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  1. Understandable. I'm hyped for NA East to come back yeet. I'm guessing the servers aren't going to be consolidated yet? Some info on when that's happening would be nice (just sayin)
  2. Did I ever tell you... did I tell you... did I mention that one time my mission was completely ruined in overtime by a player, of the same faction, whom I already did not care for much FRIcking chasing me down when I went 5 star, teamkilling me entirely unprovoked, and still to this day I will hold this grudge, you are a rude toxic troll of a person, unamed sir, and I do not forgot!!
  3. I wouldn't be 100% against the current way it's set up except for the fact it's become commonplace and the standard to grief by teamkilling someone in your faction in order to lose it, or better yet have your own faction come and kill you, if I got killed by someone of the other faction I'd say 'ok fine' but I still remember to this day a giant [expletitive] came for me, chased me down and TKed me when I was 5 star, losing me the mission in overtime. You know who you are and you're a jerk.
  4. -More inventory room -More HUD options -Fixing of longstanding bugs I can't think of anything else to be honest, what I'm looking forward to most of all is the engine and phasing. And what they'll do wth threat
  5. Lock everyone at 15 fps and 250 latency, people with good PCs and people close to servers are 'cheating' too.
  6. Honestly, I'm relieved, I thought the servers were actually running this shoddy
  7. Hopefully it will what will be tackled next. We will see however if they get around to weapon balance in next week's patch, they cant even keep the login servers up lately I don't really think much needs to be changed; increase the fire interval time and keep it a 3 shot, then increase the reload time so people are more penalized for slapping extended mag on it, bing badda boom I fixed your gun. The fact slapping IR3 gives it such a increase in range is an entirely different can of worms, though.
  8. Nah we're def in beta. Beta tier game since launch, bay-bee
  9. Nobody gonna mention that there is absolutely no 'fine' that they speak of?
  10. This should not be a thing that they should ever bother to implement; some games dont even allow you to change your character appearance at all after creation. You people are never happy
  11. Bet it's because Jericho has been having good days lately, can't be having a whopping 300 players on our lowest tier service servers that K2 conveniently downgraded to at some point before they sold it off (I write this only semi-ironically because I would not be surprised)
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