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  1. Stun Grenades and Percs need to be nerfed; other than that stuns are not op
  2. I, for one, welcome our new gorgonhook overlords
  3. Ursus , will not get nerfed in future and is objectively best in class
  4. if your cereal ive got a huge stash of dogecoins ive been sitting on for a few years now .....
  5. CR762 desperately needs a nerf in close range; only gun that I can really say dominates all ranges and is winning fights in close range when using cj3
  6. a few of my clan mates have been randomly disconnecting every few hours ; not enough of a history to call it a pattern but im suspicious
  7. 7000 posts and you still find a way to make the forums unwelcome for other users
  8. Great point; whisper has always had the 50m range, if it loses this modifier the PMG should also. And why be snarky @BXNNXD, your not adding anything to the discussion by mocking my post
  9. how can something be a crutch when its readily available for anyone to buy and use , JT Shredder is only 700 JTs
  10. Whisper has a model with a scope on it for a reason, bring the modifier back
  11. More APB customization how-toos ; I would really appreciate an theme how to awell!
  12. Except why would other items get more expensive? Legendaries would just have to be put in as obtainable in a different way; gambling is a serious issue.
  13. I second this ,while I don't love the new shotgun meta its not like OCA is unviable; shredder is strong but honestly has fine range imo, make it a 4 shot that should be the only change. An above poster mentioned that spread pattern should reward good aim, that too would be a sufficient change . In the end the engine update should come out before the end of the year, best case scenario December > Engine Update > brand new X-Mas event to draw in new player base > Fix threat and matchmaking problems ; all of these content and balance changes are secondary and metaphorically an life ring that can't float being thrown to a drowning sailor
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