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  1. iTzBlackout

    Last Pumpkin Financial

    Did you checked if it's on the water?
  2. iTzBlackout

    Epidemic Rank 5 primitives reward

    After I finished with my daily activity I got 3 mails. Each of them had like 8 symbols/primitives in it.
  3. iTzBlackout

    Epidemic Rank 5 primitives reward

    I unlocked them today as far as I know. But yes I own KTTC. Also I just checked another char of mine (with KTTC but I did not play event there) And I don't have any symbol unlocked there.
  4. I agree it would be nice to have something like that as new clothing. Maybe not the whole outfit but a few parts of it, as example the cape. But I think there are animations needed for that else it would look really weird. Also clothing parts with functions would be nice. As example: But instead of only the same weapon it could show your primary weapon while you dont hold it in your hand. Maybe also a pistol holster which do the same for your secondary. Don't forget: there wont be much new stuff before engine update.
  5. iTzBlackout

    Epidemic Rank 5 primitives reward

    I think the rewards are broken a littlebit. Because I go nearly all of them.
  6. iTzBlackout

    purchasable event rewards

    If you don't wanna play the event you can just buy it from ARMAS. Else you able to unlock it by just role up the epidemic role. In my opinion that's fair enough.
  7. It's sadly not a bug. You had the chance to select between 250JT, Halloween Ghost Skin or Halloween Bats Skin. I guess the 250JT are for everyone who already got both weapon skins because I only had the 250JT to select. (Weapon Skins I got from last year)
  8. iTzBlackout

    [PC] Patch 1.19.7 discussion

    I like the event! At begin it's a bit confusing but if you understand it its really cool
  9. iTzBlackout

    Halloween 2019 Weapon Skin

    The Butcher skin isn't for Halloween Event. They said you can get it with the new gun game event.
  10. iTzBlackout

    Matchmaking and Threat

    As I read they will focus on financial and waterfront for now. (cuz there was also a topic about Midtown) And I think it's really hard to combine financial and waterfront because there is a huge area between them. I highly doubt you have to load each time you get into a new match. You only have to download the characters and cars of the new players you get connected with and for that is no loading screen needed. I agree that some spots are too easy to defend. As example spots you can only reach if you use a ladder. I already saw a nice suggestion (cannot remember oldforum/newforum) replacing a lot of ladders with stairs... he also added pictures. Ofc ladders are not the only problem. But I would like to see some changes releated to mission balancing.
  11. iTzBlackout

    The New Engine and G1

    Omg! I totally love it. I really hope that UE4 becomes like that. That containers outside of the building change so much in my opinion.
  12. iTzBlackout

    Change Display Name / Edit posts

    It should be right above change email.. weird that its not there. Did you maybe changed it in the last 60 days and now you not allowed to change it? Another link for you: https://forums.gamersfirst.com/settings/username/
  13. iTzBlackout

    Change Display Name / Edit posts

    Beside that it is a good suggestion > Normally there should be a name change option here. I guess you checked the wrong settings. But if you don't have that maybe try to change your browser.
  14. iTzBlackout

    First person to reply to this thread wins.

    What did I won?