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  1. Dolton Broadwing is not on the list I think you missed the patchnotes that changed it to have 1,150 health
  2. Straight through the G1 website it should be 10 USD for 1,100g1c, it could be some sort of steam fee- or it was never changed 08/10 1,100 G1C HTTPSWWW.LITT $10.00
  3. I always thought the enforcers were better done than the 'criminals', but as a whole the lore always felt halfway done- and never returned to or expanded upon. I feel like that's kind of what they were going for but they missed the mark; comic booky surface level to not make it feel too serious. But then everything feels uninteresting and most people ignore the lore entirely
  4. Not perfect of course, but still a very promising beginning for Apb's future, *overall* more stability, but there are the few cases of more issues... as long as it continuing to be improved upon I'm very hopeful, I just hope the pop increase stays around for awhile (the baked lighting and Joker audio looping are known bugs that will be fixed soon I'm sure, even though I think Asylum looks kinda cool with the weird stripes)
  5. Should give out some free vouchers for legendary rentals so we can get the kids addicted to gambling
  6. RSA (no not the Hunter, I like to pretend that doesn't exist)
  7. There's a welcome change in anticheat along with 1.30, so EAC alongside better performance could hopefully get people to at least have a little hope this game isn't just doomed because that's an important factor. We haven't had much to even hope for during the entire 2.x wait
  8. You're a month late + pointless thread + why did you upload a terrible screengrab + bad clickbait thread title
  9. I suppose this post got buried but I'll add a reply since it's resurfaced, one reason Asylum is more popular is most likely because it's easier to obtain JT, the Baylan challenges are just not fun and time consuming meanwhile all you have to do is play a few rounds to get 200 JT a week from Asylum. I've heard the Sniper SBSR is the better of the two because you are right, it's basically a straight upgrade over the rifle one- but both are very underwhelming
  10. Oh yeah Colby, understandable. I just see half these names and think NA in general. Joker #1
  11. Tfw you know your name isn't going to be in any list of *known players* but you still read through it hoping
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