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  1. I think they still work on the patch.
  2. Suggestion for Sound Effects/Environment Sometimes it's still a problem that it feels really quite. I'm pretty sure alot of people agree with that. So here are a few suggestion to change that: Background Sounds: Warning Sirens: For a example a zones gets contaminated then a nearby siren starts to play a sound. (Example: https://youtu.be/HHLERpO4HuI / https://youtu.be/BQI1Fvp6rBw) Police Sirens: In the background there could be sirens of police cars heading to reponses. (Example >without car sounds<: https://youtu.be/CvvkCjrUvbU) Planes/Jet/Helicopters: There could more sounds regarding to air vehicles that (maybe) flee from the contamination. (Example: https://youtu.be/aUx-PdCbDUk) Sound Effects: In contaminated zone: Without a hazmat suit the surrounding gets quite (Similar to the sound if you have less health) and you only hear your heart beat. (Example: https://youtu.be/fLXLo3rEdrE?t=14) Hazmat suit breathing: I think that would fit to the Hazmat suit. (Example: https://youtu.be/xDNF8enOpv0 ) Hazmat suit equip: Play a short sound for equipping the Hazmat Suit. (Example: https://youtu.be/VQPxcUAapu0) Hazman suit warning: A few seconds before the suit gets uneqipped there could a warning sound that the player knows theres no air left. Hazmat suit unequip: Play a short unequip sound that the player gets a aural notification that is Hazmat Suit is gone. Countdown: Maybe a countdown sound effect for the last 10 seconds before your access codes runs out.
  3. Premium is still sending out? I received nothing yet. @MattScott
  4. Suggestion for Respawn: Spawnpoint check up I would like to suggest another thing. The spawn system was awful. Sometimes I had enemies spawn right into me. I don't know how the whole spawn system work but isn't it possible to change the check up for a available spawnpoint? Instead of only checking if there is a enemy nearby there should be a collision check too. I draw a little picture, I hope the most of you understand it :') If no enemy within (for example) 20m to the spawnpoint and there a wall/hitbox between the spawnpoint and the enemies nearby (~100m), then the player gets this point as spawnpoint. If this check up fails because no availible spawnpoint left (maybe enemies block all spawnpoint) you can still assign a spawnpoint using the old method. Any question? Feel free to ask! Also would like to hear your opinion about that.
  5. Suggestion for starter weapon I would like to suggest a secondary specially designed for the RIOT mode. In the last test we had the FBW and there is a big gab in fire rate between a "newbie" and "pro". If Im not wrong, RIOT is there to attract new players but with that gab they wont have a chance. Thats why I like to have a automatic weapon with stats specially designed for RIOT. This gun shouldn't be overpowered so that its still better to take pickups or your own loadout. Make usage of the different holding animations (one and two handed) and add different versions of this gun with different mods. (for example blue mods, but nothing that changes fire rate) Then you able to select one of the guns as RIOT starter secondaries. In my opinion thats a good way to keep things customizable and you have something to unlock over time. Different holding animations: Weapon example: I hope to hear some other opinions about that.
  6. I mainly focus on the changed things: Positive: Specator HUD: It's less boring as before to specate someone after I died. Ability to join new round when dead: So I'm not forced to spectate until the round is over. And it worked really good! No vehicles: I liked it alot because the combats are more enjoyable and I didn't even feel like I need a car. Life System: It feels better than the last test. Scoreboard: The scoreboard at end of the round is a nice add. Negative: Spawnpoints: The Life System is fine but only if the respawns work good. Sometimes I had enemies spawn right into me and they had spawn protection. Thats not so enjoyable. (I even recorded that) FBW: Since the mode was intended to be designed for new players I think the FBW is wrong here. There is a big gab between a newbie with FBW and a "pro" with FBW. Bugs: Blackscreen in Loadingscreen: If the LoadingMovieRiotIntro switches to LoadingMovieRiotLoop I noticed a blackscreen for a few seconds. It gives you the feeling the game crashed. (Also recorded) Wishes: Vehicles in Lobby: While waiting that the round starts, let us drive some vehicles and despawn them a few seconds before the round start. Team Bonus: Give some extra points/money for running around with your team. Sometimes I had the problem that my team splitted over 200 meter. Environment sound: As I said the last time. Sometimes it feels pretty quite while running around. I would like to have some environment sounds. But I also know its easier to say that than adding something that fits to the game. Spectator Info: I just found out today that you can switch through the spectator cam by pressing left or right mouse button. How about to add a little info to the HUD? Secondary Weapon: In my opinion RIOT should get its own secondary specially designed for the mode. A weapon that is not too OP and still fair for everyone. I thought about something automatic. I had much fun playing today still looking positive for upcoming changes and tests. Keep up the good work!
  7. They already gave out the R255 level on OTW, so you too late. (idk if thats what you mean) And about personal title. Do you mean the forum title? You can change it yourself when edit your profil.
  8. For me it's PC/Citadel, Any district. I checked it more than twice and its still down after almost 4 hours,
  9. I think we have login problems again. I'm not the only one with that error message. EDIT: Able to login but endless loading while joining district.
  10. I honestly like the redhill themed objects in social. They take your attention. But a new room sounds good too. I would say the cars get there the same way as your car gets to the showroom.
  11. How does RIOT compare to other APB game modes? I cannot really compare RIOT with the other APB gamemodes except the events we had in the past. Would you encourage your friends to play RIOT? With a few changes I would definitely encourage my friends to play RIOT. How would you explain RIOT to someone who has never seen it? Battle Royale with different gameplay mechanics. You able to earn cash to buy for example your own loadout. But don't waste all your cash, you need it later! You can also influence which part of the map fall. What ONE THING would you change about RIOT if you could? It's definitely the spectator cam. In my opinion spectating should be a optional thing. Add a lobby and give dead players something to do like jump'n'runs, add ramps and let them spawn their vehicles in a restricted area or maybe even a little PVP area. Those "lobby" activities should give a little reward too. Players should keep able to join/leave while a round is going on. (as long as they are not in the round) What is your favorite aspect of RIOT? Beside the map objects which I really like, my favorite aspect is that players can take part in which of the areas get contaminated. I wish to try out more but I didn't survived that long because I was so impressed by the map! Hope to see more in the upcoming tests. What about RIOT do you like the least? Since I already listed spectator cam above I gonna say something else here. While running around the district it was kinda quite. In my opinion it needs a few sound effects and atmosphere sounds. But thats just my opinion. My wishes: Lobby - Here player can wait for the next round and do different things in the meanwhile. Jump'n'Runs, Driving or a small PVP area as well as the opition to spectate the currentlly running round. Just don't force everyone to spectate! Sound Effects/ More Atmosphere - Maybe a voice talking to you to inform you about how far capturing is going or how much teams are left. Pickup sounds for items. And generally environment sounds. While nobody is shooting it is pretty quite. Tutorial - Yes, I know there is a tutorial for riot. But the current tutorial system isn't really efficent in my opinion. I would like to see a overhaul. For example big arrows in the middle of your screen that showes you what you have to do step by step. Example: Grab money (highlights a money marker), pickup a weapon (highlights a weapon marker), ...
  12. Thank you too for letting us test! Gonna write some feedback tomorrow. But i'm already looking forward to the upcoming tests!
  13. UPDATE Summary: It's not possible to use the "join district" button. Description: If you try to follow a friend or group member using the "Join District" Button it's not working. Steps to Reproduce: 1. Be in group with someone. 2. Open the Group & Friends Menu. 3. Select a Group Member or Friend. 4. Press "Join District". Results: You get the following message. Reason: The reason that this appear is because the person you trying to join has not enabled "Share location with searching player". Expected Results: I have different expected results. 1. If the person isn't sharing his location there should be a message for that. (Not needed cuz you can see group member and friends district anyways) 2. If you trying to join a group member or a friend you should be able to join him even if he is not sharing is location. (Because you can see his district anyways)
  14. Summary: Duplicated Friends Description: If one friend removes you from your friendlist you will keep him in your list. After he send you a new friend request and you accept it he will be in your friendlist twice. Steps to Reproduce: 1. Add someone to your friendlist and let him accept your friend request. 2. Let him remove you from his friendlist. (After he removed you, you still got him in your friendlist) 3. Tell him to send you a new friend request. 4. Accept that friend request and you have him twice in your list. (Or as much as you repeat that steps) How many times have you recreated this bug: 4 times with 2 different player (including me are 3 different player). Results: You will have duplicated friends in your list. Expected Results: 1. If someone removes me from his friendlist he should get removed from my list too. 2. I shouldn't get the same person twice in my friendlist.
  15. It is just a Valentine box on a car
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