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  1. Yes.... hacked, of course, the only logical explanation... /s
  2. But I did, the initial post is the video; my reply was to his example in the video about the SNR; the vid was posted March 25th, long after the 3 shot buff, yet all he does is point to the equip nerf, doesn't say anything about the buff implying that they should have left it as it were; I disagree with that. Pretty straightforward. And it was made useless because G1. It was JG-Snubbers in EU turned it into a meme
  3. What. I wasn't talking to you I was addressing the initial post, the video, you know the one this thread is about I didn't even read your comment, if I was talking to you I would have quoted you, or @'ted
  4. I expected something else, dunno why, than bunch of re-said grievances, most of which are Reloaded Productions fault for their inaction, or were issues from the start, like the "broken" matchmaking. Then some complaining about weapon balance, while also giving LO no credit in their plans to improve things like matchmaking after the engine RP had four, maybe five years where they let Apb devolve into the state it's in, sure LO is going way slower than anyone would have wanted in getting the engine done, and there's a content drought, but there's been improvements such as trading system, Armas revamp that decreased prices, permanent guns and Armas clothes added to the JT store (along with more ways to earn JT), etc Weapon balance and anti-cheat are two valid complaints, though, although the example of the SNR I completely disagree with, 3 shot snub is much better than being 0.1 sec equip time meme. most people would agree that weapon balance isn't in a good place right now, but it's "a process we [LO] will continue to iterate on"
  5. Acornie

    Litteraly unplay-able

    It's a 32-bit client, doesn't matter how much RAM you have, it will be limited to 4GB. The "out of memory" error is due to RTX 2xxx series (3xxx to a lesser degree) and GTX 16xx series having compatibility issues with the aforementioned 32-bit. The new engine will be 64 bit, though : (
  6. Don't pay attention to the ingame bar 'stats' they are all over the place, the DB has the proper stats for it
  7. Acornie

    My two cents!

    I agree about the HUD, a bit cluttery for a game in today's landscape, and annoys me doubly so knowing how much it decreases precious fps, it would be nice to have more customizability for it I think the camera is one of the best placed in any third person game, that is when you've zoomed it out enough where you dont feel awkwardly close to your character (hold the - and + keys to adjust it) Concs are the anti-vehicle grenade, as well as being high skill, high reward anti-personnel; making percs anti-vehicle doesn't really make much sense to me Most of the guns you say need improving, OBIR, CR762, SR15 all are meta weapons atm and others such as ACT, RSA, ALIG are still very viable and are in a decent spot balancewise. [funny you say the OBIR does not have enough damage output when one burst is 495 damage, 5 away from taking out half your health in a single burst]
  8. Acornie

    NPC Hit Box is Huge

    From what I remember, a civ's hitbox does not lower near as much as it should when they 'cower', if it even decreases at all, something I've noticed this since forever
  9. Acornie

    the p90

    As far as I'm aware, main infamy around was the reliability under stress/dirt the British Military put them through and that only applies to the A1 iteration; the VAS weapons are created by Agrotech, so the assumption would be that they were designed and constructed better than their real world counterparts. Only being able to see Apb's weaponry from the perspective of their real world counterparts instead of within the lore is quite a bit more boring and takes away some of this game's charm in my opinion.
  10. Acornie

    the p90

    It's inspired by the real world P90, but it's infact not actually. I have mixed feelings about how RP for the most part just added guns that were straight 1:1's of real weapons. when RTW actually tried to be creative. The ejection port is on the side by the way, ironically making it very un-ambidextrous, opposite of the real gun (but very much like the L85/VAS weapons),
  11. I've watched too many hours of people better than me, hasn't rubbed off.
  12. Idk but I like this site cuz I'm too lazy to actually start up something like Kovaaks: https://www.mouseaccuracy.com/ Personally it's tracking and reaction times that's my weak points, less so than aiming and controlling recoil... I'd try to extrapolate on any tips (I can think of) but I'm the lowest of golds so not like I can help much here : ) Most people would probably say under 1k dpi, I turned my sens (and DPI) down about half a year ago and that helped me a bunch (about a 360 in 10 inches and some people still would say that's high). Full arm aim gang > wrist aiming
  13. At one point everyone who commented was the last one to reply, so we're all winners!
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