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  1. It's actually my first green title (yellow and white is boring) - I like it. But I hoped it would be account lifetime... sadly its not.
  2. iTzBlackout

    LO, could you please add this feature.

    Here you can read about it: Cross district matchmaking - The concept is to allow players to join whatever action district they want. No spamming servers to get into the one full district....
  3. iTzBlackout

    LO, could you please add this feature.

    But they wanna release like a new matchmaking/server system which looks for player in all districts (then you dont have to join the fullest district), so I think it's not worth adding it anymore. Ohhh and there is already a concept suggestion for that:
  4. iTzBlackout

    State of the Game: APB 2018

    I think the code is HAPPYNEWYEAR2019
  5. iTzBlackout

    [Game] Camera Movement

    Yeah It's possible that ppl complain about it. But there might be a way to balance that. For driving as example as driver you cannot shoot anyways. And if you shoot as passenger your drive has to take care about how he drive. About that video: I found it on a russian website. And according to old RTW videos there was a smooth camera movement for driving around. But no shake effect as example if you hit a object. (e.g. minute 2:15 in the concept video)
  6. Hey there! What you guys think about some movement effects for the camera. Currently the camera just follows your character without doing anything. But in my opinion small shake effects can change the quality of the game a littlebit. As example we could have a tiny shake effect for running and a littlebit more shake effect for sprinting. Or if you drive your car and ram other objects there could be a small to heavy shake effect based on your speed and what you actually rammed. Is that maybe something they should look into for UE4? I found this concept video (which is actually the reason I wrote this suggestion). Walking: 0:42 / 1:07 Driving: 2:05 / 2:15
  7. I like this picture of the weapon edit menu ( I don't know if this is just a fake). But what speaks against adding it? It don't look like you able to add own symbols on that weapons. You should be able to change the color of your weapon and choose from a few motives (like basic camo). Those motives could be tradable though marktplace so trading gets extended. Or instead you choose one of the already existing designs: Would be nice if they are tradable too but you shouldn't be able to change the color or anything. Ofc some armas skin would be senseless as example color pack. But this pack could be changed to glowing skins (as example) so its special again.
  8. iTzBlackout

    We have melee weps?

    I would like to see melee weapons. And its great that there are already animations for that. There could be different models like knifes, base ball bats, batons - maybe even tradable versions or simple event rewards. Could be a project after UE4.0... but on other side im not sure how well that works in APB. If everyone jumping around like crazy and things like that...
  9. iTzBlackout

    Modifications Disappeared

    Just send a ticket to Support. Here.
  10. iTzBlackout

    recommend me some games

    Whats about APB Reloaded? Here is a steam link. I already get much hate for my suggestion
  11. iTzBlackout

    Favorite Game Soundtracks

    My favorite one is this:
  12. You have to press Pos1/Home Button to open this extended chat. But to be honest for me it works fine pressing enter.
  13. Just set a tick in that box.
  14. I don't know how to fix that. But you could use advanced apb launcher to disable the ingame movies (loading screen clips). In the case that you stuck you still should be able to use the chat to /logout. ( So you don't have to restart the whole game)
  15. iTzBlackout

    Racing Districts

    It is really hard to imagine racing in APB. If you give everyone the same car to make it more fair it would be like that only the person wins who spawns near the startline except he do a big mistake. But to be honest I really would like to see something like racing district one day! Whats about parkour? That might be funny too. I just imagine running and jumping overroofs and trying to reach the finish line first.