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  1. So when the pop decreases legit players are the only ones that can leave and the booogyman cheaters are all like restless ghosts who never leave the lands they're cursed to roam. Ok.
  2. Unsubstantiated claims. We're just supposed to go off your word? I'm open to the idea that maybe there was a small uptick in the amount of cheaters after implementation EAC as it takes a while after a new anti-cheat to get it calibrated etc etc. But to say now there is substantially more hackers than in BE days imma need some proof that the amount of cheaters have increased which of course, you don't have.
  3. RSA itself is not so gusto, almost as long of an equip time as an HVR (1 seconds vs 1.1 seconds (same equip time as the Alig!)) and min TTK almost as high as an HVR, (1.7 seconds vs 1.75) but none of the range (range drops off at 70m becoming a whopping 10 shot kill at 80m) or accuracy it has, along with completely zero overdamage
  4. I have a bit of a disdain for IR3 because of old G1 putting it on Armas guns that they shouldn't (Fang and CSG) and fricking up the gun balance
  5. Yeah... like 64 bit programming and multi-threaded rendering, like what's coming in UE 3.5? :^)
  6. Dethreating is getting worse and worse on Jericho, assumedly because the lower pop is being used as an excuse more and more. But, since I already agree with what the original post said I'll just add that the mentality of alot of high skilled players feed this issue even more. I remember a conversation about a 4 man gold group in bronze going ham, crazy lopsided numbers and when I show the scoreboard to complain I get a response along the lines of 'I know them, they arent real golds/they aren't good enough for silver district' like wat? They are way out of league in bronze but you act like stomping everyone in bronze is better than them being in silver district? It's like half the pop has nowhere to go. And don't get me started on my experience of playing as a low rank gold in EU. Teamkilled every other match no matter how well I do. Having only two options is an issue
  7. ... Are you sure you get better ms in Citadel? Pretty sure you're in the small minority of people from Han if so
  8. If anyone wants real numbers go to will.io/apb Lowpoint Friday morning: EU was 52 players @10:30pm CT: NA was 54 @6:00am CT. EU's Peak 636 @2:30pm: NA 248 @10:00pm (ngl that's pretty bad for Friday, actually for both servers) and it took until 8pm CT for NA's pop to overtake EU numberwise. Not implying anything specific just giving actual numbers from the site you can verify yourself
  9. Bruh, I didn't even think about that correlation. Do I have a case of the dumbs?
  10. You shouldn't expect a game to have a limiter on fps other than v-sync, you're gonna have to find a program to do it, simple as that.
  11. Ok so is your monitor 120hz? Turn on vsync to get limit it to 120, what's the issue? Your statement is completely inaccurate; this is not an 'issue' that needs to be 'fixed'. 145 is the highest limit the game can go in order to accommodate us who have 144hz refresh rates
  12. I usually tend not question Apb and it's performance but I'm inclined to agree with you that one of the patches fricked up performance... but I feel like I've been having these drops that you're talking about all this week. I thought it was Jericho's servers tbh
  13. Nothing about 'open would crimes' or whatever it's called is utilized the way it was originally intended to be, so an achievement relating to it being way too tedious to get isn't surprising.
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