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  1. tbh this meta is the best apb has seen. although i aswell hate the shredder meta, in every match without a shredder/nfas the matches are much more fun. everyone who crying on the IR changes and weapon update and want the old meta back were edgy ntec/oca/hvr QS warriors. its so refreshing to see guns getting gameplay and having to choose a loadout due to the mission location. Yes the shotgun is strong and people are mad, but youre only mad cuz before u could spin ur mouse across ur keyboard with a ntec in cqc and get a double kill. now u actually have to play midrange vs a shotgun. 'WOW wtf??? this game is trash a shotgun juss rushed me within 3m and 2 tapped me up close before i could kill it with my ntec? :(((( trash game i want old meta' -every old head edgy ntec warrior i agree the shredder needs huge nerf, otherwise balance. shotguns should always outplay any gun cqc. best way to counter a shotty spammer? get a shotty and out aim them. or get a submachine gun and out sidestep them.
  2. just sad to see a game with so much potential die cuz people cant handle being beaten. people will run to the same spot 10 times, using the same route, from the same spawn side, then accuse u of cheating and quit the game 'well this game is trash still full of cheats' smh.
  3. juss trying to play dad and help these lil ragers see insight take it how u will. i rarely talk in this game, juss trying to pass on what helped me not punch the wall every engagement i got beaten in
  4. alright, real talk. im sick of the games population dying, and non stop discussion due to this. i know games are frustrating, especially in a game like apb where every engagement is a skill/luck engagement. i have been playing this game since cbt, i used to hackusate alot in my mind. i am decent at the game if that. i can shoot someone, miss half my clip, be 85 AF, and STILL get hackusated by 90% of the community. its just sad. people need to realize in EVERY game there is a thing call luck. i have engagements where i miss half my clip, and i have engagements where i hit every shot and even i sit back and go 'wtf am i a god?', and thats me, im juss a theme maker with mediocre tracking. so some of the vets playing this game since RTW/CBT/OBT who are good at shooters with great tracking, WILL beat u, and with that not even theyre PERFECT, u can kill them. with BattleEye implemented i can honestly say i have played the game with being sus on maybe 2-3 people. since BattleEye came out, theres strength in numbers. it doesnt matter how good you are, your chances are slim of living while being crossfired. premade groups on coms are deadly and dangerous. im not saying u 100% die being crossfired cuz again every engagement is skill/luck. over my time playing this game, and working on my own temper, i went from lowkey hackusating most people in my mind, to playing the game calmly by opening my mind. my main points in this post are: 1.) stop being hard headed. i know the easiest excuse as to why u died is, ' theyre hacking wtf how did ME the best player in the game DIE?!?!?' but stop. take a second and think. you died because of some reason, THE ONLY WAY U GET BETTER IS TO REFLECT ON YOUR MISTAKES AND CORRECT THEM. 2.) dying (no matter how frustrating) is a natural part of the game. accept it. (even if u 85'd the opp, trust me i know its annoying missing that last shot.) 3.) there is ALWAYS someone better than you, or luckier. I have died to people who rarely miss a shot, and bronze noobs who 90% of the time miss. its all based on the current situation. 4.) practice makes perfect. this games skill cap is stupid. the gold threat in this game is a tossup. you have people fresh out of silver who have 10% game knowledge, or u have a 10 year cbt vet that knows every corner and can predict spawns. theres rarely an inbetween, and thats due to the fact of mediocre players raging out of the game. I am in no way saying cheats are extinct in this game. in fact, its really hard to gauge if people are cheating now a days, because there are alot of players who have played the game for along time now, non stop, and are juss naturally very good at tracking. BUT even in the old FF days, me being a mediocre at best player, has killed MrEpicGoat. if u sus someone of cheating, outplay them with your teammates. The new OP is crossfiring!!!! Hell grab a HVR and keep them 85 at all times. NEVER 1v1 them if u dont have good tracking. if u wanna 1v1 someone who is 'cheating'. u better get the first shot on them and not miss. if u want to learn to get better heres a good guide to follow. probably the most in depth and helpful guide to this game: *shoutout to Aural the author* https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=379180211 granted with the new weapon update some things may be a bit off, but as for tactics, spot on.
  5. i agree with the first suggestion. would bring a more competitive aspect and put players with more matched skill levels. unfortunately i doubt it can happen with the population and it would separate the community even more. look at league of legends for example, you have 95% of the millions of playerbase in silver and bronze. when u bring that to a game with a playerbase of like 3,000 players it could break it. unless they made districts all like open conflict and lower skilled players just have to deal.
  6. production and rap by me. when i was hella clowning
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