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  1. This, this is all I want. Make it kind of like a 4-door Fresno, but less boaty, LO pls
  2. Wow, you got me all excited that they actually did something with the IP, instead of looking like some very odd front of some sort.
  3. Yes. All these things, there's no reason the PMG and Whisper get the crouch modifier; they should make the PMG and OCA (plus all variants) consistent
  4. On live for me an Asylum with under 10 players per side runs better than action districts, a full Asylum definitely runs worse, I assume it's because of all the players in one area; in action dists they're almost always spread out, and since most of my low fps in 2.1 beta was from players being concentrated in one area, I too would be surprised and worried if action dists ran worse on 2.1. Either way, I don't really see it as a big deal to worry about yet, since they're still continuing to optimize 2.1's performance
  5. You misunderstood, under fire; being shot. A system like how a ga5 station stops repairing for (x) amount of time if a car takes damage
  6. I don't really get the blaming LO aspect, saying they "sabatoged" the game, Apb has never ran well, not in the last few years at least. In my experience the servers have not felt right last few weeks, server spikes, etc. so some of the frustration is understandable.
  7. Interesting to see that some people see an issue with 4x4 being 1,150 and the RWD Vegas being 1,300. Yes it does have the max top speed along with the other cars, but driving a RWD Vegas often I've been caught "spinning" my tires when any other fast 2-door car would have gotten out of there in plenty of time. The RWD should be at least at 1,250 unless they remove that annoying downside when accelerating from a full stop (if wheelies stay out of 2.1 however Nitro III can negate that easier so we'll see)
  8. First of all, I enjoyed the beta and very happy to finally test it, but my impressions were a little overshadowed by the performance, I have an i5 7600k, 16gb DDR4, 1060(6gb) on live I maybe 80-120fps with the obvious stutters. On the beta I got about 70-75fps, with dips down to maybe 40, pretty much any engagement felt bad with the fps I was getting. The graphics settings ingame hardly affected anything but possibly severity of the fps dips. Not that live feels great or anything. I'm only worried about performance I saw today because it causes me to be concerned that it can be improved enough to feel nice and smooth. Other things; Zero crashes, so that's good. Server spikes, that were drastic enough to cause several second desyncs. Car designer oddly seemed to be acting like it was capped to 30fps at times. I wish I had more to say that was helpful, I'll update if I think of anything ;(
  9. This is wonderful, so happy to see these things get looked at and balanced, finally!
  10. It wouldn't change from this example I provided, but it would happen exponentially more often than it does currently because it would be have even more low threats to throw against gold premades. This game is hardly like it was in 2012, in more ways than having a fraction of the population. The game has been bleeding players for years, we need a much better solution than throwing everyone together with our current matchmaking; this game has an insane skill gap, the thought that people need to toughen up and just deal with unfair and subsequently unfun missions is not logical to me, because those people will continue to leave like they have been for the last 8 years and no one will be left, why stick to playing a game that's more rage than fun when they can go find something else
  11. Everyone saying just remove threat districts all together sure has a ton of faith in matchmaking that it won't do this 9 out of 10 times You know that's what it would be like, don't deny it
  12. (No I don't still have this one made, dw)
  13. Not trying to be negative but would be nice if one of these weeks the server maintenance would fix these damn server spikes that have been happening for weeks now, making the servers feel much less stable (from my experience they seem to be consistently happening on both EU and NA)
  14. Make Pioneer 1,400 health again and nerf steel plating. I know that might count as two things, shut uppp
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