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  1. And so ... I'm here, like many of everyone who has now remained in this project and hopes to recreate and raise this wonderful game from its knees .. Many people understand that there are no analogues of this game, it has great ambitions, great support that awaits from LO of a new engine that is promised for more than 5 years, UE is free to use, there is a team, what's the problem? Everyone has been waiting for this event for a very long time, someone has already had children, and someone has already grown old and someone loses interest and leaves .... There have been a lot of problems with the servers lately, nothing new happens every Wednesday, the influx of cheaters is growing and they are not even banned, they just play and kill the potential of the game... Threat rebounds were also postponed for a long time, newcomers entering this game make 10-30 kills in 10 hours of play, how can they withstand it? there is no balance and meaning for them, I'm sure 90% of them bury this project for themselves... Why don't even regular reports on cheaters work? Why couldn't the event be rolled out on Valentine's Day? Why has pub upbamu been trying so much harder than the original for all these years? Why is there no extension in the servers? Why is there no news about the engine? - Every time we are fed with delicious information that is repeated again, it helps to believe and wait, but not at all ... I have been in the project since 2011 and I still believe in apb... I have spent 15000+ hours on this project and I am interested in it.. If there are such global problems in development on the transfer, why can't you get help from people from the side of the players, because many during this time could master the development and really understand this...
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