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  1. I think Matt was very clear when he addressed this back in early September in one of the engine updates Right now we're in the long winter of waiting for the engine, (from my understanding) it's pretty clear that almost every other plan hinges on 2.1 being live; which was hoped to have happened by now, but as the case often in games development it had setbacks, at this point no one can build hype about the engine nor anything coming after, heck, you people get angry that Matt tried to give an estimate back in April and as soon as that passes you claim 'he promised'. We've been given plenty of nuggets of things happening after the engine; changes to how threat/districts are managed, cross region/server play, phasing, new contacts, new car, advertising to build the playerbase etc etc. But I see, kind of, the irritation of nothing happening atm, but there is still things going on; we're gotten the revamp to the JT store, adding perm weapons, legendaries and most recently customizable armas clothing, there's been weapon balance and been said that there's more to come. The stagnation from the wait has gotten worse than anyone wanted it to get, NA is almost completely abandoned at this point... Anyway, there's no reason for this mass panic that seems to have happened in the community, the game is still here, [with enough of a playerbase if you are EU or an NA silver/bronze] LO is still trying and the engine is still being worked on. And there's changes coming after the engine. We just have to wait and see.
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  3. Hey, since we're talking about the Scoped N-tec, can we talk about how it has zero upsides and only a downside to the normal N-Tec 5? More zoom does not equal more accuracy: Scoped PR1 vs CR-5 PR2 (for same mods) Maybe that could be something to take into consideration since there's ongoing weapon balance
  4. What, I totally love hearing my car in last gear at high RPM as if it's pushing its limits at 45mph
  5. I just bothered to give the quote because I think Matt handled throwing out an estimation best as possible; it was not a promise, he started off acknowledging they have not hit dates in the past, letting people know it was an educated guess, this being back in April when there was still lots of work left. "Very disappointed" if it wasn't out by September but Apb has been the game of disappointments since launch.
  6. I'm going to go out on a limb here and say I don't think that's an actual quote. Actual quote; Matt: "Someone is asking about September for the engine. It's funny I put out dates in the past and then we for various reasons have not hit those dates. I will be very very disappointed if we don't get this engine update out by September."
  7. That just means you own them already, everything after unlocking is still there for Apb$
  8. I was about to come back and edit that after I tracked down the proper patchnotes for it, not sure why it doesn't seem to be in the DB's changes. Maybe I'm just blind, not sure that the change was directly in effect of the IR changes like they're presuming
  9. I think @rooq they may be thinking of the -5m that was taken off the OBIR and CR762 at one point, but that didn't affect the Carbine, so (man I wish I could find that in the https://apbdb.com/changes/ so I know I'm not crazy)
  10. Which region server and which platform might be useful information to include
  11. I think the 60m dropoff for ACT and having the RSA easier to hit shots in succession means it was directly taken into account in these balances. It's a shame old G1 overlords ever even put tier 3 mods on secondaries, it just throws balance out of wack
  12. Oh this topic is still going eh? Guess I'll add mine It's after a few tweaks and the AI's help but still, it's close to what I imagined her realistically looking like (I didn't like how the source pic looked so I'm cheating using two different ones) Second character's AI help was not as close but still interesting
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