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  1. AMA about the beta, he said in the post. "We are not quite ready to open things to the public just yet, but I think we are getting really close!" Maybe by the 30th if all goes well we will have a date, who knows
  2. No. Toxicity only seems to be on the rise if you look for it, and FairFight was no way better than EAC. Many times people who claim that toxicity is a big problem are toxic themselves (that last line was a lil 'toxic' imo, ngl chief)
  3. Any sort of toxicity can always be overblown, or ignored depending how you decide to look at it. The game is fine, you can get missions with dumb people who say meanie words to you or you can get very nice polite players as well. So probably about the same as it's ever been in that regard.
  4. Cross region play (being to play a character made on one server in any region) is planned, however, as of now there is only US West (Los Angeles) US East (New York), EU West (Netherlands?) and a planned EU East in Poland; I suppose we'll have to wait and see if playerbase can grow enough after the engine `to warrant an Asian server in the future
  5. Acornie

    Bugs and suggestions

    Fire Interval of stock Scout: 1.750 sec. (CJ3 makes it 1.628 sec) If this chart above is accurate, they are literally healing before you can get the second shot off, take a fraction of a second too long to aim the next shot and they will be healed just enough to survive a second shot, CA3 just counters the scout way too well. EDIT: it's a habit to explain and inform people of gameplay "details" like this, not supposed to be a "Ur'e dumb" thing. If this isn't what's going then the only other explanation is a general hitreg issue that'd affect all guns. But for the most part that is not really a common occurrence
  6. Tryhard is such an overused term I don't even think it really means anything anymore, you can take a 'tryhard' and break it down into components, 1. using every advantage possible, but that's moreso the game's fault than theirs. If someone sits behind waist high cover and spams the heck out of crouch every CR762 shot despite being in hardly any danger, it's still something he can do because the game allows him to, carplaying in a Vegas? It has insane accel for the health it has, not really his fault for picking the most obvious choice (yes I know Pioneer too) I know I started with numbers that's all I really got. I personally don't see how using every advantage possible is even that fun, especially if it's against opp that isn't even challenging, but that's just my personality I guess. Nothing wrong with taking a PvP game competitively, can't really worry or police how serious someone takes a game.
  7. I see your point, and it's a compelling argument, that the M9 was left out and they redesigned it into the RFP-9 to add more weapon variations into the game, but I still feel like there's enough to differentiate the M9 as a separate gun, it's an odd thing to try and both try to think logically and to try and think about the sometimes whacky lore Apb has, I just don't think the burstfire RFP pistol fits the description in the Joker gunworks well, "found favor with the citizens of San Paro" doesn't really sound like the "powerful and compact handgun" that made the company a success in the first place. I'm probably overthinking this and just want another nice semi auto sidearm in the game (even if it's a reskin) A part of the lore I still think about not making sense is that originally the Joker carbine and the Obeya CR762 were supposed to be the same gun but upgraded yet somehow got assigned different manufacturers I'm almost certain the Yukon model is different than the Joker's, despite both looking inspired by Beretta sidearms, the Mountie taking the look of the 93R much more heavily than most RTW weapons took from real guns (directly ripping off real guns was something Reloaded liked to do much more)
  8. Ok, but, wouldn't a better solution be to make every threat harder to achieve making green relevant and having gold mean something?
  9. As we wait here patiently for the final stretch before Q1 2014 finally dawns I thought I'd take some time to write about something I've been thinking about awhile: Anyway, to the point. There's several things that for one reason or another during development, or just simply over time, did not end up in the game in the intended way. Many things stayed in the lore despite not showing up ingame fully (Forsche Bank, Midtown, various criminal factions) and this is one of those things, but this one is a bit different. One item oddly has been left out, even though in many ways it's still in the game, and I'll try to make the case that it needs to be added. First of all, the email for 'Joker 45's / Joker Gunworks' writes about a sidearm, unamed in the email, that "over half of the gun homicides between April 2005 and September 2007 in San Paro were committed with their powerful and compact handguns" and that "many of their weapons reaching the streets cannot be accounted for through legitimate sales." an integral gun manufacturer's bio talks about a gun that seemingly is absent from the game. The gun from the description is tied to the criminals as much as it's tied to civilians. So most logically it's referring to the 'Joker M9' that never made it's way fully into the game (it only seems logical it is not referring to the RFP-9, since that description says how it was designed for helicopter pilots, most likely based of the company's semi auto M9) ^ Taken from early gun concept pictures You might think 'okay, but it's cut content, there's lots of that like melee weapons and flamethrowers." it's in the game already. It exists in San Paro, and there's proof Joker store fronts in action districts. It's even right there, on the wall! (alongside some variants of other weapons we never got but that's a different topic) Also the original RTW threat icons used what looks debatebly like the Joker M9 (we can agree to disagree on which gun it is, I still will use it for my evidence) All in all, I would like to see this gun added into the game, to help solidify some of the backstory of the game, it only makes sense since it's already in the lore, plus I it think is a very cool looking sidearm, plus it gives some variety to the semi auto sidearms in the game. I noticed that I haven't even addressed what the sidearm would be, most people might say a FBW reskin and that kind of makes sense in the original concept of it being the criminal equivalent of the Obeya FBW [A small caveat I have to note is that I haven't worked is why it is called Joker 45's? Is the M9 supposed chambered in .45 caliber... or was the original manufacturer of the Colby .45 intended to be Joker? Curious if someone knows why that is] Anyway, I hope this was something interesting enough to make a thread about. #addJokerM9
  10. Been around for at least a year I'd say, don't think we're getting a fix before the engine. Just restart when it happens
  11. My issue is cars. Every time I think 'I kinda want that car bundle on Armas' I remember 'oh but I have no locker space so nevermind'. Clothing too, actually; 'I could make a cool outfit with that pack... but I couldn't free enough clothing space so nevermind'
  12. These were going in the summer of 2016, and honestly, it's a major reason I ever got back into the game. They'd be nice to see again.
  13. I've been planning on making a thread about this, so I'm glad I saw this thread. The tutorial, or introduction to Apb for new players needs a rework... but just as important as that is, beyond that I strongly feel that the free to play experience needs to be reworked.` Tutorial: it's a bit hard as a more experienced player to put myself in the shoes of noob who doesn't grasp the core basics of the game, but I think it's pretty obvious that what we have now is not sufficient. An important note is that lack of language supportsis a big hurdle non-English speakers and I hope this is something being addressed soonTM. Even pop-ups from the tutorial, that explains to a player first time joining to explain what Apb is might benefit but I don't know, I'm not too... sure what's best other than the tutorial is insufficient at helping noobs in it's current state. I feel like even mentioning this idea is going into a pipe dream but something that could benefit Apb a large amount, and what Flaws has already mentioned is some sort of 'Training Grounds'; say there's a room, guns to test on the table, or some sort of way to access weapons you don't currently own, and a shooting range to test them on, players won't instantly thing that (x) gun is OP because they could then to try it out as much as they want in the testing area Gun lease setup and it's issues: I know that to most players this might seem that important, but the problem is we're all experienced in Apb, most of the uninitiated try this game, leave it and never get to this point. It's too hard to get to those slotted weapons. I understand that every game needs to make money, but that shouldn't be the only thing that you set out to do; the longer people stay the more likely they will give financial support instead of them feeling like they're $150 away from finding any enjoyment in the game, and quitting.
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