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  1. Ohey announcement. The tournament is being re-organized. All persons that have signed up have been notified. What will be changing: The tourney will now consist of two separate brackets. One for EU, one for NA. The registration page will include a section to denote which bracket you wish to participate in. You MUST fill this in, otherwise your entry ticket will be rejected and a re-entry is required. It'll be a requirement to also provide your Discord handle, so that we can ping the relevant parties quickly and also get information passed around quicker. And do join the discord that was provided in the main thread, it'll make things easier for me. Also NO duplication of peoples' names please. One player to a team. The prizes will now be split across, to save on cost on my end. You will still be getting premium (if gifting comes back) but it might not be as much as before. There will be a minimum participation threshold for the tournament to take place. If we cannot get 16 teams involved, on EU/NA, I will have to call off the brackets. Registration has been re-opened, and you all must re-enter your teams in. It will be closed on the 21st, with missions starting on the 22nd. Thanks, SKay
  2. It has now been re-updated (same link I think) https://www.toornament.com/tournaments/1504676404951089152/stages/1504681422815830016/. Sorry if it still looks bad but it's the best I can do with 20 teams
  3. yepworkingonitnokillmepls. Software decided to bugger up the ranking system. Sorry. Might have to bodge something together.
  4. Sorry, been busy for about a year (it seems) but I'm happy to announce that the tourneys will take place: Saturdays and Sundays starting from the 14th of July, up until their completion. The board of who is playing who can be found here: https://www.toornament.com/tournaments/1504676404951089152/stages/1504681422815830016/ . I will email all participants with further details tomorrow, with suggested times for meeting up, guidelines for reporting match results and etc. Let's get cracking!
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  7. Dood I tried my best to get that hookup yeknow. Pounded the pavement looking for spicy themes, didn't get any
  8. Hi Genobee, long time no chat I've already accepted that there's going to be huge problems with this system, chiefly because people would disagree with a point or another (which is fine). Unfortunately I didn't get much response, and people had started to ask about signups. I was hoping for more signups but as of right now it seems to be slowly falling over. However even if the event fails to materialize, I'll go back to the drawing board and propose some better, more thought out, and multiple rulesets for people to deliberate on. On the point of the gifting system, that's something @MattScott would have to answer on. I'm hoping it'll be back before the tournament ends, but if it happens that I have to do a backup, I've got two alternative methods lined up ready to go. Hopefully these answer your concerns.
  9. It will be a coin flip to see who goes on what server first. The idea is that we have at least one game played on each server, if possible, to even things out. Also I didn't say anything about it being EU only. Please don't spread misinformation. The T-25 exists. The fact that people disregard it shows how set in stone the meta is. To answer the questions: 1. There will be a flip-flop. One match will be crims, the other enforcers, to be as fair as possible 2. Both players should change when they can, within reason obviously. They should not go into combat with the same category weapons. I'll do my best to keep an eye on things as best I can. 3. I can't answer that I'm afraid.
  10. I've blasphemed. Forgive me for I have sinned
  11. Self-bump: I forgot to port over the prizes that I had decided on. They're now added in.
  12. It's you and your mates against the world. Will you survive? What is the APB Tourney? The APB Tourney is a community organized event that will bring teams of three against each other. It will follow an e-Sports style system where a winner and loser bracket will be present (double elimination). It embraces the internally organized pug events that the likes of WASP and others have used over the years, and extended the invite to all who play the game. That's right, you, the reader are invited to participate. However this thread is about consulting what rules and regulations will be governing this tourney. Because having rules means we'll have fun. All of us. EDIT: What prizes are there? Seeing as I'm trying to give incentives, the prizes will come out of my own pocket. Subject to the gifting system coming back online, the prizes are: 1st place: Premium (6 months) for each player. 2nd place: Premium (3 months) for each player. 3rd place: Premium (1 month) for each player. This all comes out to 200 Euro worth of prizes. What rules are going to be governed by the tourney? Simple to follow rules, that's what. Having complicated, vague rules makes people be skeptical that an organized event be... well, fun. Below are the current draft of rules that will change depending on what the community wants. Here are the current set of rules: General Rules: Rules of Engagement: Banned Weapons/Vehicles/Equipment: Where do I sign up?! You can sign up here: https://www.toornament.com/tournaments/1504676404951089152/information Registration goes on until the 24th of June, 20:00 PST, with the games starting the week after. Hey, I'm gunna stream it! Can I be added to the list of streamers? Sure! PM me after you create the team, with team name and your twitch stream, and I'll add it What Discord am I to join? You can join the Community APB Discord: https://discord.gg/0vvD5JMX2TmDiM8y, PM me once you make your team. This ruleset has been essentially copied from the tourney rules that @Kempington and @Vanille created with tweaks, so I'd like to thank them now for the suggestions as a base for this tourney. If you have any questions, please let me know! See you on the Battlefield! SKay
  13. Description: Ammo is currently not being re-supplied to the end user during a mission under any circumstance. This happens for weapon changes, and for weapons equipped before missions Game Version: Steps to reproduce: 1. Launch the game. 2. Enter any district, and either change weapon, or shoot some bullets and attempt to resupply ammo 3. Notice that it does not do this. How many times have you recreated this bug: 3/3 Expected results: This shouldn't be happening.