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  1. I'm guessing it's the shoulder pads, which were in the last batch of bundled items? It had a warning in the description that you need the Impact chestpiece or some other heavy armor chestpiece for them to go with
  2. This is tough because goofing around in an action district is an essential part of the Apb experience. However, a 40v40 silver district being the only place where half the pop online on Jericho can play (seem we've entirely given up on populating another silver, eh, just gonna sit in social spamming join? (But I digress)) if you are actively and knowingly taking up more than one spot, aka in a group or encouraging players to join that almost full district (35 or more on either side) that arent going to K up you should be courteous and go to another district. But people being courteous in Apb? Unlikely :^)
  3. I think everyone got their hopes too high, RHIOT was never going to turn this game from a obscure game, that many people have a bad perception of, into this giant mogul with 20k players. Literally impossible to do that no matter how good of a mode was added. If RHIOT and 3.5 combined pulls in new players and brings old players back, and it can keep them around, it will be enough of a success. It will hopefully get the ball rolling for Apb and it can begin to improve and gain players instead of losing them. Gaining steam if you will,
  4. This is why a code would have been better I didn't get mine either, a friend didn't get his (as of yesterday, haven't asked him again today) and we're both on all the time, sooooo I'm not complaining at all about not having it yet, I just wanna know I'll get it eventually, ok Edit: I got mine today (5/13), why it took until you got to the 60 day people is a lil suspicious, still think I'm some sort of disliked list e.e
  5. What is happening in these dreams? I am curious. The weirdest thing about Apb dreams is I usually never remember anything that happens in them, I just know it was about APB
  6. This just in; another person with no buisness experience or info on Little Orbit's plans going forward tells the CEO what to do. More at 11.
  7. I get 25 on Jericho, 125 on Chitadel, I can feel a difference that will get me killed because I'm not used to having to run around a corner 1/10th of a second sooner, but really the way Apb is everything always feels funky, so. The servers say 33ms minimum, right? So 37ms higher than the minimum should barely make a difference
  8. owo what's this?

  9. During these 12 hours I shall delve into conspiracies on why this downtime is happening #tinfoilhattime
  10. But FBW is ez, how is it not a good starter weapon? You want one harder to use? Sure it's easy to choke up and not shoot at a good speed sometimes for people without experience, but that's every semi-auto in this game. The people who are good with it prove it's good
  11. Not getting hit reg, that's my favorite excuse they use
  12. How does RIOT compare to other APB game modes? This is a tough one; the thing I'm worried about is replayability; and if it's just going to be seen like all the seasonal events where it's a chore to grind it for the rewards Would you encourage your friends to play RIOT? Only people who have already played Apb; encourage them to come back since there's more things to do now... but people who haven't played? I can't see how another BR put in an aging game would be something that I could sell to people who don't play Apb/even know of it's existance How would you explain RIOT to someone who has never seen it? 'It's like team-based BR but like... different... maybe... a lil...' What ONE THING would you change about RIOT if you could? I don't know what I would change because I'm not going to pretend to be a expert on gamemodes or 'fun' so I'll just say a minor gripe I have, the death cams should be improved upon, with the rather fast movements of Apb, the spectatorcam feels like it should be defaultly further away from the character. Also I'd like there to be stationary surveillance cameras around the map you could scroll through, and find where the action is and watch from afar, that'd be really neat imo What is your favorite aspect of RIOT? The different flow from missions; when you're in missions there's always a timer, a certain thing you're supposed to do a certain way, in this you can go about this in whatever way you want. Also less carplay which I like What about RIOT do you like the least? I'm no expert on BRs, I've literally played Fartnote like... 3 times; but this feels too straight BR, not enough unique. I don't like BRs, more accurately I don't like elimination, here's the scenario that seemed to happen every round in the testing; I wasn't careful first life 'oh well at least I have another life... gotta be more carefu-' dead because someone with a good gun was 50m from my spawn and I only had the meme of a gun that I might as well hurl at them as a distraction. Now I'm dead, nothing to do. Not only did I, 1. die too soon to have any fun 2. let my team down 3. now have nothing to do other than watch someone else play I just, I dunno
  13. It's an issue if you install through steam I'm pretty sure... Happens to me every time I reinstall it
  14. Free title, I ain't complainin
  15. Any ETA on when that'll happen? I've lost all interest in playing until I know my money won't disappear on me again
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