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  1. Listen up little men from little orbit who have little brain. how about next time you release a new weapon you actually make a new sound for it.
  2. ElTacoBravo

    Too EZ

    Solamente quiet yo patootie up boa
  3. ElTacoBravo

    Too EZ

    What is with all these noobs being so noobish first in APB now in COD MW geez they so EZ # Sexualchocolate #1
  4. I hereby Delcare to give our beloved apb member Lilwonka a 2nd Chance everyone who stands with me Sign your name. #FreeWonka
  5. LOL if its anyone that needs to grow up it's you son XD
  6. yeah he did it many times. you aint fooling anyone mr got over 5 accounts banned yeah yeah yeah... what ever helps you sleep at night flaws
  7. Little Orbit needs to get there priorities straight. hashteg LOisTrash
  8. Thank you for delivering us a nice pile of doodoo , seriously what is this broken patch. at this point go ahead and roll it back.
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