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  1. I do agree I'm nervous about them touching cars because one overdone adjustment could ruin a car. But, I personally think the meta of 1,600 HP tank Pioneer/Espacio and the rocket accel 1,350 HP 4x4 gets a bit boring and stifles any sort of variety in what you can choose to drive if you want to actually win... (nor should only nerf wars be waged against any good vehicle, careful balance is needed, just like with weapons)
  2. Options on limited testing: JG and CSG feel much more balanced; aka they are effective within their intended distances and IR does not feel like such a buff... however the .68 feels so dayum fast now; my personal opinion is the .73 is a fine interval, maybe not even that much higher but please, please leave the CSG and JG at the same fire interval Showstopper is interesting, I thought at first it was upped to a 4 shot, so it def feels like a nerf, but to be honest this is fine because it was rather strong for a seconday I can't comment about the Nfas or Ogre objectively because I hate both of them, but I can say I was glad to have not been melted at greater than 10m with an IR3 Nfas... the Ogre is still a spam cannon so I feel like it might regain it's throne of being the more annoying of these two.
  3. Are you saying Fin-1 isn't up? Pretty sure I saw it there just a lil while ago
  4. Since this got Necro'd I might as well complain about it here: I was able to somewhat enjoy playing Citadel on occasion all the way from the U.S. but now with these server latency spikes it just feels so much worse. So many of the districts on both servers cannot keep the proper 33ms
  5. What about threat segregation, if it's not coming this maintenance can we at least get an ETA? Citadel is back in the EU, and all that.
  6. Anarchy was like 10x times better than RhIOT, let's bring that back (with tweaks) instead
  7. Maintenance is on Wednesday mornings, so this ain't it, Citadel seems to be currently down for unknown reasons
  8. They look fine to me they are just nice bushy bois, and I mean, how translucent are trees irl? No seriously I don't go outside
  9. Both G1 and LO combined has been working on the smaller step of the move to 3.5 for what..... 7 years now? Good luck with the bigger jump to UE4 ever happening
  10. I didn't grind it because it was too many kills for a lame looking clothing item
  11. Seems this issue has been resolved, at least for now
  12. Yes. I would prefer it to be a little more balanced, doesn't mean I don't ever use one.
  13. I thought I'd take a stab at putting this on the forums [hopefully in the correct spot too] and seeing if it gets noticed, anyway: Pioneer/Espacio Carrying Kits are very oddly priced to the point that I'm pretty sure it's unintended since one does not give more or less items than the other: In fact Carrying kit one almost costs as much as the bundle with both in it. I really wanted to buy Kit 1 during the 40% off sale but I didn't want to overpay
  14. What's this 'no news' malarkey people keep talking about? It's been the friggen holidays. Matt updated us on the EU server situation yesterday. If you kept up with all the Admin posts you'd know the future plans they have (cross server play, finishing the engine, phasing, etc)
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