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  1. I honestly feel like an idiot for not checking thoroughly enough ._.
  2. Give us the 8th slot and more slots to hold clothing items need like 150 clothing slots so we can make 8 truly unique outfits
  3. Ok so a while back I got the high roller bundle and loved the Shredder DF that it came with. I looked all over for a permanent versooin but all that was available was the EB and SB RD 3. They are both fine and I already own the EB but would like the DF version so I can have one with e drum mag. It's a petty thing but I do like alittle astetics as well as functionality. I know I am wierd xD
  4. Wait how many slots for guns do we have per character? Cause I have a shit ton of Armas guns I got over the years along with all the loyalty reward guns. Or do Armas guns not take up a slot.
  5. Just wondering if any of these more well known weapons will ever make it in game. Glock 17/18 EX 41 Barret M82A1 Hk 416 Hk 417 Hk Mp5 ((not the Mp5K cause that's the Oca)) KSG DP 12 RPG-7 M249 DSR 50 Hk G3 Caytec M200 Intervention Mosin Nagant M1 Garand MTAR 21 SKS Barretta M9 ((we have an M93)) side note. Where are the fire trucks?
  6. I would call it the Exotic package. Made of a new car and new guns which are models of expensive looking items. Weapon models: DSR 50 M249 Chainsaw Glock 18 HK 416 DP 12 Vehicle model: Audi R8
  7. That is helpful thank you. I would love to volunteer to help out since I am on alot. I ju st have a weak pc right now.
  8. I seriously cannot believe someone has to say this. But placing rules doesn't do anything. We still have players harassing players and we still have players dethreating. You need to have GMs actually in the game and making sure players aren't playing against your rules. I can think of a ton if players who are just being jerks to others and when you call them out they can only respond with cry, get gud or stop being a b****. So can we please have better help on this. Or at least a way to report them properly.
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