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  1. wat do u mean lucky my jump snipes always hit u gotta feel the hvr, be one with the jump
  2. FAREWELL hvr thanks for the 130k cheese kills u will be remembered after nerf
  3. passing off a fax machine as a cm to the entire community
  4. I just attach myself to my modded garage door with peanut butter and raz jam gives me just enough hold to stay attached until i hockey stick the door button with a javelin throw and catapult esque launch myself around the suburbs to get around here with mathmatically precalculated trajectories, then just use money i saved to buy joker boxes
  5. Ya bullet holes are as well especially on the hvr, ignoring bloom after shooting secondary and you see it fly off into the shit abyss on the road and hits the middle of the crosshair. I wonder if tracers were back in the day probly
  6. con·ceive kənˈsēv/ verb past tense: conceived; past participle: conceived 1. become pregnant with (a child). "she was conceived when her father was 49" de·ceive dəˈsēv/ verb past tense: deceived; past participle: deceived (of a person) cause (someone) to believe something that is not true, typically in order to gain some personal advantage.
  7. I wouldnt care if you took offense, the reg and range on the jg is terrible compared to the csg
  8. Can someone do me a favor and kurt cobain me in the back of the head irl so I dont have to suffer another day in this leftist sjw paradise this generation has shat out into the world, thanks in advance
  9. The jg is a gigantic turd compared to csg and the csg shouldnt be paywalled/joker ticketed because of this fact
  10. Havent seen anyone cheating since implementation and I play everyday
  11. Joker ammo machine swore at me and hurt feelings dont feel safe plz remove
  12. quit cause of "balance" changes across the board and changes to the game/hack discovery destroying economy
  13. Thank you, we appreciate your effort, hopefully this month and a half of bad performance doesn't affect your games success.
  14. Realize that as much as you or anyone else loves the new company it wont change the end result if they dont fix the stability issues first and foremost. Thats the end of it, and I said an engine upgrade that was announced for 2014 didnt say they were liable for anything. I already said I realize it wouldnt be easy, it doesnt matter one bit how easy or hard it will be. The fact of new and old players seeing announcements that this game could be alive again (which is PR advertising published on major PC gaming websites regardless of little orbit doing anything other than acquiring the company) and trying the game within these two months since that announcement (which is a very long time to draw in many new and old players and be spread by word of mouth) and getting crapped on by performance and leaving will not change no matter how hard your little heart wishes for it. You can tell me to give them more time to fix it and thats fine, ill still be here, but those two months of new and old players and anyone they tell about performance wont. Lol validity of my position, this is not my position, this is the position that this game is facing.
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