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  1. Old G1 did not handle the game that great, imho of course, sure at first they had content to release at first but so many things they decided to do drove people away over the years, especially when it seemed like they hit the end of their 'plan' for Apb and just let it go dormant. Old G1 drove players away and LO needs to know how to get them back and to keep them here Cooky stop hurting me like this. Jericho will never die, I will never abandon her for cheeki breeki land
  2. They need to not be scared to make changes while at the same time be very mindful of the changes they decide upon. I know a few games I came back to and really didn't like some of the unnecessary changes that they made *cough* Planetside 2 *cough* I still think they should give all CSGs the IR3 variants dmg distance and replace the IR on those variants.
  3. Friendly reminder that OTW shouldn't be called OTW if it's not open Unless the O stands for something else
  4. The persistent attacks on Jericho in 2017 hurt the population alot, at least Little Orbit has the resources to at least attempt to counter them
  5. Thanks Uncle Matty for the update. I need the servers running peachy so I can get max rank the 2nd time before RHIOT comes out
  6. I've noticed alot of players warping in Jericho (assuming the ones unfortunate enough to high high latency) it seems rather bad lately, I almost hope it's something wrong and not the server's 100% because if so, eesh
  7. Where'd on earth did you get the idea BE is gone? They stated they were going to implement their own anti cheat to replace the things FairFight did; not BattleEye
  8. I know it'll sound like picking but has played for 2 years; still talks about 'P2W' Depends on what type of playstyle you have; close range? OCA or PMG, mid range? STAR of N-tec 5, lil bit longer range and want good accuracy? Obeya 762. The secondary you chose is also important; if you pick a primary with range you need a good cqc pistol and vice versa There could also be a number of factors that could improve your game beyond just the weapon you chose, such as strafing in close range battles, paying attention to radar more so you're aware of where enemies are. Or most importantly; proper use of cover. Just try to figure out what the people better than you are doing that make them better
  9. H-how can they cheat with 100 fps if they cant see it? Cyborg eye implants?
  10. Ok, here's the difference and why you get black bars on other games; you can stretch to your hearts content, any game can be stretched, but newer games are designed for 16:9 resolutions and Apb was designed for 4:3. Will UE3.5 or UE4 change Apb to be designed for 16:9 ratios? Hopefully
  11. I dont have Overwatch so I cannot test but it sounds like you dont have your display settings set up right if it isn't stretching, I can stretch my desktop right now and have everything wonky if I so please
  12. Can't you do this with any game or application? Rhetorical question, you can Also. if it does give an advantage, it's not a 'great' one, minimal if any. I'd rather not look at derped out graphics than have a theoretical slight advantage
  13. Twas a bit of a joke my good sir, it's still weird, sort of like 4th wall breaking to know there's a Tiny Dog that's under that box... then again there's friggen Elves. Are they real elves? Demented midgets masquerading as elves? It's... too much
  14. Guys, is Tiny Dog canon? His existence confuses me profusely
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