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  1. Hello players, hello developers... Last night there was a migration, I don't know why, I don't see the point of this, but as a loyal player, who has spent more money in this game than my pc (which is pretty decent), I want to say I quit this game just because of this migration... Europe cannot live in peace with russians (not racist or anything) But I was hoping allot on this game, I was waiting for the engine upgrade and any other update that was given, but with this you lost one loyal player.. You probobly won't care about me leaving this game, but if you try to make this game good why you needed the merge? No money? For christ sake just make donation somewhere players are still here they are loyal and willing to play this game, G1 flipped us over many times by giving false updates and treating us like sh*t while we spend our money here which we will never get back... I understand its not a day job or week job, but it takes more than just giving promises, players need to see the progress, they need something new, all I see when I play, old players making rerolls owning little silvers and making them quit the game while the other rerolls just think they are good.. this game has more problems than I can count and the numbers are growing not falling down.. So please take care of your players if you are truly a honest developer and willing to change something about this game. Thank you Daveen!
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