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  1. iTzBlackout

    [GAME] Ammo Refill Update

    It's not punishing. They have their reasons that they removed it. In my opinion it would be fair to pay a bit extra and get autorefill back instead of don't have it at all.
  2. iTzBlackout

    Joker Ticket Corruption

    Yes everyone got this problem.
  3. Offtopic: We already have a suggestion subforum >https://forums.gamersfirst.com/forum/7-game-forum-suggestions/
  4. iTzBlackout

    Modding the Login Theme

    @TeraOctet If I extract that Basic.bnk file I don't get any sounds out of it. But all other .bnk files work. Did I checked the wrong file, maybe?
  5. I'm not totally convinced yet.
  6. With account-wide cash everything would be easier and thats good. But I am not totally sure about Joker Tickets. If you still able to earn JT from Fightclub with each Character then people with 10 characters would get a big advantage.
  7. iTzBlackout

    Modding the Login Theme

    I am not sure but I would say you not allowed to change the game files. There are other mods which replace files too and they are not bannable. (Atleast nobody got banned for it yet) So I don't think they will ban you, because you don't get a unfair advantage. But as @BXNNXD said: It's at your own risk.
  8. iTzBlackout

    [GAME] Ammo Refill Update

  9. Thanks for the update. Cannot wait to trade again!
  10. iTzBlackout

    No Fightclub Rewards

    Summary: We don't get Joker Tickets for completing the Goals in Fightclub. Description: Last week it started that we didn't get our Joker Tickets for completing the Goals. This week we have the same problem again. Steps to Reproduce: Join Fightclub (Baylan or Abington) Complete one (or more) Goal(s) How many times have you recreated this bug: 3/3 Results: You don't get your Joker Tickets. Expected Results: You should get 50JT for the first goal, 150JT for the second goal and another 200JT for the 3rd goal at end of the week.
  11. iTzBlackout

    Fightclub not starting

    Fightclub is working fine now. Thanks.
  12. iTzBlackout

    Fightclub not starting

    Same problem on citadel.
  13. iTzBlackout

    [GAME] Remember Last Category

    Off topic - Yeah, I took a screenshot of all buttons. That are only 3 buttons so it don't take that much time.
  14. iTzBlackout

    [GAME] Remember Last Category

    This is a pretty simple suggestion but it would make life a bit easier. If you wanna add something to marktplace you press on , after that it will showes a new window: Each time you open that window it will show the category even if you choosed a item from a different category before. My suggestion would be to remember the last selected category. As example you want to add a few themes, it is kinda annoying to always select the category just because it switch back to . So you open that menu for the first time and it showes . Now you select and you add your Theme to the Marktplace. If you want to add the next Theme you open the menu and it already showes you the category.
  15. iTzBlackout

    Suggestion for Mailbox

    We already have a few suggestions releated to a search function. In my opinion we really need it. For mail and marktpace. There should be different options to search something: Mail searching for: Certain Attachment Name(s) Content (Text, Keywords) Date Any Attachments Marktplace searching for: Item Name