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  1. Most Trigger Bots just read values off the game's memory and not simply scanning for a specific color.
  2. Why are you rephrasing what I said? But anyway, battleye is not the reason there are no shawcopters anymore.
  3. agree on bug fixes and ye battleeye is pretty shittly implemented atm, any kid with some basic coding skills can create an undetected cheat that BE wouldn't be able to even notice...it only works when many people use the same thing. Though, it's still the best we've ever got on this game, it keeps most cheaters away but it doesn't seem to work that good on private cheats specially triggerbots and macros...
  4. I agree with the weapon balance part except that some guns were broken like Yukon and such, though, Yukon is a little underpowered atm. Just revert and focus on more important stuff ^
  5. Thank you for caring and understanding the situation. When I wrote that post I was almost confident it'd go unnoticed but fortunately, I was wrong. Thank you Little Orbit for sorting this out and my apologies if my approach was inappropriate or unprofessional. You proved to me that you guys really care about this game unlike the old administration.
  6. I don't trade without ba middle man or if someone is not going first. I encourage them to record the trade when they're going first, too. It's not about me, it's about many people that doesn't even know the apb forums thus aren't familiar with any of the current decisions. I suggested putting a banner on the login screen or something warning about trades not being supported anymore. The whole issue was that someone was asking whether someone (a very known scammer that has scammed more than 7 or 8 people now) was trusted or not. I told him no he's a scammer and he's scammed many people don't trade with him. Same as many other people confirmed that he's a scammer in the chat. I got muted for 4 hours by a GM and threatened to get my account banned if I said that again. He told me to not say that again and let support handle this which, surprisingly, support doesn't do anymore. So I have to let my friends and other players get their guns scammed and not get it back or else I'll be banned for warning them. And nowadays the game is pretty unplayable due to the shotguns and other issues, so I only login to either trade or spend time chatting in Social. So "Just don't trade" might not be a very good idea for someone like me.
  7. What is the point of taking the tickets if the only thing they're doing is banning the scammer? So I'm not allowed to warn people and help them keep their guns cause even in case of support tickets they won't take it back? Think about it.
  8. Oh and by the way, you can get on citadel and check the scammer for yourself, maybe get scammed so u get to try the ultimate APB experience...
  9. I am the OP of the removed post. I have been contacted by a Mod telling me to contact Lixil about it with proof. I see it unnecessary to remove my complete thread for a reply to someone stating a name. You could have just removed the reply and leave the thread. As I said before I did the /savechatlog command and still can not find the chat log in anywhere. Would not be surprised if that got broken since last update too. Now for the funny part, the GM her/himself told me to "take it to the forums or support" if I still have an issue with that punishment. Now who am I supposed to listen to now? If I do what a GM suggested me to do and then get my thread removed by another mod? How poorly revised does your rules have to be to be so damn contradictory?! Everything I've seen until now is just rules interferring with eachother. I'm not even gonna bother mention the scam ticket support abandonment before even pushing a trading system live. Please LO,THINK before taking actions. This is boring. I am not going to spend my time or money on a very poorly managed game that is definitely from ,what I see, is going in a very dark direction.
  10. I'm starting to feel that Little Orbit is not really listening to us on many if not all of these changes. Nobody asked for Modifications changes.
  11. fix servers instead of tinkering around a stable gun. the issue was the servers, not the gun this is not the best way to get around the issue, same with nhvr, not the best way. also, csg range now is ridiculous
  12. This game would be better without the hvr. same with ogre and atac imo
  13. I know it was pretty op at 0.045 but I feel like mounties at 0.078 are just not the best option as a secondary let alone a Legendary. Even in marksman mode it doesn't work as efficient as an RFP
  14. it was bugged for 2 years. what kind of bug takes 2 years to fix? it was intended to have it bugged int he first place to milk money off of it I thought not. It's not a story the Old Dev Team would tell you. It's a RTW legend. Darth DMR-SD was a Dark Lord of the Sniper role, so powerful and so wise he could use the weapon stats to influence the damage drop off to invert itself into a damage ramp… He had such a knowledge of the balance landscape that he could even kill his targets in less than the standard number of shots. The dark side of Weapon Balance is a pathway to many weapon mechanics some consider to be unnatural. He became so powerful… the only thing he was afraid of was being overshadowed, which eventually, of course, he was. Unfortunately, he taught his apprentice (the N-HVR) everything he knew, then his apprentice killed him in his sleep. Ironic. He could save others from near irrelevance, but not himself. ok
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