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  1. i got more but im gunna need some likes, if u want me to do this kind of content ima need 150 likes
  2. my feet are still on the ground plz help
  3. Last month i play game see gm need help with how jump ask how jump he doesnt help i do not understand
  4. can we fucking stop this kid from spamming these dumb bears yo man ima make a forum acct and post some bears and they will be like whoaAaAaaaa bear guy shoot me in the back of the head man
  5. yes because the traffic lights wont let them cross, because of traffic
  6. traffic lights not working in financial this game sucks
  7. Stifle creativity with color guidelines nice idea 1st in one of the halloween costume events wont even bother this year
  8. he chilling so hard that he doesnt even click his mouse
  9. and yet the traffic lights still arent operational in financial
  10. good thing they removed the quality of life bug where it would automatically refill your ammo so you wont get fucked when you respawn, my immersion is rekindled when I get to constantly walk up to a vending machine that swears at me and dispenses bullets
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