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  1. Dealying your respawn... almost non-recoil stabba weapons with huge ranges... perc+pig..... Am not saying that Stunning/arresting should be removed, but criminals should be able to counter this mechanic (being able to help your arrested teammate it's just not enought, usually enforcers kill you while you are arrested if they note that another crim is coming) and may be a nice way to balance the situation is providing a similar mechanic to criminals. Criminals should be able to tie and gag enforcers like they are taking a hostage. I got the idea because i have some friends who literally have left the game because of stunning, and i understand them, it's frustrating and annoying as hell. Yeah they could just go enforcers, but who am I to tell them what to do. anyways, it is just an idea and since there are many post complaingin about stun/arrest I thought this might be usefull.... or not
  2. Preparing myself for flamming all around the /d
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