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  1. Totally fine that they removed it. It's their game and they have their reasons to not show us more right now. I don't know what that screenshot was but it's possible that people interpret it wrong and get a wrong point of view about the upcoming things.
  2. Congratulations on completing Wrong Tool, Right Job! I am still waiting to get this activity too. But I guess that will never happen.
  3. iTzBlackout


    The morning population is already 90% russian. I doubt there will be that much of a change. Sooner or later all server gets merged anyways because of the planed server system, if im not wrong. Either they just shutdown nekrova and some of them create a new character here (if not already) or they keep their characters and get merged to us.
  4. It's really interesting what's currently going on.
  5. If I understood correctly: sooner or later all servers gets merged anyways. So welcome to citadel! As Matt said: "[...] Character names will come across except where there is a conflict [...]". Since your name already exists on citadel there is a conflict - so I guess you will get a name changer for your nekrova character.
  6. iTzBlackout

    Armas bugs

    Wow for 241g1c I would definitely buy it too.
  7. I think thats what you mean: But I think It was more like a suggestion. You can read about it here if you understand russian. I definitely don't understand russian.
  8. I'm not sure about trading joker tickets. At some points that might be nice but at others not. (Off topic but I would not mind if trading gets extended, maybe with weapon skins etc...) About transfer tickets from (own) char to (own) char: For example I prefer to have a global "bank account" for all my citadel characters and another "bank account" for all my jericho characters. Or as soon as all worlds gets merged together a "bank account" for all characters.
  9. If I remember correctly they just had it as login reward. I got them permanent too.
  10. I think fragile is fine as it is. As long as you do the right moves, you survive a fight. I use fragile myself and don't have any issues with it. Ofcourse I die faster but with the speed and in close range enemies have a hard time aiming at me.
  11. It is permanent! Just not the way you want it. You can buy it from contact at any time! (as soon as you unlocked it ofc) Thats kinda permanent.
  12. Awesome work! Thanks to the team and thanks for the post!
  13. I also would say that PVE isn't the best for APB. Maybe better AI for civilians but not for fighting. What do you think about having like small activities similar to the daily activities? Not like the daily acitvities you should be able to complete them together with your group and without being in a mission. There could be different "quests" as like "Assassin this person" (This Person would be a NPC who spawns at a special location and you and your team have to find and kill him) or "Deliver X of this Car" (You have to find requested cars and deliver them). The "quests" could turn into missions with enemys if you fail a step. There are actually so much possiblities.... I think I already flipped to far away from OPs post so I take a cut here.
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