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  1. so 100 hours in bronze district same as 100 in silver? ha ha nice brain back to the dumb pound l0l
  2. also when we have people who portray themselves as creepo depot fursonas
  3. hell no stay away you weirdo fursona, bricks wouldn't even hit that
  4. i appreciate that they have been orbiting around the idea of the engine update with little progress like g1
  5. i have trained my bricking where are snowballs in districts
  6. i like how my ms went down after this, nice clown game
  7. tiggs. there ya go boys g1 was trash close up the thread
  8. pc apb has been shut down, its been a good run everyone, thanks for playing with me all these years!!
  9. SPOTTER AINT SPOTTIN Removed video showing spotter not spotting, in low quality. ~@mayii
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