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  1. I did something very similar to this last year, and I really wanted to see if I could improve on it. I did have to remake everything from scratch again as I didn't save any of the symbols from last time. Sorry for the quality of the picture <.< Character: PancakePower Server: Jericho
  2. Just an idea I came up with; Joker security gear. She could sell Criminals and Enforcers tactical swat gear in exchange for Joker Tickets (and possibly money). Alternate colors and non-security versions can be made as well
  3. Character: PancakePower Server: Jericho
  4. Just started getting the atiags.dll errors today as well, out of nowhere during the ddos. Not sure if it is related but I also haven't been able to load into a district at all, which I am like 80% sure that it is because of the ddos but who knows if it could be related to this. EDIT: I was able to get into a district finally, seems it was from the DDOS stuff, I still got the battleye error but ignored it, didn't seem to bother anything.
  5. Ah, I see. Thank you, was worried something messed up on my end. Hopefully we'll be able to play tonight.
  6. Anyone else still having problems with Jericho? I can login and choose a character but won't connect to any districts, just get stuck in loading screen. I can connect to citadel fine with zero troubles.
  7. It's a link to a bit.ly, takes you to the website https://www.redhillinstitute.com/hat Seems to be morse code EDIT: Mirror the image horizontally, spells out https://bit.ly/2OzOHxD
  8. i blew stuff up, it was fun
  9. Patience is key, just give them time to figure out what kinda mess APB is currently in.
  10. Only thing that I have been playing since I have started playing again, since missions are just too stressful with all the lag. I will be very disappointed if you replace it with a boring battle royale game mode.
  11. Really hope stuff like this will get settled before they even think about adding new content.
  12. Trade system...finally. I can't wait for all this stuff to come out. Thanks for the detailed updates.
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