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  1. i used to jump snipe with the heavy hvr but they took that away from me so now I just chuck rocks
  2. client side shot does nothing no one cares
  3. I would play this shit out of a game that looked like this base. Play the shit out of it. Hey 2010 onwards graphics with a bunch of shit everywhere on the screen, can we get over it and get back to gameplay, thanks shitcan 2010 onwards game development.
  4. oh man good thing we disabled downvote from the 20 people on the forums
  5. wots that more fun removed from the game, enjoy chucking bricks the last bastion of fun, the waters great over here
  6. Percocet


    this isnt a suggestion its an order
  7. Percocet


    aight tired of chuckin bricks for two years gimme back my rng heavy jumpsniping 50 cal cqc battleaxe quickswitch hvr thanks bros
  8. why when they came back to apb over and over again do you assume they would change how they are playing/what they are doing kick rocks
  9. nice now we have a crappy anti cheat so all the silvers think everyone is hacking cause of their bronze brains and are referencing your crappy false bans in the past of crappy players. then the actual crappy players of this crappy game get to see speedhacking return. sik
  10. lol, speed hack is already back, the game is dead move on., get a better anti cheat or get the shovels. people in here saying eac half assed l 0 l. Welcome, welcome to apb you sweet summer children.
  11. speed hack back, farewell shitcan apb, may u rest in piece
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