30 days premium? How is the Riot Pass affect the game?
  5. If this is really a bug/server issue then it should be fixed, but we will have to wait until LO says something about this. Salty people disliking all posts lol
  6. Kinda fair if you got banned for cheating, just like GTA V works, you can still play, but your progress is deleted. At least you have your character and stuff.
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