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  1. No. The population does not get to decide what is a secret and internal or not. That just reeks of an overarching sense of entitlement. Seeing as there are no screenshots present, that is your answer right there. Dataminers discovering items of interest does not automatically mean they are allowed to be shared. Not only that it'd be considered against the rules to do so.
  2. I think some people here need to understand this decision to exclude the ARMAS purchases and trades made between characters, which while can be annoying, it's a product out of the hands of LO at this point. Let me start off by saying that LO is under no obligation to bring any information forward to a new place if the original data is missing, obstructed or incomplete. It does not make any sense for a business to take forward any information that a customer says they got from a source, but that source has either ceased to exist or support the claim (in this case provide vital documentation that proved you did purchase said item). It would be the equivalent of an online shop migrating to a store like Amazon, who then does not provide enough information to be able to legally transfer ownership of items like warranty and support to individuals who bought a product on this online shop and are now seeking support from Amazon. Amazon is under no legal obligation to provide support or warranty to this customer, no matter how frustrated, as they can't legally guarantee that you have bought this item. You may have bought this item from said store, but Amazon can't counter-prove this claim. Thus there is a legal limbo of "Well we cannot prove they bought the product via this method, and thus we cannot prove we have legal obligations to support, and thus we can't." The second problem is that the products Innova (4Game) sold were legally significantly different in regards to what GamersFirst (Little Orbit at this point) sold. Below is one such example: This is an equivalent of a JMB in APB, but you can see it's setup is quite different. There is more but the other information is scarce. This is blatantly different to what you and I know as a JMB. This would be a non-starting example, seeing as 4Game closed Innova a long time ago (your thirty day Reaper HVR will be dead by now), but it still demonstrates the principle. If I move onto below: And this is the biggest issue, look at the item on the right. Now this is where you'll have to use imagination, but this is in relation I promise. This is essentially an equivalent to the RTW Packs that were flying around, of course w/o G1C (as far as I'm aware, look The Wayback Machine doesn't help me here). That is essentially allowing you to buy APB$ and JT using real money, which could never have been done within APB proper itself at any stage (using RMT for APB$ doesn't count). This is also not as bad as it gets however, but it is the most demonstrable issue here. If you do not have the documentation that proves you purchased this item from the vender, not your bank/credit card provider, you cannot counter-sign any verification of purchases. Business transactions are a two-way street. And even if this were the case, how can you implement that into standard APB? You would need to verify how in the backend the item was categorized, do changeovers if necessary, figure out what the user got, what the user used, and give the items to said player. You can never give them back their moneys, that is already taken by the player and probably used, or kept in storage, at which point is brought forward, but then defuncts the original product. There are plenty of other issues that I could go into, but it's a breakdown of the biggest legal issues with something like this. It is not as simple as clicking a button to sync items across. It's full of legal obligation fulfillment and a lot of adaptation into the system it is going into.
  3. You are. Where you found that code wasn't related to RedHill - it's part of Google Global Site Tag, it's for data analytics event tracking for their services for the web. You can read about it here
  4. Just thought I'd throw my hat in for potential changes to the website that no-one has noticed: The Civil Engineer Job offering now takes the place of the Web Developer offering. More than that, all of the buttons are now working. Something seemingly inconspicuous, but it's worth mentioning it. Might they change the jobs page in the future for more hints?
  5. Alright, lets disect this post point by point. I feel like this needs to be done. I think you're blinding yourself by hatred of the shotgun changes. Well, a good use for the tears for Christmas' snowballs. The fact you say this while being a player for the longest time really demonstrates that you really are just shouting in an act of percieved frustration. Point out to the audience where APB was "horribly" balanced. That's not to say there are balancing issues - there always will be. But screaming out like this with no real point of order is kind of baseless. This right here is where the entire argument falls apart. The True Ogre got much worse to use. If you actually picked it up and used it, you would know. The standard NFAS is now a direct upgrade to it. And the NFAS was always good. It's just that people never actually properly used it before the shotguns went through their changes. Yes they did. If the CSG is a straight upgrade to the JG, there is a huge problem. And? It's called tactics. Stop assuming everyone should run Seiyo Espacios, black clothes, NTEC's and FBW's. How? Percs do 400 damage? How would you like to have them changed? Again shouting of anger here. Except they also give you a massive disadvantage in the fact you only get one shot to defend for the entire stage time. The statement in bold is quite literally, unequivacly and exactly what you're implying throughout the post. If the players were listened to, only the loudest would be able to be heard, simply because they would want a return to the old meta - old NTEC, qsing beyond belief and being able to kick bronzes. LO has final authority when it comes to how they want to drive the game. You are obliged to leave your opinion, just has much as LO hold the right to ignore it. And we come to the end sentence, which really sums up what the actual motive is for this thread - a scream. There isn't any evidence, anecdotes or otherwise listed here. Not only that, a lot of the things listed here are questionable (the True Ogre being better than what it was is just outright incorrect), and it feels like just a bottled up rant in an attempt to be heard or regress back to old meta's if possible. Go back and actually play the game, I feel like you're looking at the stats way too hard.
  6. I had sent an email out to say it was cancelled - it just fell apart unfortunately, but I will re-organise and go again. ... No you don't. I restrict based on feedback from the initial feedback thread. Go blame everyone that gave feedback and wanted a fair tourney.
  7. I thought I had seen it all. Then my face makes another meme.
  8. I must be the one that makes no sense... which makes sense because I make no sense anyway Hope to make a positive difference Let's do this.
  9. It's gone down in price. By quite a bit. Not sure what metric you're using
  10. I disagree with reverting the chages, while a good natured clause for doing so: 1. The majority of those that complained (i.e the vocal minority) were using weapons that directly depended on it to gain advantage the weapons really shouldn't have. 2. From this - I feel it'll go back to what it was before: NTEC/OCA meta with no real consideration for other weapons. 3. Hindsight is indeed 20/20, but hindsight should also be eered with caution - going back to a problem due to a solution that half works is worse than sticking with a placeholder solution, not reverting all the way back. I would ask to take some more time thinking this through.
  11. You could do a crowdfunding from the community for pictures, I'm sure people would love to help out with some good pictures. Also: Zooming in causes a whoopsie (unless that's by design). On some mobile devices like mine the logo scaling is broken (it oversteps its boundaries). Overall, a very nice job. A lot better than having to look at Blogspot
  12. Description: During a trade, removing an item from a trade too quickly can cause a sudden disconnect of both parties. Game Version: Steps to reproduce: 1. Launch the game 2. Enter any district, and begin a trade 3. Repeatedly add and remove an item as quickly as possible 4. Notice that often the client will be suddenly disconnected 5. Notice also that the other party is also disconnected due to this How many times have you recreated this bug: 3/5 Expected results: I should not be able to cause this.
  13. Description: Holiday weapons (such as the HoHoHoPGL and the Snowballs) can be re-leased using the "Extend Lease" sub option under Edit Item, thus bypassing the rank restriction imposed on them to prevent purchase and usage. The items are still not usable as the rank restriction still works for equipping weapons of a higher rank. Game Version: Steps to reproduce: 1. Launch the game. 2. Enter any district, and have an expired HoHoHoPGL or Snowball 3. Notice that you are given the option of extending their leases, which is not usually available from a contact. How many times have you recreated this bug: 4/4 Expected results: I should not be able to re-lease weapons that I don't fulfill the requirements for.
  14. Description: Ammo is no longer re-supplied between death. Under previous game versions, ammo could be automatically re-supplied to the end user under the following circumstances: User Death User Manual Intervention (re-supplying by buying new crates of ammo/grenades) User Interaction with Resupply Points (the system buys the ammo required for re-supply on your behalf) Under game version listed below, the first method of re-supply (in bold) has now regressed. Game Version: Steps to reproduce: 1. Launch the game. 2. Enter any district, and equip a weapon that you have a low amount of ammo stored for. 3. Fire until the amount of ammo equipped is less than the ammo required to fill reserve ammo. 4. By any method, die and respawn. 5. Notice that the ammo is not re-filled, where under previous circumstances it would have been. How many times have you recreated this bug: 4/4 Expected results: Ammo should be re-supplied between deaths.
  15. I genuinely have to ask this and I mean this in the kindest of words - what on Earth are you talking about? If APB had no tactical stragetic thinking, it'd not only have no purpose, it would also have near to no team gameplay. Working within a team is not only a core function of strategy, any decision you make as an individual and/or as a team is a strategic move. Assaulting a target in co-ordination is the height of strategy. Doing a 1v1, and attempting to bait the enemy into making the mistake is quintessential strategic gameplay. I feel like your argument (or lack thereof) really does speak with this reply you've made, which therefore begs the question: Why belittle the viewpoint of any one person, and shutting the discussion down while doing so, when you are not versed on the subject matter?
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