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  1. The upgrade to the 64-bit version of Unreal 3 is still being worked on, (and they've made progress that you can see in the latest post by Matt HERE) the intellectual property being sold is not a roadblock at all because they retain rights to what they have, and can continue to update Apb Reloaded; something like an entire new "Apb 2" game is what would be affected by this. By the way, this case doesn't have to do with Apb at all, it's about the game Descent that they were going to publish
  2. It's not a patch, it's maintenance. Maintenance happens every week to make sure the servers run properly, not that complicated
  3. ... I don't wanna be one to ask silly questions.... but are you sure you logged into the correct account?
  4. Needs to be account bound like many other Armas things. Don't wanna buy it on my... many different alts
  5. We're sticking to this being a wishlist thread, eh? ok, buff RFP
  6. It wasn't growing before, not like this, of all issues is the one thing stunting growth. Just guessing but will probably stay off until 2.2 and the subsequentially planned improvements to matchmaking. No threat segregation has it's major downsides, but having threat segregation how it was is far from an ideal situation.
  7. It's seemed fine to me and I've actually been playing NA quite a bit lately, imagine that
  8. Y-yes, that part is obvious if you know how those two work, they are very similar still and your suggestion to "tighten spread and reduced damage slightly" would put them even closer... that was my point. That could well be the only logical option to bring the JG to a better state; but one could still argue the guns should find a way to feel different from one another
  9. Are we talking about JG? The fact we have CSG and JG that are both rather similar guns creates issues with how to make them feel different. Not saying I personally care if they feel the same I just think that's the line of reasoning that the current JG iteration is based on. Shotguns are a mess atm, only one out of any that feels balanced to me is the CSG.
  10. Plans change dawg, we didn't get the engine back then because LO didn't know that they'd need to dig deep into the code like this, the betas showed clearly that the 2.1 build wasn't good enough to launch, that's why Matt's doing what he's doing for 2.2, cross your fingers and pray to the Orb it goes well
  11. Oh boy, tracers. P.S. please revert med spray
  12. Yes.... hacked, of course, the only logical explanation... /s
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