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  1. ArsenDVarg

    Party blower

    Hi, I would like to have the party blower, Can you make an event for win it please?
  2. Good night, I think we need more beards in the game, we have few to choose, and all are similar , i have some ideas to make to look more manly. I hope you like them. I really think the part of editing character needs new stuffs i hope you like some of the beards, thank you.
  3. I know this post is for clothes but I want a real beard in the game, a sponge and long beard , and better hairs, those are very ugly and we need to look good for kill. thank you.
  4. Well im a designer on the game to business so yes I need the extra slot, thank you all for your answers
  5. Good night everyone, i want to know how to unlock the 8 slot of outfit, I was looking information in internet but nothing, if someone know, please tell me, thank you. ( im criminal , lvl 245)
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