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  1. Could we receive a release date for this?
  2. I run with a 1060 (GDDR5) and also crash atleast 1-2 times a play session, friend has a 1050 (laptop version) also crashes. Tho my fiance has a 1660 ti (GDDR6) and crashes alot more often(2-6 times a play session) Played apb 8 hours yesterday and she crashed atleast 8 times. When I send the crash report. I get this after it's done sending (move_uploaded_file() failed ) no clue if that's helpful or not
  3. move_uploaded_file() failed this is my crash report lmfao
  4. Is this going to be fixed anytime soon ? it's really annoying losing teammates left and right.
  5. polotow


    It's been down for a long time, and back for basically 3 days. It's currently still down.
  6. "Go! I just wanna know how it feels.. you know.. realizing that you're trapped in a situation, where you're just losing control of the game. That's a matter of opinion. Opinion? Yeah, there's your opinion and then there's the truth. Any comment on the nightmare inducing hacks i see all over town these days? I mean c'mon. Aren't you worried you might have a public perception problem? I dont worry about what Russians are writing on walls, dic.k. A safer game, thats what I promised in the election, that's what im delivering. The easy anti cheat act, thats your big idea, huh? Giving every hacker out there a license to roam the streets armed? We need people willing to fight hacks with hacks. All you've done is create legalized hacks. Now we have competition, we have hackers provoking hackers and the hackers are taking it out on the whole damn city"
  7. polotow

    Loss of Premuim

    most likely the "15 Day Premium Loyalty Reward" u get from spending G1
  8. I forgot having an opinion, is a problem for some people.
  9. polotow

    bring beacon back

    I think it would be nice seeing beacon return.
  10. Terrible idea. Well all of it really. There will be those people that will purposely jump infront of ur car/bullets. To ruin ur day. This will be the ultimate weapon for trolls to use. The team killing honestly i haven't had the issue. (nor been one that did it)
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