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  1. Wish you the best of luck, cant wait to see the final version ^^ also thanks for not leaving us in the dark, nice knowing how far you guys have gotten.
  2. think ive met up with about 6 people from apb. went to a game convention in london. (super awkward the first few hours) but was a pretty kewl time.
  3. i tried googling it but yea nothing
  4. haven't had server lag besides the times where the servers was DDoSed. think some people should get a new internet provider
  5. polotow

    Directx issue

    Sorry for the super late replies. I think the Regedit may have fixed it. I appreciate the assist on this
  6. polotow

    Directx issue

    looks like that
  7. polotow

    Directx issue

    yea ive used that trick in the past just tired of doing it everytime there is an update.
  8. polotow

    Directx issue

    Directx Still downloads everytime the game is opened. the fix u made didn't seem to work.
  9. Quite alot of the hours i've spent on apb has been messing around flying on rooftops or jumping out of the map, driving on water etc etc. maybe when the player base gets better, you could add a playground district, where the out of bounds is off and maybe also remove or shorten the cooldown on abilities on that district. know quite alot of people that would enjoy such a feature.
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