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  1. Although I bet the car that we're getting next will be yet another small fast sporty car, what I want to see after that a 4-door sedan that's beefy like the Fresno or Vegas, so there's an option other than the Pioneer if you want to drive something that fits more than 2 people and doesn't get fricked by one conc And yeah I'm imagining this:
  2. Then re-name this thread to cause less confusion, because the title being "this game could be rated T" implies that's the point of the thread
  3. For real tho, I'm guessing a big part is because of all the drug references, that's a big no-no in a T rated game. I also think the 'triviality' of the reasons you are fighting and killing each other wouldn't fly in a T rated game (I could be wrong) The T rating helps nothing
  4. B-but spoopy events best, I bet you don't even like purple pumpkin hunting!
  5. While not having extensive testing done in actual PvP encounters, I think I have enough to do a weigh-in despite it probably not being very informative RFP: It feels like a double nerf, the less accuracy and quicker dmg dropoff is totally fine, but the less damage making it into a 4 burst is too much, why not keep it a 3 burst kill but take off some of the overdamage when all shots land? OCA: I'm glad B was the option picked, it keeps the ttk just under .7 stock so it doesn't make it feel too much different LYGs: these needed some sort of 'nerfing' for awhile now but I have qualms about both A and B. I don't like the longer fuse timer on B, so I like A but the dmg is too low. Why not keep the dmg the same or at least 550 because the small radius already nerfs them quite substantially FFA/OBIR While I initially had no complaints about the delay to weapon switching, the more feedback against it piled up the more I'm inclined to agree that it does add too much 'clunkyness' to it, but I don't really agree it's a terrible idea. I'm assuming the delay put at is .5 seconds because that's the fire interval; but something less, such as half the fire interval (.25 seconds) would hinder QSing slightly without it even being noticeable, (also pls make the spring delay .5 to line up with the fire interval, thanks) I try to look for more mild solutions most of the time because I think a more mild approach to weapon balance needs to be taken overall
  6. I'm back from my extensive testing of shooting the wall for 10 mins: almost completely unnoticeable, 0.5 seconds is nothing (and ofc does not even relate to 'mobility') the gun outputs 495 dmg in a burst, that's only 55 less than a scout, if the scout has a 1.75 second delay to switching to avoid QSing then this is a no brainer
  7. Adding a 0.5 second delay to the ability to switch to 2ndary doesn't sound too bad, we'll see if it adds to the 'clunkyness' once the patch goes live (^:
  8. The right people are RTW, curse you David Jones!
  9. Oh no, a demographic likes Apb and is actually keeping the population afloat, oh no, how terrible
  10. Clickyclikyclickyclickclickclickclick That's all you gotta do with the carbine... why is there this myth about the OP macro that turns it into an unstoppable gun... it's min ttk is .75
  11. I'm sad that LO no longer has the rights to the Apb IP. That's all I have to say really, means no matter how much of a comeback Apb could possibly have (which is a stretch to think, I know) it means Apb can't really go anywhere now. Edit I mean *as a brand. I don't expect the company I can't even find a website for to make anything more than a lackluster mobile game
  12. Phasing will change this, so yeah, we all know it happens from time to time, I'm glad LO finally has a solution and are going to put in the effort to change this issue that's been here since the beginning
  13. See Exibhit A and B: And then posted July 15th by Matt: Pretty sure there is even more examples. Why would you assume they would come up with this only this week? Not like they cant have plans behind the scenes then wait to tell the community when they felt appropriate.
  14. Acornie

    Obey need a nerf

    Obeya already got a nerf.... the Obeya FBW that is :^) And I did compare the CR762 to an ISSR-a; exact same min TTK of 0.84 secs. The wiki is there for everyone to compare stats https://apbdb.com
  15. But.... it isn't. Of course there will be name conflication and all data being on the same server, that doesn't matter, what makes this something that could possibly pan out and is actually a good thing is thatt here will be district instances in different regions; that's the reason they're doing it, if everyone from all corners of the earth had to play in regions located in say, London, in a traditional merge where we had the current server setup (where all the instances are locked to London) it would be bad.
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