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  1. Maybe do a livestream, showing some work in progress. overall showing how it is to work on the new engine (so it gives people an idea why its taking so damn long)
  2. Hope they either fix it or add an alternative to it. is sort of nice not having to inv every person in ur team to a discord. Maybe just add a way in the launcher to diabled it, so those who dosen't wanna use it can permanatly toggle it off.
  3. I appreciate it ill jump on that thread aswell
  4. Noticed over the past weeks, that voip hasen't been working. Has it been disabled to improve performance ? I know most people dont use it. Tho i think its sort of nice to have around. I used it quite often myself.
  5. Idk, Imo. It sort of ruins the feel of apb, having to constantly load into a new server everytime u get a mission (And i know for a fact. it will be 10 times as bitter if the matchmaking then dosen't work)
  6. Something needs to be done, this is simply an idea I had.. Why not just lock people to the threat they get for some time... So if you're a silver and turn gold your threat will get locked for a week for example. After the week it is unlocked. You could dethreat, but lower threats wouldn't lock. If you however go gold again, you would get the threat locked on gold for another week. Also for example a timer that would force people into districts according to their threats or social. Overall I think that this would help out the completely new people and give them a chance to go against people with similar skill. Sadly it wouldn't protect against smurfs and the amount of smurfs could potentially increase with this idea.
  7. polotow

    Add Events (races)

    A simple race, is what we want. no need for gadgets, no need for chases. "so more like a chase or something that makes sense." thats like saying social dosen't make sense. Crims and cops in the same area.... Racing overall is something this game was meant to have, and why it dosen't i sure dont know, could be an addition to "fight club" a place to gain the JT.
  8. polotow

    Crash issues.

    2 potatoes out of 10
  9. Few good ideas, but a ton of bad ones. you're trying to limit the game to much. Vote to kick would be a disaster xD Gonna agree with Ketog. You need to point out what u would change. Instead of just saying that is sh*t Besides this is ur opinion (which i can respect) tho that dosen't mean everyone else share that vision
  10. polotow

    Crash issues.

    This game has been crashing more then ever these past 2 months. I think someone should consider fixing these issues.
  11. polotow

    Add Events (races)

    Once upon a time, far, far away, there was talk of a race district... It would be cool to make it a reality literally just financial or waterfront with checkpoints. No need for fancy walls or sh*t like that. to top it off, let people try something they can't in the normal game. Add a different race every week or month (or a playlist) Fx: dumptruck with Nos 3 calabria 4x4
  12. Sorry for the super late replies. I think the Regedit may have fixed it. I appreciate the assist on this
  13. yea ive used that trick in the past just tired of doing it everytime there is an update.
  14. Directx Still downloads everytime the game is opened. the fix u made didn't seem to work.
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