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  1. why when they came back to apb over and over again do you assume they would change how they are playing/what they are doing kick rocks
  2. nice now we have a crappy anti cheat so all the silvers think everyone is hacking cause of their bronze brains and are referencing your crappy false bans in the past of crappy players. then the actual crappy players of this crappy game get to see speedhacking return. sik
  3. lol, speed hack is already back, the game is dead move on., get a better anti cheat or get the shovels. people in here saying eac half assed l 0 l. Welcome, welcome to apb you sweet summer children.
  4. speed hack back, farewell shitcan apb, may u rest in piece
  5. oh amayii, you are just the height of oh-too-muchery, stay sassy my friend
  6. because they like to nerf shit instead of just bringing crap guns up to par with guns that are viable, and then introduce some more crappier weapons that are crap so they can use those as a base to nerf some more viable weapons even more
  7. disables mod so doesnt take away 2014 engine update time, adds new poopy event thats poop.
  8. so 100 hours in bronze district same as 100 in silver? ha ha nice brain back to the dumb pound l0l
  9. also when we have people who portray themselves as creepo depot fursonas
  10. hell no stay away you weirdo fursona, bricks wouldn't even hit that
  11. i appreciate that they have been orbiting around the idea of the engine update with little progress like g1
  12. i have trained my bricking where are snowballs in districts
  13. i like how my ms went down after this, nice clown game
  14. tiggs. there ya go boys g1 was trash close up the thread
  15. pc apb has been shut down, its been a good run everyone, thanks for playing with me all these years!!
  16. SPOTTER AINT SPOTTIN Removed video showing spotter not spotting, in low quality. ~@mayii
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