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  1. This doesnt even resemble Apb. Not sure why you'd want this in the game. Maybe a pipe dream wish that something like this is what the so-called "Unit game" company is making But that's what makes shooters... fun? Some sort of PvE mode would be cool to think about, but I'd like the normal Apb shooting mechanics that make Apb what it is. But pretty much, again, it would be a pipe dream.
  2. Since then Matt's gone into detail about all the aspects that have been taken apart, fixed, put back together, rewritten, etc. so it's safe to say he's well aware that was an incorrect statement. Nobody's right 100% of the time.
  3. It's been pretty dang low for so long, for years, we were told "NA dead" but it's current depressing state is a combination of many things, not limited to the long wait for the engine and being told there were plans to have EU and NA cross region play in the works, but nothing happening for months, meanwhile we see more and more players 'take an extended break' or just moving to only playing EU. I'm looking at you, reverse
  4. No glow effect, just a red and black skin with the demoness girl on it, here's a few guns with it (yes I did use this as an opportunity to flex having an FFA R&D)
  5. Ok fine, I jumped the gun, I was only thinking of sweet/desert pies. I do be likin pot pies, but they're a different category
  6. Key lime, but I ain't picky. Pie is pie
  7. Med spray is too strong now, in my opinion; once someone farts green, unless you are literally right on them they have too easily gained enough health to restart the fight, so you push knowing they have healed a substantial amount or just 'restart' the fight. I'll create a scenario, enemy with Flak, or no CA, you hit them 5 out of 6 shots with a STAR, you rush to get the final FBW shot, since they have only 125 health; playing against CA3 users for hundreds of hours you know you dont have that much time, they pop med spray and in half a second they have enough health to need three FBW shots instead of one, and in an entire "one mississippi" from the fart they have regained 500HP. Honestly though, I don't think med spray, or epinephrine should be in the game, consumable should be items, like satchel charges, not buffs to your character that need all this tedious balance P.S., to the nade nerf comment, Imagine using percs :^)
  8. (not to keep this going but hey, what else is there to do on the forums: I went and checked Kempington's stream, so it was at least 46 ) Most likely more people concurrently watching him at that time than actually on the beta but that's ok, no matter how ironic that may be
  9. I did assume you meant the days after the stress test, but to say less than 10 and not count the stress test where at least over 50 people were on seems disingenuous. Not many people got on after the stress, no. But it do be like that, at least people get to hop on and look around
  10. We got a news post on the 16th explaining that they were working on the first half of the month, and the second half was well, Christmas and New Years. Sure, it's January 10th and Friday has passed and I'd like an update too, but I don't think that means the engine work isn't still happening by the devs working on it It was kind of disappointing we didn't get a full 40v40, but I can personally promise you it was more than 10 people There's 18 replies to this thread, I dont know what you're talking about with 'not a single post' because that thread is where the feedback goes
  11. I'm optimistic I still only say "by the Nine I hope we get it by Q3" The "it" is the engine right?
  12. Communication with an outside source, us, is entirely a separate thing beyond working on the game. Is this like an object permanence thing where if you don't see the engine update post you think it means they're not doing anything at all. If you look around, even at Matt's Twitter you know their other projects; Unsung launching on steam thus hitting early access, etc. This impatience comes off as entitled, or I suppose it could be not believing he does care about the game. Matt posting about the engine isn't going to make it come out faster; can't we just let Matt have a few days off or should LO staff not take holidays? EDIT: Oh yeah, and we had a beta on the 20th, sure we didn't have an official engine update post thread this month but we had a news post and whole beta build to see what they've been doing last few weeks
  13. This seems to be the "we don't care that it's been the holidays and you have other projects that need attention as well just give us engine update!1" support thread
  14. A question like this is always subjective, it depends on your point of view if it's worth coming back. What your expectations are. Apb fundamentally is the same game and if you're expecting a different game, then that's just not realistic. 1) What is the state of servers? (Is it still laggy / going down / ddos etc?) For the most part LO's handling of this issue is commendable. But every once there will be issues, they usually don't last long and aren't severe 2) How is the population count? Is still cheaters + rerolls or are there actually new players or an increase in population? Population on NA is almost non-existent, (still some, but almost never any full districts) but if you're on EU then it's doing alright. Cheating is a tricky subject but it still is not a large issue even if it's still existent. Also what's a reroll? Someone whose simply made a new character? What's wrong with that? Population is low but holding steady, no growth in population, maybe after the engine it'll happen. 3) How is Colby 1922? Is it finally viable for an average player? It was always good, now it's easier to handle making it more of a threat. 4) Is VEGAS (the one with high initial acceleration) still the top tier vehicle ? 4x4 has been knocked down a peg to have the HP of other 'sports' cars (1,150) which is a good thing for balance 5) Is there anything new in the game? Three years eh? Well here's a list off the top of my head of things LO has done: New Anti-cheat, ingame trade system, a new sidearm, three new legendaries, added many perminant guns to the JT store (some models exclusive to the store), removed JMBs and moved them into the JT store (so that you can actually grind ingame to get legendaries if you desire or just purchase JT on Armas), JT is now available to earn via missions, gun balance, vehicle and modification balance, addition of Armas clothing debundled to the JT store. And finally getting the engine development point where there's been open betas. Anything major like a new car or contacts? No, that's not until after 2.1 Even after the engine Apb will still be Apb. Gotta decide if you're gonna take it or leave it
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