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  1. Why not just main a male character?
  2. Pretty much as the title says. There's no point in keeping a system, which nobody uses lol. Plus it also makes it a really annoying hassle to put everything back up, every 24 hours. Bidding should just be removed overall and auctions shouldn't expire. There really isn't much people selling on the MP cause well, everyone left xd. So there is no worry for the marketplace to be spammed with auctions. (Excluding the auctions that are put up for $2147483646 lel). Another note, please just give us more inventory space LO. uwu
  3. The game has such low pop, we have to add general chat now xD Btw you can whisper anyone online, regardless of what district they are in.
  4. If anyone can find the archive for the "Rate Your Battle-stations" thread, please let us know xDD
  5. This should definitely be in the game, along with the hoodie down for males. This option really has be available to both genders tbh. Any idea when they can implement this?
  6. I actually have both packs purchased on the account, yet I still don't have them unlocked.
  7. It seems Page 16 (Potshot) and Page 15 (Conspiracy) symbols can be bought over Armas, although I'm not too sure if it's account bound since I've never bought them myself. However, Page 13, 14, 17, 18 seems to be unlock able through certain game events that run one time per year. The problem is some people don't have the time to go through all their characters if they choose to unlock every single page of symbols before the event ends. These pages don't seem to be purchasable through Armas either. Another issue would be that some symbols are made on different characters and can only be editable through that one character instead of the account itself. There should be a way to unlock these pages account wide since not everyone has the time to go through the events all year round.
  8. N-Tec is pretty simple to use, once you're used to firing tbh
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