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  1. @Sakebee Seems the 'rollback' has given me issues I've not had until now: my usual Citadel ms is 125ms, meanwhile I tried going there now: I'll do a /latencytest I suppose if that helps,
  2. Imagine wanting matchmaking to be even crappier, thus making people leave again, we did this "experiment" already; segregation is bad, but no segregation is even worse, for both high skilled and low skilled alike
  3. This post is very close to one already sent to the 'suggestions' threads purgatory, almost all the 195+ mods are unbalanced, either being OP, underpowered or just badly designed, some of them needing some major changes, so maybe this would be something that would come after 3.5 And yes pls balance cars, Pioneer: Holds three heavy items, ✔ Has 4 seats, ✔ Has too much HP, ✔✔✔
  4. We're both American, I have had peachy ms to both coasts (25-55ms) on Jericho, meanwhile his from America TO America:
  5. Nope, not everyone. My ms has been perfectly fine, however someone I know has had 3x increased ms and packet loss almost every time playing last few days, so I hope this it for them.
  6. Joker is clearly best. There are many NA and SA who have committed to EU due to the higher pop, and by the time NA is getting to peak, EU is dormant.
  7. Thanks Matt, for the work LO has been doing, making sure to say thanks also because that free premium probably helped attract people back along with everything else. It's been really nice to see this game having decent pop again, especially in NA where it was looking pretty bleak the last few months. Hey but ya know, if EU and NA servers were connected, some of that EU pop could come and play on NY servers, hint hint. Pls Matt, we need the population
  8. If you think it's bad then don't buy it, they shouldn't put too meta of guns into those terrible gamble boxes.
  9. Only if it's made where once 10 people of both factions queue for a single dist it yeets them into a different one with the available space
  10. Everyone should know the real flag of the kkk is the US one. It's just milk... or another white substance that the anime girls spilt on themselves, duh quit being so perverted :')
  11. Imo functionality needs to be changed, most of these are broken in one way or another beyond cooldowns and durations 1. You should be informed you've been spotted 2. Blowtorch repair speed should either be slowed (to the same as a ga5 station, maybe?), disabled for a second upon damage taken to the vehicle being repaired, or a combo of both of these 3. I don't really have an established opinion on Radar Jammer, other than it's underwhelming, it hardly lasts any time and the cooldown is quite long 4. I think demote det should be changed in some way, how I don't know but right now it's way too easy to 'troll' with. A function I'd like to see is an animation of the character activating it, thus disabling sprint for a quick second and also makes it unable to be activated in a gunfight (I'd like that added for a few consumables too)
  12. It's perfectly fine, almost nothing changed that would affect the normal parameters it's played within
  13. Flawed poll, I get 55 to both so I can't answer
  14. I'd say karma should catch up to the EU'ers calling NA dead ever since it had like 400 peak, but that'd mean the entire game would be dead for good and I don't want that I already go on EU a tad past peak hours, see only one silver of each district and feel concern
  15. Now that this was moved to the appropriate section can I repost my original comment that went like this: ₒₖ
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