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Found 1 result

  1. APB has the best customization I could think about. But I really hope that in the future it's possible to add new features and more ways to customize things. Here are some suggestions and wishes about vehicles I'd like for APB. - More Lightbars: Sometimes I design a car but I'm not totally happy with it because I miss the right lightbar or the car has the right lightbar but with the wrong color. To give people more customization freedom it should be possible to select between more different lightbars and color pattern. I want to give a short example with the vegas: The upper picture shoes the Raptor Boomer II. There are more version of this lightbar but for reason which I don't know, you can only put the Raptor Boomer II on the vegas. The Raptor Boomer III (from Bishada) is literally the same lightbar, just with different colors, but you cannot put it on your vegas because there is no option for that. Same for the Raptor Boomer from ARMAS. The Boomer Swingbar is a littlebit different but still in the same size of the Boomer Raptor. That means It makes sense if people could choose them on every car that has atleast one of the lightbars! About the color pattern: The Windbolt Avenger for example comes in a blue version. But it would be also nice to have it in a different color version like blue and red. - Neon Lights: Enforcers have lightbars, so it would be fair if criminals get neon lights for their cars. There could be different Layouts like: Front - Back - Sides - Front and Sides - Back and Sides - Back and Front - Front, Back and Sides. And another selection for the color like: Blue, Red, Green... - Lights in Editor: It would be nice if you able to see your vehicles lights in the editor. Basically the same way as horn, lightbar and engine testing. Why? Because why not?
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