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  1. We've all been patiently awaiting the return of the Matt, hopefully it's good news, 94 days since we last got any news with the blogpost, but who's counting?
  2. I appreciate you coming up with this and putting the effort into writing this all down, I myself have pretty lackluster ideas improving clans even though I personally see them as an important system in expanding the Apb, um, experience and could help with player retainment. I think that 'clan visibility' isn't too bad in Apb, aka on the scoreboard, so I don't know if I'd want it to be as complicated as showing every detail. Custom color and variations on the brand are good ideas, though. Some ideas (that come from the few other games I've played that seem to clans well) one is having a system that allows you to have your clan listed on a 'recruitment page' along with the requirements listed out for joining in which a player can apply. Could also be a money sink in order to have your clan on the page, idk. Having clan items more easily available is a tricky one, having a shared bank is nice, but in some MMOs I've experienced is that they have unrealistic demands on members, e.g. having to deposit a large amount of ingame $ per week into the clan bank. Would need to weigh all the pros and cons of each feature, possibly gaining passive funds (a set percentage of what each one earns playing) Food for thought is something I've noticed in Apb about clans, there seems to be two types of clans (other than the obvious 'custom title generator') 1. large clans that actively recruit, which were more prominent back in the day and 2. small clans of friends that play missions together and don't actively recruit, would seem pertinent to take both types into consideration when deciding on how to improve clans. I almost would want to suggest letting people be in more clan than one, but curious what what people would think about that, knowing how toxic Apb is that might be a bad idea (people can get weird about things and start drama, etc)
  3. This is the roadmap IF they went ahead with the launch of 2.1 early this year and I for one am glad we did not get that build as our engine upgrade.
  4. There's a difference between "promoting cheaters" and there being a cheating issue that's way more complex than 'just ban them lul'. Apb's always had a cheating problem, sometimes it's been more apparent than others. There's valid reasons to have complaints that LO isn't doing enough to combat them, but saying they promote them is just slander
  5. https://apbdb.com/items/FnMod_Character_Spotter Activated Modification (by pressing 5, you'll hear a beep and the crosshair will change) Places a Mark above enemies that you target, for 8 seconds. mod has a 10 second duration, 90 second cooldown
  6. +1. Cant be bothered to be a EU migrant after so many hours. Plus the ms
  7. The upgrade to the 64-bit version of Unreal 3 is still being worked on, (and they've made progress that you can see in the latest post by Matt HERE) the intellectual property being sold is not a roadblock at all because they retain rights to what they have, and can continue to update Apb Reloaded; something like an entire new "Apb 2" game is what would be affected by this. By the way, this case doesn't have to do with Apb at all, it's about the game Descent that they were going to publish
  8. It's not a patch, it's maintenance. Maintenance happens every week to make sure the servers run properly, not that complicated
  9. ... I don't wanna be one to ask silly questions.... but are you sure you logged into the correct account?
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